6 annoying things everyone does when the sun comes out


There are certain things that everyone does when the sun comes out – but that doesn't make them any less annoying. 

1. Instagram
Lads, we all know how that yellow yoke in the sky looks, we’ve seen it on TV. And you can relax with the lens flares – your life is not a Sofia Coppola movie.



2. iPhone Screenshots
Wow, you have an iPhone. We get it. It has a cool weather app. 


3. Opening Every Door and Window
This is one the mammies are guilty of. All the windows and doors are flung open with aplomb to ‘air out the house’. Excuse me, but how else do you think we survive? Air circulates. Air does not stop at a door and say: ‘Whooops! Can’t go in there!’ and go about its air-y business.



In addition, she wants to wash all of your clothes, duvets, pillows, blankets and shoes while ‘we have the weather for it.’ Your whole life is on the washing line, visible for all to see. The shame!

4. Not Wearing Deodorant
 While we know it’s such a chore to douse yourself in deodorant on a normal day, when it’s sunny you need it more than ever. You mightn’t be able to smell you, but we do. And it’s a bit icky. (Advice: when it’s warm, offer a can of deodorant around like you would a packet of chewing gum. If the smelly perpetrator fobs your offer, commence obligatory ‘Ah go on, go on, go on … 'repeat as necessary.)

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5. Not Wearing Suncream
You know you’re going to get sunburnt if you even look at the sun on TV, so why would you step outside without smothering yourself in sun-cream? ‘Ah, it’s not that warm, be grand.’ Well, you don’t look very ‘grand.’



6. Wearing sunglasses indoors
‘I’m sorry, I don’t usually do this, but can I have your autograph?’ 



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