Sometimes, nights out just don't go to plan. Here are some of the worst things that can go wrong and ruin a perfectly good night on the tiles. 


1. Phone Running Out Of Battery
Forever alone…how did people do this back in the pre-mobile phone days?! It's madness. 



2. Losing Your Phone/Purse/Keys
Even worse than your phone running out of battery is actually losing the stupid thing. At least if the phone runs out of battery, all it does is ruin your night. But if you lose it, that ruins your whole week. The same goes for wallets, purses and keys, as you have to find replacements for all of the cards and keys that are probably on the floor in some random night club bathroom.

lost stuff


3. Bumping Into Your Ex
Never a good thing, but the level at which it ruins your night is entirely dependent on what terms you ended things with them. If they were relatively good terms, then you can say a polite hello before just trying to avoid them for the rest of the night. But if things ended badly, all you can hope for is that you don’t end up in a shouting match about something that happened a year ago.

awkeard hi


4. Spending Way Too Much Money
This might not ruin your night so much as it ruins the next morning, when you find all of the receipts in your pockets and it turns out you both a round of tequila shots. Twice. And you don’t even remember having tequila, let alone doing a round of them.



5. Getting Stuck In A Queue Anywhere
To get in. For the toilets. For the cloak room. For food. Waiting anywhere is a pain in the ass, and the later in the night it goes the more annoying it becomes, especially if all you want to do is go home.



6. Rethinking Where To Go If Someone Doesn’t Get In
This is more of a problem in the first couple of years of college, when every club seems to have a different age limit for different nights of the week. You try to sort ID's for everyone, but this inevitably doesn’t work, and you have to rack your brains for another place to go.

now what


7. One Of Your Friends Fights With Their Other Half
There’s always that one couple who fights on every night out, and despite the fact that you try to not get involved, it still puts a dampener on the mood, and ruins everyone else’s night slightly.



8. Losing Everyone For Most Of The Night
As explained in the first point, this can happen as a result of losing your phone, but sometimes no matter how many times you text and ring people they just won’t hear their phone, and you still end up being stranded at the end of the night, alternating between walking around the club looking for people and standing in the one place hoping that they are walking around looking for you.



9. Getting Stuck Talking To Someone
Why is it that whenever you get stuck talking to someone in a club, it’s always someone you don’t really know or someone you don’t really like? And it ends up being quite an awkward conversation, but they never get that impression that it is, and continue to talk to you for the majority of your night.



10. Friend Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
And it’s always you who ends up having to go and look after them, comforting them in McDonald’s and eventually bringing them home, praying the entire way that they don’t get sick in the taxi.



11. You Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
Mixed with the general feeling of sickness is also some embarrassment, shame, and even some guilt as one of your friends is now forced to return the favour and look after you. Although this guilt doesn’t stop you being glad that they came to look after you.

thrown out


12. Leaving Too Late That Your Favourite Restaurant Is Closed
So when you arrive to your favourite restaurant only to discover that it’s 5am and the place closes at 4:30am, the feeling of utter devastation is hard to describe, but is similar to finding out that McDonald’s has moved onto the breakfast menu. 



13. Having To Get A Taxi On Your Own
Can happen for any number of reasons, but paying for the full fare when you know that you’d only have to pay a quarter of that if you had four of your friends with you is never enjoyable.


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