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Let's face it, being a toddler has it's advantages sometimes, mainly because you can get away with the craziest behaviour! Internet comedians Tripp and Tyler have made a hilarious sketch highlighting all the things you can only do when your a toddler, and it's got us all giggling here in the SHEmazing office. Have a look for yourselves!



If you’re a Snapchat user, you might find some of these familiar.

1. People Using the Filter
Why. Why would you use the filters? Snapchat is designed for naked pictures and ugly photos of yourself. Stop it!

2. The Stranger Snapper
They added you and yet you have no clue of who they are. When they snapchat you it’s never of their face. Who is this person?

3. The Constant Snapchatter
Everything is Snapchat worthy. Everything. The sitting down watching tv snapchat. The lunch break snap chat. The funny shaped chip snapchat. They slowly grate on your nerves until there very name makes you want to kill them.

5. Long Stories
What happened in the last 24 hours that caused you to have a Snapchat story of 650 seconds?

6. Snapchats That are Too Short
Why would you make your Snapchat two seconds long? What was it?! 

7. The Toilet Snapper
We mean the people who literally Snapchat their poo. Toilet selfies are a phenomenon that we would like to be stopped. Please.

8. The Non-Stop Selfies
All they do is take selfies that have no meaning whatsoever.

9. The Screenshotter
These guys. Nothing gets past them, they have screen-shotting down to a fine art. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve timed the photo, they will immortalize it. 

10. The Sneaky Snapper
You’re quite happily curled up on your couch munching on your dinner in your finest sweatpants watching TV and then all of a sudden your phone goes off. Your supposed friend is trying to not pass out with laughter. You open it, yes instead of a fork going into your mouth it’s now a giant green penis. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

11. Cocktail Night People
You’re drinking some sort of pink concoction out of a glass that looks like a dildo. No way, you did not go to MacDonalds afterwards! You’re crazy!!

12. The Dick Pic
Similar to the poo picture in that we don’t want to see your willy on my phone’s screen. It doesn't matter how you try to dress it up with a pink smiley face or by giving your balls googley eyes, we promise we won’t be looking at it for long enough to see the effort you put in.

13. The Ugly Face
Just kidding, these are the best! 

14. Hungover Snaps
You wake up after a night out, your mouth feels like a rat crawled in and died and your first thought was to Snapchat us to say you’re hungover? Why?

15. My Life is Fantastic, Let Me Shove it in Your Face
J1 people, Interrailing people or even just people with a better job then you. You’re not just going to ignore a Snapchat like you would a Facebook post. Watch it, watch it to the end!

16. The Drunken Snapchats
I’m sure the club is fantastic, however we are in bed. It’s also never really a great feeling when you have no idea what you sent the next day. 

17. The Flirty Snapchatter
He has tried to start a relationship through Snapchat, a social medium that has less character space then twitter. Unless you use the text option but who uses that anyway? I’ll make it simple, I will not be showing you my boobs.


So maybe just leave the hilarity to these professionals…

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Donegal bride and groom, Gráinne and Jamie Corry wanted to make their wedding ceremony memorable and what better way than by staging this brilliant wedding entrance.

Guests were left a little confused last Saturday, when the newlyweds didn’t arrive at their reception for their entrance, but were instead treated to a hilarious video.

The video shows the couple having their pictures taken in the woods with some unusual poses, and then go on to have hilarious adventure of their own, before supposedly arriving at the Sliver Taisse Hotel and Spa for their wedding reception.

Gráinne’s brother Paul Doherty explained that it was all the bride’s idea to stage the unusual but funny entrance and took two days to film.

“It was all Gráinne’s idea! She thought it up and we all came together to kind of script it. It was so much fun to do and no one expected it. It took about two days to film everything. It was really hard to keep hard to keep it quiet in a small place like Kilmacrennan, but we did it!”


This will all make sense at the end. 



Sometimes, nights out just don't go to plan. Here are some of the worst things that can go wrong and ruin a perfectly good night on the tiles. 


1. Phone Running Out Of Battery
Forever alone…how did people do this back in the pre-mobile phone days?! It's madness. 



2. Losing Your Phone/Purse/Keys
Even worse than your phone running out of battery is actually losing the stupid thing. At least if the phone runs out of battery, all it does is ruin your night. But if you lose it, that ruins your whole week. The same goes for wallets, purses and keys, as you have to find replacements for all of the cards and keys that are probably on the floor in some random night club bathroom.

lost stuff


3. Bumping Into Your Ex
Never a good thing, but the level at which it ruins your night is entirely dependent on what terms you ended things with them. If they were relatively good terms, then you can say a polite hello before just trying to avoid them for the rest of the night. But if things ended badly, all you can hope for is that you don’t end up in a shouting match about something that happened a year ago.

awkeard hi


4. Spending Way Too Much Money
This might not ruin your night so much as it ruins the next morning, when you find all of the receipts in your pockets and it turns out you both a round of tequila shots. Twice. And you don’t even remember having tequila, let alone doing a round of them.



5. Getting Stuck In A Queue Anywhere
To get in. For the toilets. For the cloak room. For food. Waiting anywhere is a pain in the ass, and the later in the night it goes the more annoying it becomes, especially if all you want to do is go home.



6. Rethinking Where To Go If Someone Doesn’t Get In
This is more of a problem in the first couple of years of college, when every club seems to have a different age limit for different nights of the week. You try to sort ID's for everyone, but this inevitably doesn’t work, and you have to rack your brains for another place to go.

now what


7. One Of Your Friends Fights With Their Other Half
There’s always that one couple who fights on every night out, and despite the fact that you try to not get involved, it still puts a dampener on the mood, and ruins everyone else’s night slightly.



8. Losing Everyone For Most Of The Night
As explained in the first point, this can happen as a result of losing your phone, but sometimes no matter how many times you text and ring people they just won’t hear their phone, and you still end up being stranded at the end of the night, alternating between walking around the club looking for people and standing in the one place hoping that they are walking around looking for you.



9. Getting Stuck Talking To Someone
Why is it that whenever you get stuck talking to someone in a club, it’s always someone you don’t really know or someone you don’t really like? And it ends up being quite an awkward conversation, but they never get that impression that it is, and continue to talk to you for the majority of your night.



10. Friend Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
And it’s always you who ends up having to go and look after them, comforting them in McDonald’s and eventually bringing them home, praying the entire way that they don’t get sick in the taxi.



11. You Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
Mixed with the general feeling of sickness is also some embarrassment, shame, and even some guilt as one of your friends is now forced to return the favour and look after you. Although this guilt doesn’t stop you being glad that they came to look after you.

thrown out


12. Leaving Too Late That Your Favourite Restaurant Is Closed
So when you arrive to your favourite restaurant only to discover that it’s 5am and the place closes at 4:30am, the feeling of utter devastation is hard to describe, but is similar to finding out that McDonald’s has moved onto the breakfast menu. 



13. Having To Get A Taxi On Your Own
Can happen for any number of reasons, but paying for the full fare when you know that you’d only have to pay a quarter of that if you had four of your friends with you is never enjoyable.


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We bet this husband won’t be getting any for a while!

After getting tired of his wife’s excuses not to have sex with him, this husband came up with the brilliant (read: stupid) idea of creating a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet charts the dates and excuses made by his wife not to get down and dirty with him.

It was actually the wife that shared the image with the internet, uploading it to Reddit and writing: “Yesterday, while in a taxi on the way to the airport, husband sends a message to my work email which is attached to my phone. He’s never done this, we always communicate in person or by text. I open it up and it’s a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won’t miss me for the 10 days that I’m gone. Attached is a spreadsheet of all the times he has tried to initiate sex since June 1st, with a column for my ‘excuses’ using verbatim quotes of why I didn’t want to have sex at that very moment.”

Somehow, we’re thinking this didn’t help his cause much.



It may have been a while since Made in Chelsea’s Spencer and Louise were dating – but that doesn’t mean all has been forgiven!

The pair have been filming in New York for the past few weeks, and it would seem as if Louise has had her fair share of Spencer at this stage (can you blame her?)

Louise’s friend, Binky, uploaded this hilarious snap to her Instagram in which you can see Louise giving Spencer the finger, we love it!

This makes us even more excited about the upcoming season…! Could she have fallen for Spennie's charms again? 


Bored of using your hand to pour your beer? Why don’t you try pour it with your head?


Watch what happens when this man tries to turn his chair into a ride using two fire extinguishers. 



It’s not surprising that Caroline Wozniacki would still be hurting after her ex-fiancé, Rory, called off their wedding recently (after the invites went out…)

The tennis star shared an image of herself dressed very pretty on her Instagram page with the slightly hilarious caption: “Out and about in Instanbul. It’s been 3 years since I have worn heels on a normal day out. #feelsgood #looksgood #shopping #highheels #sun.”

Enjoy it girl, you look amazing!



It's normal to worry a little, but some of us go overboard. If you find yourself compulsively worrying, you will probably have some of these traits:

1. You find it hard to get to sleep
Your brain doesn’t switch off at night, you spend hours tossing and turning  at night trying to fall asleep. You’ve had tried everything, but thoughts just keep racing through your head. You end up staying up all night watching the Breaking Bad box set again to get yourself to sleep.


2. You read way too much into your dreams
Any time you have a dream and you happen to remember it, you think that there is some deep existential meaning behind it. Usually it’s just a lot of random stuff that when it’s put together makes absolutely no sense.



3. At the smallest sign of sickness, you have to check all your symptoms online
Worriers are known hypochondriacs and when you get even the smallest dose of something, you feel like you are going to die of a fever. Times have changed and we have medicine for everything now, the worst advice you can give worriers is to check their symptoms online, it will just make them think they have loads of diseases they have never heard of. 


4. You spend too much time dwelling on compliments
“What did they mean by that? ” What are they trying to say?”. You think that there is some secret code you have to unlock to find out what they really mean. Usually when someone gives you a compliment they are just being nice and they don’t actually have an alterior motive behind it.


5. Interviews are your worst nightmare
You go through every possible outcome that could happen and only spend time on the bad ones. This can put you in a very negative mindset and the worst thing you thought that would happen actually did.



6. When you hear someone laughing you actually think they’re talking about you
Not in a vain way, as in, of course they’re talking about me, but more that they’re constantly judging you in some way. You look at what you’re wearing or how your hair looks and wonder if it could be that. Their friends just told them a joke, but worriers are constantly paranoid.


7. Worrying about one small thing and then it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day
You have one small doubt about something and then you can’t seem to shake it for the rest of the day. It constantly reappears throughout the day like a fly that won’t go away.  The only relief you have is actually confronting the thing you’re worried about which is an even more daunting task.


8. You’re a first class procrastinator
One of the most clear cut signs that you’re a worrier is that you constantly procrastinate. You will put off anything and everything, just so you won’t  have to deal with it straight away. You inevitably end up leaving everything until the last minute when you don’t have time to worry.



9. You act like you’re not phased by criticism, but really it eats you up inside
Someone was actually honest and they gave you constructive criticism, you act as if that you’re ok with it, but really you’re dying inside. “How could they be so right?” They’re really only making an observation, but you make out as if it’s a permanent scar on your self esteem.

9) Ross I'm Fine

10. Change is your mortal enemy
You have a routine that you stick to and anytime there is a change, is a serious spanner in the works. You don’t really deal with change well and it takes you a while to fully adjust to new surroundings.


11. Daydreaming always makes things worse
You’re not like everyone else you don’t daydream about sunshine and lollipops, you think about all the bad things that could happen to you on your way home.  If it’s going to be raining and if you will make it in time for your bus, all the signs of a true worrier.


12. Even when everything is going well, you’re convinced that things will turn out pear-shaped
So you’re actually doing well and getting on in life, but you’re still convinced that somehow it’s all going to go horribly wrong. You always think that someone is going to come in an tell you that it’s all over…

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Bored of using your hand to pour your beer? Why don’t you try pour it with your head?

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