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Pay-Day Purgatory. That middle time during the worst month of every year where you literally forget the concept of monetary transactions because money does not exist in your life anymore.

Spare change? Goodbye.

Contactless card? Forget it, gal.

Online shopping? You're delusional.

pay me jenny slate GIF

The days of being financially independent are long gone. Winter is here.

None of us can recall a time where we could 'spot' our friends for food, or the blissful moment when you don't have to check your balance because you're aware that it ain't empty. (Rarely happens but for some unicorns apparently it exists)

Those were the days…but now we're trapped in Pay-Day-Purgatory, land of the tense and agonising wait to be paid. Those last few days where all you can do is sit in your home and mope, because moping is free. 

 life vs GIF

1. Looking in long-lost-lands…

2. Time no longer has meaning

3.  Have centuries passed or is that just us?

 4. We're getting snappy, to say the least

5. We've even turned to milk for guidance

6. There's not much time left to wait, but we don't know if we can hold on much longer…

7. When dat sweet, sweet coin finally hits the bank, those heart eye emojis will be let LOOSE

8. Let's be grateful we're not American federal workers right now, those people need prayer

9. We'll be like Mario himself collecting those beautiful golden coins the SECOND the cash slides itself into our banking DMs

10. We're being majorly left on read by pay day…Not cool

11. Let's be honest, we really shouldn't be trusted with money in the first place, should we?

12. Finally, we'll leave you with a soporific lullaby to put your worries to bed…Pay day will come. Eventually. From the ashes. Maybe. 

The countdown continues anew, once again we wait in the darkness by the frosty window, trying to remember a time when we could wave our bank cards and expect something in return.

Shout out to January for being an absolute B*TCH.

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Ah, rural Ireland, or "the back end of nowhere," as some residents like to call it.

While growing up as a city slicker may have meant you were close to all the amenities, a rural Irish childhood is something to be revered.

Here are a few irreplaceable memories that prove you grew up in the middle of nowhere: 

1.There was ALWAYS a bull


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You may have spent your childhood trecking through fields and essentially having the run of the place, but there was always one field that you avoided.

The ominous "beware of the bull" sign that hung on the gate was enough to scare the bejaysus out of you, as were the rumours that the notorious bull had once killed a man.

2. Becoming a conductive rod for an electric fence

Image result for electrocute

If you didn't scare the crap out of yourself using a piece of grass to feel the charge of an electric fence, did you even grow up in the country?

There was always someone who wouldn't take the dare and got slagged mercilessly for it. 

3 The bus journey to school could take HOURS

Image result for bus driver

Because everyone lived so spread out, the bus journey to and from school could take hours, so the friends you made on the bus were your friends for life.

There was a distinct social hierarchy on these bus routes, with the cool Leaving Certs dominating the back of the bus and the first years cowering at the front. 

Oh, and everyone knew the bus driver by name and gave him cards at Christmas. 

4. The local pub was where it all went down

Whether it was your 18th, your 21st, your confirmation or your funeral, you'd be expected to have it in the local.

They'd do you the best rate going for a few plates of sandwiches and a DJ, and the smoking area was where all the local gossip was divulged.

And if you decided to have your 18th in the fancy club in town? Well you'd be given the cold shoulder at mass for weeks. 

5. Dying in a field was a regular teenhood occurrence


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It was gas craic sneaking out of your mates house while you were supposed to be having a sleepover, but honestly there wasn't really anywhere to go.

You'd end up huddled in a field with your bunch of lad freinds, drinking bottles of blue WKD and plastic bottles of cheap cider, playing DJ Rankin and 50 Cent songs off your Sony Ericson phones until they died and it was time to go home.

And there was always one friend who got way too drunk and had to be carried home through the fields. 

6. There was an inexpicable amount of boy racers

Image result for subaru doughnuts

Rally driving is up there with the GAA and tractors when it comes to countryside passions.

There were always a few lads in the class who would rock those blue Subaru jackets and talk at length about hub caps and doughnuts like they were prepping for a race of their own.

7. Coming in the back door

Image result for opening door

Get your minds out of the gutter. In rural homes, the front door is a purely ornamental addition to the house.

The back door was where you could kick off your wellies, throw your dirty camogie gear in the washing machine and be at the fridge looking for cheese strings in mere minutes. 

Even now when we venture home, we always waltz through the back door like the gateway to mammy's cooking that it is. 

8. Your address was vague AF

Image result for confused

House numbers? Pah! Those are for townies. All you had was a road name and your postman had to figure out the rest.

Luckily, the postman knows everyone's business like the back of his hand. We once met our postman in the pub who proceeded to tell us our Mam was "mad for the ASOS packages." True story.

9. You had to get a lift EVERYWHERE

Seriously, even if there was a bus to town you probably had to get a lift to the bus stop seeing as it was so far away. 

And when you wanted to go somewhere and your parents were having none, you could organise to head into town with another one of the locals thanks to rural community friendliness. 

10. Wifi "doesn't come out this far"

Image result for WIFI funny

Even after all the years that wifi has been in existance, they still haven't figured out a way to make it work in the countryside.

The same goes for phone coverage. 99.9 percent nationwide coverage and yet your house is always in that 0.1 percent.

11. Walking for miles to the shop

Image result for kardashians hungry

This was especially annoying after one of those nights where you and all your friends were dying in a field, and now you have to trek across one hundred fields to get any kind of delicious sustenance.

Sometimes your parents would take pity on you and drive you down, but those occasions were few and far between.

12. If you left for the big smoke, you officially have notions

Image result for la di dah

If you decided to uproot yourself from the farm and move to town, Dublin or beyond, it has probably been said that you have notions.

Notions or no notions, there is nothing better than coming home to visit the 'rents, to the smell of silage and to actually be able to see stars in the sky. 

Now we're a little homesick. 



We all have that one beauty product that is our complete ride or die. 

Whether it's that perfect long wearing foundation or that red lippie that looks perfect with your complexion, some products deserve the praise that is heaped upon them. 

One setting spray got an unusual but ultimately positive review from an awed purchaser, which is now going completely viral. 

The review, left on the Ulta website, comes from a makeup fan who went through quite an ordeal, makeup intact. 

'I was hit by a car and through the hit itself, the rain, the ambulance ride, and the hours in the hospital my makeup stayed completely intact the entire time,' reads the review from a user known only as Sofia. 

'When I was discharged from the hospital I had to take off my makeup and none of it had moved.'

'If this setting spray can survive being hit by a car then that's all the proof I need and I'll definitely be buying it again.'

The NYX Professional Makeup Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray has been getting quite a lot of attention since the review did the rounds online, after the review was shared by makeup mogul Jefree Star. 

We may have to pick up a bottle for ourselves after that. 

Feature image: beauty_ladies_shop88


In what can only be described as a real-life nightmare, British artist Stormzy found himself trapped inside a toilet cubicle after he accidentally wandered into the wrong bathroom at last night's MTV EMAs.

Having only realised his mistake when a group of women began chatting on the other side of the door, the 24-year-old was then faced with the ultimate dilemma.

Exit the cubicle and risk looking “mad creepy,” or remain inside until the coast was clear, while potentially missing his EMA performance.

In a desperate search for answers, Stormzy shared his tricky (yet absolutely hilarious) situation with his Snapchat followers.

“Came to buss a sh*t but accidentally went in the girls toilets so I can hear bare girls outside but if I pop out now imma look mad creepy,” he wrote.

Of course, fans were full of suggestions on how to best navigate the awkward situation, with MTV UK even tweeting the star to ask if he needed them to “send help?”

Stormzy was eventually able to pull off his expert escape with the help of a friend who reportedly warned him to hang back for a minute while Ann Marie finished brushing her teeth.

Luckily, the grime star made it to the stage on time to preform in front of the star studded audience at London's SSE Arena where he also scooped the award for the Best UK and Ireland Act. 

We're glad to see it all worked out! 



If you are a fan of lurking in the Beauty Instagram hash tags, you may have spotted one distinct trend taking over the brow's of MUA mavens the world over.

While we're still recovering from the over-plucked era that was the 00s (seriously, we've only recently rediscovered our arches), some beuaty gurus are literally throwing shapes with their brow looks.

Obviously this trend isn't meant to be taken seriously, and frankly we're kind of impressed by how they look, however, we have many questions.


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Primarily, how the hell does one achieve a squiggle brow?

Well, according to a tutorial by Ashlee Richardson, the look isn't actually do difficult to achieve.

Ashlee recommends using a transition shade to block out the parts of uor brows which need to be camouflaged, and then use your brow pencil to sketch out the squiggle, following the line of your natural brows.


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Finish with a swipe of brow gel to direct your brows with the squiggle shape.  

Others are using Photoshop tools to acquire the look just for Instagram. 

We're loling thinking of the look our brow girl would give us if we asked her to give us squiggle brows. 

Feature image: Slayage by Jess / Instagram


We were all simultaneously baffled, bemused and concerned after Anthony Scaramucci was liberated from his White House posting after 10 days. 

The communications director was removed from his post in what must be record time, and spawned  both our curiosity and an extensive smattering of amazing How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days-inspired memes.

In honour of Mr Scaramucci, people are taking to Twitter to share their own tales of short term employment, an it's seriously satiating our snoopiness. 

Here are a few of our faves:



From the bizarre to the beautiful, Dublin’s street art plays a huge part in maintaining the city’s unique and charming character.

Rarely will you spend a day roaming around the winding streets of the capital without finding a piece of art, created from graffiti markers or spray pain, will always make you smile and that feeling has been perfectly encapsulated in this short documentary.

Filmmaker, Ronan Fox, recently filmed his friend Maurice as he attempted to find the perfect spot for his next piece.

Maurice can be seen walking past some of the most impressive artworks in the city, leading viewers to believe that they about to see something iconic.

Ronan explained how he came up with the concept:

“I sometimes make short films outside of my day job under the name Five Dollar Shake and this was the latest one,” he said.

“Some of my friends from Tiny Ark, Charles Alexander and Siobhain Kehoe helped out too and a musician friend of mine named Eoghan Reid let me use his track, Geometry, as the soundtrack.

“I wanted to highlight some of the really good work here in Dublin while also hopefully giving people a laugh.

“My friend in the video, Maurice O’Doherty, works as a teacher in Terenure. We’re both from the same part of Cork so we’ve been friends for years.”


"He's not really a street artist though! I had the idea recently when I saw some random graffiti in Dublin that it would be funny to make a super serious documentary style film about an artist only for it to turn out in the end that the art is complete nonsense."

We're absolutely kicking ourselves for falling for the joke, but hey, at least we got a bit of a giggle.

Fair play, lads!


She’s never been one to hide her opinions, but last night Harry Potter creator JK Rowling offered America the best summary of its ongoing presidential race.

Taking to Twitter to comment on Hillary Clinton’s latest debate with Donald Trump, the author wrote: “Well, there you have it.  A highly intelligent, experienced woman just debated a giant orange Twitter egg.  Your move, America. #debate.”

Naturally social media users are loving the 51-year-old’s wit, as in the 13 hours since it was posted, the tweet has received more than 100,000 likes and has been retweeted 45,000 times.

In celebration of the statement, one user wrote: “They didn’t discuss climate change but JK Rowling SKEWERED Donald Trump on Twitter so everything’ll be fine.”

While another said: “JK Rowling just called Donald Trump an egg.  What a moment in history.”

Our thoughts exactly.


If you’ve ever found yourself racing through the airport in your jammies as your stun bun slowly drifts off the back of your head, you’ll understand Vicky Pattison’s latest tweet.

In a world where celebrities are constantly pictured in full glamour mode as they strut through every terminal from here to Timbuktu, the Newcastle native has taken to Twitter with a good ole dose of reality.

Sharing a split screen picture of a dolled-up Ferne McCann and her hoody-wearing self, Vicky tweeted: “There are two types of girls in the world…Look how glamourous @fernemccann is compared to me man!”

The attached image shows both stars making their way through the airport and while Ferne looks picture perfect in a satin bomber, black mini-dress and choker, her Geordie Shore mate looks a bit more hoody-hun than star stunner as she crouches behind her two giant suitcases.


It’s great to see Vicky in such good form after her emotional appearance on Loose Women yesterday afternoon.




The results are in, and the most popular way of 'e-laughing' has been revealed. 

It's true, when we type 'LOL', 'Haha' or 'hehe' we're not so much bursting out laughing as we are just sporting a mildly amused smile. 

In the early days of social media, LOL was the go-to way of expressing how hilarious we thought someone was online, but over the past few years it's been over-shadowed by it's laughing counter-parts. 

It turns out 'haha' now leads the way with 51.4 % people using that in their interactions on Facebook. Following closely behind is our all time favourite emoji, the laughing face!


This study was carried out by Facebook and analysed all of the websites users, finding that 46% of people post a single laugh in some shape or form each week. 

Of all of the people using Facebook, 20% of them like to mix things up a bit and use two types of laughter, just to really get their point across when they find something funny! 

So things have changed a lot over the years with only 1.9% of people being 'lol-ers'. 

The study which was spread across people of age 13 to age 70 shows that younger people are more like to use the laughing emoji while the older generation are still sticking to the old reliable, LOL. (Although they sometimes mix it up with 'lots of love')

The study suggests that "ha is like a lego piece, which people use to convey different "levels" of laughter, ranging from the polite haha to a deranged hahahahahahaha."


Stop what you're doing! This is the best thing you'll see today. It's like inception, but with PUGS! Watch above, and prepare to have your mind blown. We're hoping it gets made into a movie soon. 


Here in SHEmazing HQ, we love watching a well-executed prank, so when we saw this hilarious clip by the people over at SuperShortComedy on our newsfeed, we just had to share it. Watch as they prank unsuspecting male shoppers into thinking they've walked into a women's changing room, it's priceless!