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Nearly two-in-five third-level students are experiencing serious levels of anxiety and depression as a result of stress, a new survey has revealed.

The newly published 'Report on Student Mental Health in Third-Level Education' was compiled by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), with the support of the HSE Mental Health and the National Office for Suicide Prevention.

Almost one-third of students have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, with the results painting a worrying picture of the extent of pressures and struggles on the shoulders of Irish students.

The statistics examined the occurrence of mental health distress and ill health among third-level students and the availability and use of mental health support service for young people.

Multiple factors influence depression and anxiety, and women were found to be more likely to suffer anxiety than men. Non-binary students had the highest levels of severe anxiety.

The survey, which was conducted in 2018, was open to students in every college, North and in the Republic, and most of the respondents were undergraduates aged between 18 and 24-years-old.

74 percent of participants were female, and experiences varied largely depending on the type of college attended, the area of study and whether it was inside or outside of Dublin.

One in five of those surveyed identified as LGBTQ+ and just over 1 percent identified as transgender. 38 percent are experiencing extremely severe levels of anxiety, alarmingly.

30 percent of people are reporting suffering from depression and 17 percent are experiencing stress. Almost one-third reported that they had a formal mental health difficulty which was diagnosed.

One of the most distressing points is that 21 percent of participants did not have someone to talk to about personal and emotional difficulties. Free on-campus counselling is imperative for students.

Students were found to use on and off-campus services to aid their mental health, and the student union made 35 percent of students aware of support services. 

The study had a large response of 3,340 students, but the findings may not be a full picture of the student population.

Employment during college was also found to affect students' ability to socialise with their classmates, and those involved in activities outside of coursework had improved mental health.

USI president Lorna Fitzpatrick in Trinity College Dublin said students had provided a vast amount of vital data which would be used to improve mental health services at third level for everyone.

Numerous institutions were found to be problematic in terms of the quality of care offered to students, and a quality assurance tool must be made to ensure consistency between institutions.

Transitioning from secondary school to college is a huge step for all students, and comes at a time when they are most at risk of developing mental health difficulties.



We all went through it, and for the people that still are going through it, we feel for you.

Trying to nab student accommodation that is close to your college and is a good price is pretty hard to find.

However, Cork property owner Michael O'Flynn has just bought a site which was previously owned by NAMA and CIE, and is planning on turning it into nearly 1,000 student beds.

According to The Irish Times, the two apartment blocks will comprise of seven stories, with retail space at the ground level. It will feature a variation of sleeping arrangements, with clusters of three and eight bedroom spaces as well as twin and single study areas.

The site is right across from the Luas at The Point, and is easily accessible. It is claimed that the 2.3 acre site was sold for more than €20 million.

Images: Point Campus



When we try to dress up as our fave celebrities, it can be a total hit and miss. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we don't. But that's OK because they have stylists and dressers and make-up artists… the list goes on.

However, one student in California had to dress up as a celeb for 'Spirit Week' in her school, and she totally nailed the Riri look.

Rihanna even thought she did it better than her.

After posting a picture of her all dressed up to Twitter, Riri commented on the post saying, "How she do me betta than me doe??" and then added a crying face emoji and a trophy emoji.

The picture has been retweeted over 20,000 times now. What a babe!



There’s only one thing better than shopping and that’s shopping with a discount!

The students of Dublin are in for a major treat this October as Dundrum Town Centre has announced its first ever student shopping night.

As part of a joint venture with SPIN1038, Ireland’s biggest shopping centre will be offering “massive discounts” to those in possession of a student card from 6-9pm of Tuesday October 4.

According to Dundrum TC’s website, a list of the available discounts will be released 24 hours before the event takes place and there will be live music and loads of prizes on the night.  


A hotel that has spent much of the last five years closed and disused is on the verge of reopening – as slick student accommodation.

Amid economic uncertainty and recession, the Gleneany House in Letterkenny closed its doors in 2011 – however its proximity to the Letterkenny Institute Of Technology has now given it a second lease of life.

Indeed, it has already been overhauled and spruced up, resulting in 24 en-suite rooms which each come with Wi-Fi, a dishwasher and microwaves.

There’s also free parking, a student lounge, launderette and 24-hour security. Additionally, a former hotel restaurant will shortly re-open to provide meals once term kicks-off again in a couple of weeks.

The local estate agent, Manus McGroddy, told the Irish Independent that the rooms offer “Carlsberg accommodation at Ryanair prices”.

“We have put a lot of work into it,” he added. “There is a definite shortage of student housing in Letterkenny and this will help to fill the gap.”

Mr McGroddy said more than half the rooms in the town centre building have already been snapped up.

“The hotel was lying empty. A lot of money has been invested in it and it now ticks all the boxes for students coming to Donegal.”

With room for 35 occupants, single rooms start at €60 a week, while doubles for students willing to share cost €80 – or €40 each.

With most extras included in the weekly rent, the only additional bill will be electricity.




That awkward moment when you forget to plug your headphones in is not fun for anyone.

It can be even worse when you’re in class.

Which was exactly what one University of Sydney student learned when his classmates caught him watching something very NSFW in a lecture.

While their professor was busy working his way through some PowerPoint slides, some very erotic sounds start filling the crowded lecture hall.

The student seemed to be completely unaware that the rest of the room could hear the audio accompanying the pornographic video he was watching.

However, when he does realise he’s been caught out it gets worse before it gets better.

After making several frantic attempts to turn the laptop off, which fail miserably, the student who has remained nameless, quickly grabs his stuff and bolts out the door. His classmates very nearly give him a standing ovation.


Apparently though, the whole ordeal was a stunt designed to fool his fellow students. We weren’t so convinced either.

But it turns out that the clip is from a collection put together by Aussie student Jamie Zhu as part of his ‘Awkward Uni Situations’ video.




Prepare to either be getting ready to head out tonight, or getting some major college flashbacks. 

This video, by the DCU MPS, is basically every Irish night out ever. 

From "will you put tan on my back" to "do you not remember what you did last night" – prepare for some lols. 

Disclaimer: May bring on the fear. 



Some things are simply not acceptable once you leave college. For students, anything goes, so you better get these things crossed off your college bucket list!

1. Eating Straight From the Saucepan
Grown-ups do not eat beans from a saucepan. Think about what your mother would say if you did it at home. Exactly. 

2. Leaving Dirty Dishes
If you do this as a 20-something professional, expect to have a bad time with your housemates. 


3. Having  a Naggin Wall
It just looks messy outside of college accommodation. Not to mention slightly alarming. 

4. Midday Television
It’s not fair, we know. We miss it too. Getting to see Home and Away four hours before everyone else? Suuccckkahs!


5.Free Rent
The ride stops here kids.

6.  Drinking Milk Out of the Carton
Drinking anything out of the carton in fact.


7. Not Going to College
Gone are the days when you wake up late and just decide, not today.

8. Pizza For Breakfast
Time to buy porridge, oldie

9. Morning Trips to McDonald's

10. All Day Drinking
Unless it's a Saturday. 



11. Crashing Parties
‘I hear the nurses are having their class party tonight. I know Mary, we can definitely get in.’

12. Playing Like Kids
There’s no more time for rounders or water fights anymore. 

13.  Mid-Week Hangovers

14. Rainbow Hair Dye
There is a very small gap in life when this is acceptable



15. Sharing A Lightbulb in a House With 5 People


16. Not Paying For Bin Collection

17. Midday Naps

18. Wearing Tracksuit Bottoms Everyday

19. Practical Jokes
Never quite as funny…or appreciated. 


20. Getting Naked When You’re Drunk
There comes a time when it’s no longer hilarious to dance on tables with your tights down. 

21. Midnight Munchies
Ice cream with Nutella. Pizza and chips. 

22. Making Excuses for Not Having Your Life Together
Not really going to work in front of your new boss.

23. Drinking for One Consecutive Week Straight


24. Not Going Grocery Shopping Once a Week
Unless you want to starve or spend a fortune?



25. Forfeiting Food Money for Drink Money

26. Binging on Your Favourite TV Show for 2 Days Straight


At least we’ll have the memories! Don’t wish away your college years, use that fast metabolism to it's full potential. You don’t get it back when it’s gone!

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A new semester is almost upon us, a fresh beginning, a new start. A chance to right your wrongs, put to bed those past study regrets that you may be harbouring, the time to draw on a clean slate.

Every single semester students up and down the country lie to both themselves and everyone around them by promising themselves things they won't do.

Happy procrastinating!

1. “I’m going to be so focused and organised this semester.”

This is probably the strongest lie that we try and tell ourselves. We try and scare our inner thoughts into believing that this is our one last chance to cop on and knuckle down, that a refill pad filled with notes from the seven different classes that we’re taking is a perfectly acceptable, organised system. Well it’s not. But that’s not going to stop you now, is it?

2. “I’m going to study at least thrice as much as last year.”

If by study you mean procrastinating, then yes, you will ‘study’ three times more than you did last year. Cleaning, Netflix and Facebook creeping will be all on the rise. Good intentions still count, right?

3. “I’m going to go out far less.”

Of course you are. Until Thursday, when you somehow end up sitting in someone’s dingy house with a six pack of Dutch Gold in hand. Seeing as you’re in college, hitting the town twice a week (minimum) is inevitable, so stop lying to your inner socialite and get your finest dancing shoes on immediately.

4. “I’m going to be super healthy this time around.”

Yes, you may believe that running, quinoa and lettuce will form a major part of your life now that you’ve promised yourself glowing health, but be honest, after a rough night on the beer nothing spells hangover cure better than a salad right? WRONG. So wrong. Chinese and the couch anyone?

5. “I’ll have so many golden weeks, they’ll probably give me an award.”

Correction, you’ll have so many absences, they’ll probably give you an award. Golden weeks are the stuff of legend, the pinnacle of a successful, dedicated student. It’s similar to a golden ticket in that you’re never going to get one, so stop lying to yourself now.

6. “The library shall be my new home for the next year.”

This is partly true, the library shall be your new home for a brief period (week) leading up to exams. As for the rest of the semester? Well, lets just say that you and your bed will form a close and intimate relationship because at least in bed, you won’t be judged for watching whatever classy shows it is that you watch.

7. “I’m going to really embrace college life and be a society head.”

Don't do this. Just don't. Please. 

8. “I will hand all of my assignments in on time and will not leave them untouched until the night before they’re due.”

This is very much a true and genuine aspiration, true that is, until we are given an assignment that’s due in three weeks. Three weeks seems like such a very long time, you think. I’ll leave it for a few days, do some research, gather my thoughts. (Enter Netflix) Then suddenly, without you even realising, it’s the night before and you’re pulling another caffeine fueled all nighter. So you see, really, it’s not actually all your fault…

9. “I will do every bit of recommended reading that comes my way.”

Yes, but have you SEEN how much reading one is actually expected to do? How in God's name are you expected to fit it in around sleep, drinking and online ‘researching’? It’s an impossible task. Give up now and spare yourself the stress.

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There are some items that seem to appear as a collection in every student’s fridge. It’s like they get it as a welcome package. A tasty one.

1. Cheese
Cheese is just the most delicious thing in the world. It’s like a little taste of heaven. However cheese is not cheap and therefore it is like gold dust. Any time you go to take a few slices of that beautiful mature cheddar, the block slowly gets smaller and smaller before you’ve even taken the grater out of the cupboard. Those animals.

2. Sweet Chilli Sauce.
It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking, sweet chilli sauce goes with everything. Pasta, sandwhiches, chips, chicken. If it’s raw, burned, gone off. Sweet chilli sauce will save it.

3. Pasta
Pasta for every single meal is perfectly normal as a student. After a time, you even have your favourite type.

4. Pasta Sauce
What goes well with pasta? Tomatoe and Basil pasta sauce of course! If you’re trying to watch your diet you can get sauce with mushroom or if you’re feeling a bit wild why not some spicy pepper?

It won’t look like this…

5. Fajita Kits
Fajita kits everywhere, except that you’re too stingy to buy chicken fillets so you just use the wraps when you run out of bread, and Tom tried to eat the salsa when he was drunk. Anyone who offers to cook dinner, it’s going to be fajitas.

6. Beans and Spaghetti
If a nuclear war does ever come into fruition you are sorted with tinned goods.

7. Noodles
20 cent noodles. It’s not a question of how many do you need but how many can you carry.

8. Oranges
You had good intentions that one time and now they’re into their second phase of mould.

9. The Phantom Onion
You don’t know where it came from, you don’t know how it got into the vegetable drawer of your fridge but it did and yet no one thinks of throwing it out.

This is generally in the fridge on a Friday morning after a night on the beer. Who would think that some chocolatey milkey goodness could cure what ails you but it does. It really really does. All hail Mooju.

10. Frozen Chicken Dippers
You can put them in anything, they’re great. They are what holds a meal together. 2.30am in the morning though, leave the oven alone, you are not in a position to operate heavy machinery.

11. Left Over Pizza
No one would order takeaway with you so you couldn’t get your meal over a tenner for free delivery. You do what any sane person does and buy a second pizza so you can have some saintly pepperoni for the morning to.

12. Rustlers Burgers
A college students life saver. Its a pre-made burger, bun and all that you pop into the microwave for a minute and voilà! Dinner is served!

13. Cereal
You will never see as much cereal as in a student’s house. For some it will be choco pops, for the rich it will be the original great tasting flavour of coco pops. Sadly though, no one ever thinks of buying milk and if they do, it’s more then likely left out all day.

14. Mammy Meals.
These are just the worst. Sunday evening they prance into the house on their little high horse with about 10 lunch boxes filled with lasagna’s, shepards pie and curry. These pretenders who believe they’re living the student life but they’re just big fat phoneys! What’s worse is they then take up all the freezer space with you having no place to put your prison food.

And then they have the audacity, no, the gumption to ask would anyone like to get some takeaway with their expendable cash.

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The month of May signals one thing for all students – exams. Here are some of the most annoying people you will encounter in the exam hall.

 1. More paper people
Every year there are those who insist on shooting their hands into the air and asking for an extra booklet, while the rest of us sit struggling to fill one.


2. Toilet dwellers
Five times in one exam? Suspicious…


3. The people who leave early
They filled in their name and poof! Gone. And you are left sitting there wondering if they are a genius, or just an idiot.

early leave

4. High style folk
These are the people who arrive wearing high heels and four inches of make up on their face set for the post exam drinks in town.


5. Restless legs
The whole row of tiny tables is rocking uncontrollably because of that guy who can’t keep his knee still.


 6. The jingling girl
There’s always one girl who insists on wearing 15 bracelets and 4 rings into each exam. Tap. Tap. Jingle. Jingle. Make it stop!


 7. Cheaters
These creatures are rare but to those of you out there who get away with it, we envy you all.


8. Coughers/sneezers/throat clearers
Just get a tissue! Please!


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Remember the late nights, the parties and well, all of the laughs you had as a student.

DCU’s Media Production Society has managed to recreate all of those moments with a hilarious video of what it’s really like to be a student in Ireland.

We probably relate to far too many of these, especially the cooking disasters.