The 10 types of people you will meet at a festival


There are always some people we encounter at festivals. And here they are: 

1. The Underage Ones


These are always very easy to spot…

2. The Middle-Aged Ones


Spot these bad boys in their faded Metallica tour t-shirts from 2007, rocking out with their significant other half, loving life and hating the masses of children that surround them. They’re here purely for the music. 

3. The Uber-Cool Parents


These cool rents probably live in a loft converted apartment by the cool canal district, with their one year old “Finn.” Finn is probably dressed in a striped babygro and a quirky hat, to match his parent’s quirky style. They’ve brought Finn along, so that when he’s 5, they can tell him he has already witnessed Haim live. It’ll really add to his street cred.

4. The Very Drunk Ones


Yes, pretty much everyone could be considered drunk at a  festival, because pretty much everyone drinks at a day festival. However, there is a delicate balance between drunk and very drunk. Drunk is dancing, laughing, having fun. Very drunk is sneaky naggins, vomming your ring up near the main stage and spending four hours in the medical tent. That and ruining everyone’s day.

5. The High Ones


Find the high ones in the quirkiest corner of the festival. They’ll be hanging out in the techno meets house meets “you’re not hipster enough to be here” corner. 

6. The Couple


There are two types of couples at a day festival. The ones who attend because they both love the line up and the ones who attend because their other half loves the line up. 

7. The Fashionista


Every girl at a festival thinks that she’s going to stand out. But then we all end up looking the same…damn. 

8. The Boys On Tour


The lads are here to have the time of their wee lives. They’ve kitted themselves out in River Island’s spring/summer collection. They’ve had a six pack in the house before they even left and now they’re kick-starting on the pints inside. 

9. The Next Spielberg


These are the ones who, instead of watching the gig like a normal person, insist on holding their phones a meter above everyone’s head to record a fabulously shaky, screechy video that’s unlikely to make it any further than their hard drive. The point of it all is to seemingly prove to everyone that they were in fact, there. Promise.

10. The Attention Seeker


There’s usually a scattering of these about the place. They’ll be dressed in either a onesie, swimming gear, a mask, a hat bigger than the average car, a morph suit, a variety of neon shades or just fancy dress in general. 

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