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Former Westlife band-member and current has-been Brian McFadden has weighed in on the whole Brexit situation, and it's a hot mess.

He's essentially pulling a Kanye West and has caused an absolute scene on Twitter, where numerous Irish citizens effectively excommunicated him from the island of Ireland. Rightfully so.

McFadden chose to speak out on the two hottest and most controversial topics of 2019: Donald Trump and Brexit. Unfortunately, the world has noticed his tweet and is laughing at him mercilessly.

We can only hope he was drunk when he composed this tweet, but we suspect he was sober. It began safely enough: "The fact that Boris, Farage and Jeremy are the front runners to be Prime Minister is scary! Britain is fu*ked! Literally f*cked!" 

Now, here's where it all went wrong; "Incredible how many Brits jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon. He’s exactly what Britain needs! A Britain first at all costs attitude is essential." The typo and expletive-strewn Tweet was seen by thousands, who unfortunately realised his Irish heritage.

Who knows why the sort-of singer passed such odd judgement on the upcoming Tory leadership battle in the UK and America's cesspit of right-wing horror. The reactions to his rant were, we must say, hilarious.

"England's Brian McFadden is a disgrace to his country," wrote Mallow News, offering him as a sacrifice to the country he seems to think he's part of already.

This next one is absolutely savage, he's going to need serious aloe vera for these burns;

"Have you thought of maybe dialling back the fascism a bit, Bri? Like they did with your vocal when you were in Westlife…" Doctor, we need someone to resuscitate this man.

Another Twitter user rightfully pointed out that it's fairly impossible to hate Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn but love Trump at the same time? The tweet contradicts itself entirely:

"I… I'm so confused. This is like two completely polar opposite tweets mashed together. How can you hate Boris and Farage, yet love Trump? They're basically evil triplets?!?!" We're just as confused as you, Rachael. 

As if this wasn't bad enough, well-known transphobic misogynist Graham Linehan commented, "Off, I thought you were done embarrassing Ireland." Literally not a single solitary soul asked for one Irish disgrace coming in to smack down another Irish disgrace. The neck.

Another eagle-eyed internet member pointed out that this isn't the first time Brian McFadden has said some pretty dumb stuff online…

Yes, you read that correctly. "If you're not gay, a man should not be wearing pink…Saying pink is a form of red is like saying homosexuality is a form of male."

WOW…his masculinity is clearly as fragile as a glass slipper. There's too much to unpack when it comes to that statement in a single article, but I think we can all agree that the chap is cancelled.

According to his Peaky Blinders Twitter header, he seems to fantasize about joining some type of gang…let's remember he once said he'd fight ISIS in man-to-man hand combat. 

"I don't think you're sufficiently relevant enough to play that card, Bri," another Twitter comedian pointed out.

The 39-year-old is getting DRAGGED online and we'd better be putting on some popcorn.

Breaking news: Brian McFadden is actually now the front-runner to be the UK's next Prime Minister.

The tea is positively scorching, so keep an eye out for even more hilarious hot takes on McFadden's 180-degree turn. Someone confiscate the lad's Irish passport, he's not worthy.

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Westlife have officially made their long-awaited return to our lives, thank the gods, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows back in the day for the boyband.

The band stopped by The Graham Norton Show last week to perform their brand new single, Hello My Love, but Nicky Byrne revealed some spicy drama.

According to the radio DJ and member of the group, Liam Gallagher told the band to "f*ck off" the first time they met. Ouch, someone take the lads to the burns unit STAT.

The 40-year-old singer claimed the band flew to London in 1998 after signing a record deal, with Louis Walsh as their manager.

Byrne told Graham Norton; “So they were having a drink in a circle of people so me and one of the boys walked over and tipped them on the shoulder."

“Liam turned around and we said, 'Liam we're Louis Walsh's new band and he just went "f*** off”. So we just f****d off." The salt, it's just too real.


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The group's new single is their first release in almost a decade, and it was penned by pop legend Ed Sheeran. 

Hello My Love went straight to number one on the iTunes on Thursday evening, and Westlife even got a congratulatory message from ex-band member Brian McFadden, despite rumours of bad blood.

Hello My Love has been popular with fans, but frequently compared to Sheeran’s hit Castle On A Hill as opposed to “your typical Westlife song”.

Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan will embark on their Twenty Tour this summer, playing two huge gigs in Croke Park in July.

Kian reiterated his opinion that their fans would be “taken aback” by their new sound, according to Metro UK“Good songs are good songs, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Westlife song or not.”

The Twenty Tour is their fastest-selling ever, selling a whopper 400,000 tickets within 48 hours of release. 


Fans freaked when Westlife announced their massive comeback concert set for next year.

They will be taking over Croke Park and embarking on a UK and Ireland tour as well.

But many were disappointed when it was revealed that Brian McFadden will not be joining the boys for their revival.

And now we finally know what’s been holding the 90's superstar back.

Brian recently divulged that he has a new passion taking precedence over his previous singing career…


The talk show Lorraine stated that he will be joining the cast in the upcoming season of Dancing on Ice.

“Will Brian McFadden be flying without wings when he takes to the ice? He's the fourth celebrity to be confirmed for this year's Dancing On Ice.”

The former Westlife member replied with a video saying, “Yes, the news is true. I am going to be doing Dancing on Ice 2019. I’m very excited.”

Brian went on to explain how serious he is taking his new role, training as often as he can.

“I’ve already been practising out the back garden on me rollerblades, and me mammy says I’m a one-man Torvill and Dean.”

Joining him will be TOWIE star Gemma Collins, Eastenders’ Richard Blackwood, and ballroom dancer James Jordan, best known for his time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Brian’s announcement has sparked mixed reactions from Twitter users, some giving thumbs down and others celebrating the “brilliant” news.

Nevertheless, it appears that Brian has found a new calling, and we will just have to wait and see if his hard work has paid off next year.


Brian McFadden might be joining Boyzone… and we're not quite sure how we feel about it.

Brian travelled with Boyzone's Keith Duffy for the majority of this year, where they mashed up the music of Boyzone and Westlife to create er, Boyzlife.

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The lads performed in hotels around Ireland and the UK, but now that Boyzone is embarking on its 20th anniversary tour, the lads will be playing to a much bigger audience.

At first, it looked like Brian would be the supporting act for Ronan, Mikey, Shane and Keith, but Shane Lynch has hinted that Brian might play a much bigger part in the tour.

He told The Irish Sun: "There's a possibility of Brian joining us.

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"He's doing the whole tour on a support but there is no point in him hanging around.

"I'd like to bring him on stage for a couple of songs with the boys," he added.


Emotions ran high today as Kerry Katona took to Instagram with a sentimental post ahead of her daughter's move to Dublin.

15-year-old Molly, the eldest daughter of Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden, is planning to move in with her Irish grandparents so she can following dream of becoming a surgeon.

Although the move is still a few months away, the former Atomic Kitten star shared her feeling about daughters decision with her 490,000 Instagram followers yesterday evening. 

“Omg just burst into tears looking at my eldest come home from work! All grown up gonna miss her so much,” she wrote alongside a picture of a young Molly.


Omg just burst in to tears looking at my eldest come home from work! All grown up gonna miss her so much @123_mollymc

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Fans were quick to offer their support, with one user commenting: “Shes lovely Kerry..such a credit to you both..she'll knock their socks off I'm sure!”

Another wrote, “Always emotional when our children reach milestones. Be proud of what you've done as her mother.”

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Kerry admitted that although she will be sad to see her go, she is incredibly proud of her daughter.

"[Molly] is going to live with her grandparents Mairead and Brendan. They dote on her and will look after her and keep her safe."

"Molly wants to be a surgeon," she added.

"She wants to get really good grades in her GCSEs so she’s going to Ireland to do a transition year. This will give her an extra year of biology and science. Molly wants extra knowledge – I am so proud of her."

Molly currently lives with in East Sussex with her four siblings, Lily-Sue, DJ, Heidi, Max, her mother, Kerry and her husband George Kay.


They sold out hotels all around Ireland and the UK with their band Boyzlife, but now it looks like Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden could be the new stars of TV.

Now that their tour is over, Keith has admitted that there's a huge interest for them in the UK, and even goes as far as comparing them to Ant and Dec.

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The singer told the Herald: “It’s unbelievable the different ideas that are being presented to us at the moment. We get on very well.

"We’re like the bold Ant and Dec, that’s what we have been called, the post-watershed Ant and Dec. There’s huge interest in the UK at the moment for us to put together our own TV show."

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The 42-year old said that they are currently in talks with producers and their management to see if they can secure a bit of a comedy show.

“We will perform with the guests clips and videos we shoot during the week. When the two of us are together we’re quite funny and TV and radio have noticed it so there’s producers talking to our management trying to get our own show."




Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy will be heading on the road soon to start their BoyzLife tour, but not before Brian LIVES with the family for a month.

Keith's wife, Lisa Duffy told Evoke that it will be very "interesting" having Brian live win their Dublin home.

"They start rehearsals soon, so he’ll be staying with us for that. I don’t mind at all – Brian is like part of the family.

"I’ll have to go and get the sausages and bacon and all that for him. 

"They can’t get into too much trouble under my roof. Normally Keith is doing rehearsals in London if he’s doing something. So it’s nice to have him back here for a change,’ she added


Just as Chris Evans steps down from hosting Top Gear, it seems that another celeb is very keen to take on the job.

Brian McFadden wrote to the BBC on Twitter yesterday, and in a series of messages, begged the bosses to consider him for the job.

The former Westlife singer said that he would "happily drive the best cars in the world and get paid for it."

He also referred to Jeremy Clarkson's ill-fate by promising "not to punch any producers," which eventually led to the host departing from the show.

Finally, Brian offered himself as a "female anchor," and shared a picture of himself wearing a wig and bright red lipstick.

Top Gear bosses have yet to announce who will take over Chris Evans' role, but it's expected that Friends star Matt Le Blanc will return for a second season.


Some women swear by the three date rule – but not Vogue Williams.

The model – who recently moved to the UK – told the Loose Women panel today that although she’s aware of the ‘rules of dating’, they just aren’t for her.

Using her former relationship with Westlife singer Brian McFadden as an example, Vogue admitted:  “Me and Brian did hanky panky on the first night we met and we ended up getting married.”

When the panel expressed interest in her comment, Vogue joked: “It worked out well for a while.”

But admitted she wouldn’t always sleep with someone on the first date as “it just depends on the situation”.

She said: “I wouldn’t be making a habit of it, obviously, because I wouldn’t be really like that.  I’m quite shy.”

When asked to address rumours surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with rapper Professor Green, Vogue said although she has a lot of mutual friends with the star, they are not an item.

The TV personality married singer Brian McFadden in 2012, a year after they first met.

Last year the pair separated and Vogue has admitted that while at first she found being single difficult, she’s now really enjoying her independence.


Last week, Kian Egan gave his two cents on Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy's Boyzlife tour, saying that the whole thing is "really aggrivating."

And now, another member of Westlife has opened up about the tour. 

Nicky Byrne spoke out on his 2FM show saying, "I wish them all the best, but it's nothing to do with us."

Keeping it short and sweet, we're guessing Nicky didn't want to start any feuds, since Brian's ex-wife Vogue Williams said that Kian needs to "get a grip" with his comments.

Well, if there were ever hopes of a 5-piece Westlife reunion, they seem to be going down the toilet. 


In perhaps the greatest news to hit our ears ever, Boyzone and Westlife are being reincarnated as Boyzlife and two of our fave members from each band are tied to the project. 

Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy have confirmed a Boyzlife tour which will involve performing some of the original groups' greatest hits. 

The tour, which is being funded by the Hilton hotel group, launched today in London and the lads seemed excited about the venture. 

While there is reportedly potential for other members of the original bands to join, Brian admitted that for now it would involved just two of the lads. 

"People are getting confused thinking that with Boyzlife we have started a new supergroup together.

"But this is me and Keith's show. It's called Boyzlife. There's nothing to stop the rest of the guys pairing up and doing it, but for us this was our way."

The pair revealed that the show will involve performing hits from both groups but also chatting to the audience about their lives and careers to date. 

Sign us up!

The lads are kicking off their tour in London on October 16 before doing 11 more gigs around Ireland.


Over the years there has been constant rumours about Westlife and Boyzone forming a supergroup… and now Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy are creating their own.

Boyzlife will star the two former boyband singers in a project that is funded by the Hilton hotel group.

The men will make every Westlife and Boyzone fan dreams come true as the pair are going to take to the stage to perform the biggest hits from each group.

Brian also admitted that while nothing in set in stone, he'd love the other lads to join him.

”We all had a chat, the lads. We said it would be amazing. Not even just performing together, but can you imagine the craic? he told The Sun

“Nine of us Irish lads on a tour bus together, going round the world together. It would be absolute carnage. We all get on so well so you never know.

“We would have so much fun on tour. We could end up adding more people to the next one. Right now this is about me and Keith but the door is always open.”

The lads are kicking off their tour in London on October 16 before doing 11 more gigs around Ireland.