Could there be anything more awkward than a first date with a potential new match?

No matter how good of a couple you two might turn out to be, you both still have to struggle through that first meeting and hope all goes well. And that you haven't managed to spill tomato sauce all over your top.

Here are a few thoughts that have no doubt run through your head before, during and after a first date…

1. "I wonder what our wedding will be like…"
You might not have ever met this guy in person or even seen a picture, but that doesn't stop you imagining how he'll propose and how many kids you'll have…


2. "Oh god, there he is. Should I hug him? Or kiss him? Or just sit down? WHICH?"
Someone needs to write a first date guidebook.


3. "I have literally no idea what to say next."
You can sense he's about to finish up a sentence, and your mind suddenly goes blank. No doubt you'll end up saying something totally inappropriate…


4. "Why in God's name did I order the spaghetti?"
So messy. So much slurping. ARGH.


5. "Why is he looking at my mouth so much? Do I have something in my teeth?"
Cue ten minutes of "casually" trying to check your reflection on your knife.


6. "If he offers to foot the bill, how much should I argue with him?"
Is pinning him to the floor too much?


7. "What happens next?"
Onto another bar? Back to his? Or somewhere you'll never have to see him again?


8. "Is there going to be a kiss? Do I WANT there to be a kiss?"
Possibly the most awkward part of the whole thing. Let's just hope you're both on the same page no matter what…