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If this generation is haunted by anything, it’s got to be that infamous blue and black/gold and white dress.

And now, just as torn friendships begin to heal, Twitter has released a new chameleon item of clothing to deliver us another near lethal dose of chaos.

After social media user @positivedemi tweeted about a troublesome pair of flip-flops, people began to question whether the shoes involved were black and blue, white and gold, blue and brown or gold and blue.

Just like the dress and the jacket which followed it, the flip-flops have produced conflicting results.



And so – in a statement which has the potential to convince some members of the public that they are actively losing their minds – the company who make the flip-flops have revealed that they are in fact…blue and dark blue.

Go figure!

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We love our Irish men. And to hand it to them, some do follow up-to-date fashion and style… But then, some do not

Guys may be able to get away with these things on a third or fourth date; but on a first date, these things are a definite no-no: 

1. Bootcut jeans and dress shoes

Who are you trying to look like, Billy Ray Cyrus? And if you're going to wear bootcut jeans, wear them with boots as god and denim manufacturers intended. 


2. Workout shirts

We get it. You workout. And while this is great, there's no need to wear a sweaty gym shirt to our date. Gross. 


3. Over-sized polo shirt

This is another shirt that is just not OK. A polo shirt is fine, but an over-sized one makes you look like you want to be from the gansta town… even though you're from a very posh side of South Dublin. 


4. Your favourite team's jersey

We totally applaud your devotion to your favourite team, but we're on a date, so maybe the jersey can sit out. 


5. Runners

Just wear nice shoes, please. 


6. DIRTY runners

Even worse than runners are dirty, worn-out, ripped runners. They just look shabby and in the words of Summer Roberts, "Ew!"


7. Chains hanging from your trousers

We get you don't want to lose your keys or whatever, but you don't need a metre-long chain hanging from your bum pocket. 


8. Weird grandad-style jumpers

We think it's cute you're trying to dress your best, but a grandad jumper isn't going to impress us. Sorry to let you know. 


9. Flip flops with jeans

We. Are. Not. In. Spain. 


10. Way too much Lynx

Ah, Lynx. The smell of every Irish man. For some reason you guys can't get enough of it. But spraying too much on yourself before a date will not only kill our sense of smell, it'll kill the mood too. 



Your feet are often the last thing that you think of when it comes to your beauty regime but the first thing when it comes to summer time – flip flops anyone?

Here’s how to have the perfect tootsies all the time:

Exfoliate your feet once a week and you won’t end up with hard cracked heels and toes. You can either invest in a good foot scrub or make your own. Simply mix honey with sugar and apply to your feet.

Give your tootsies their very own bath once a month. Pour hot, but not boiling water, into a basin, add some Epsom salts and leave your feet in it for about half an hour. You can do this while you’re watching Corrie!

Just like you would your face, rub some moisturiser onto your feet. You can use Vaseline or a moisturiser that contains Vitamin E. Make sure it is fully dry before you get up and start walking around as it can be very slippery!