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First dates are one of the most nerve-wracking things you can ever do.

Your palms are sweaty, your mind is going a mile-a-minute, and most of the time, it seems like you just can't relax.

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A million things run through your mind, such as: 'Does he think I'm weird?', 'Am I talking too fast?', and 'I hope I don't have spinach in my teeth!'

Unfortunately, none of us are mind-readers, but thanks to a Singles in America survey, it turns out some guys are thinking quite the opposite.

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Surprisingly, of those who were surveyed, two-thirds of men are actually thinking about… commitment on a first date.

Yep, and what's more, 27 percent of guys have already made their minds up about kids before they even go on a date with you.

Who knew?!



Relationships are never easy. And when your other half seems so terrified of commitment, it can be hard to see where things can ever go. Here are the signs he is a commitment-phobe and you have some serious decisions to make!

1. Never introduces you to his friends
Once he does this, it seems real. You become his official ‘girlfriend.’ If he doesn’t, it may be a sign he isn’t looking to get serious. Which is fine, unless you are.


2. Stands you up
He says he’ll meet you for lunch but something always comes up. He’s never apologetic about it either, it’s just something that happens.


3. Won’t make plans for the future
Now if you have been together for a few weeks, suggesting a year round trip around the world will signal alarm bells for any self respecting man. However if you have been dating for a few months, you might have finally cropped up the courage to suggest maybe, perhaps going to a concert in a weeks time. If he can’t even see where he’ll be in a week then you may have some issues.


4. You’re the needy one
When you ask can you spend some more time together he makes you feel like you’re being too clingy. He’ll give you some song and dance about being  a lone wolf or that he’s kind of a loner at heart. Then he’ll probably say that he needs even more space. He leaves you feeling like an overly attached girlfriend, questioning your own sanity.


5. Empty compliments
When you’re alone together he compliments you all the time. You are the prettiest, sexiest, funniest thing he has ever seen. But when you’re in public, he doesn’t even salute your existence. If he does give you some sort of recognition, you giggle like a schoolgirl. Ugh, why?!


6. You find yourself trying to constantly please them
There comes a point when he no longer wants to try and even pretend he’s in a relationship. You make allowances because you think he’s just scared of how amazingly awesome your relationship is. Stop fooling yourself.


7. You should be honoured when they do show up
When he does decide to show his face, he arrives with a sense that you should be honoured by his lateness. If it doesn’t work for Kanye, it certainly isn’t going to work for you, dearest.


8. Doesn’t make any effort
You are still kind of on eggshells when you’re meeting up. You still shave above the knee and you make sure you smell of roses and feel as smooth and as soft as a babies bottom. He is a different story. He will show up looking like a prepubescent skater boy and he’ll probably smell like one too. When he does show up looking like Channing Tatum’s less attractive cousin, it can be easily seen that it’s not for you.


9. Doesn’t stay the night
It doesn’t matter what excuse he uses, this is a clear warning sign that he doesn’t want things to get too serious. If he does stay the night but leaves in the wee hours, it is not because he doesn’t want to miss the sunrise. If he always has plans in the morning so he can’t hang around then it’s time to re-evaluate who you’re having sleep overs with. Who goes to nine o’clock lectures anyway?

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Although each relationship is unique, the stages people go through when they are dating are generally the same.

Whether you’re new to the scene or just putting yourself out there again, you will most likely experience these five stages:

In the first stage, you find someone you are attracted to and hope the feeling is mutual.

In the second stage you begin to question whether the person is right for you or not. A lot of the time it is fear that causes uncertainty, so think wisely before you decide to call it quits.

In this stage, you have both decided to be in an exclusive relationship. But don’t get comfortable just yet. It’s important that you continue to do little things for one another.

In stage four, you both let your guard down and speak more openly to one another. Although you see the best in yourself and your partner, we also see and show the less appealing sides of our personalities.

In this stage, you know he is the right person for you and have decided to see past his flaws. You have an even greater acceptance of each other and your differences.



Nate Bagley was a single man fed up of hearing all the love stories. From scandal and divorces, to fairytale romance, he just couldn’t handle it. So he decided to spend a year interviewing couples.

During his adventure, he was very surprised to find the key ingredients needed to maintain a healthy relationship:

The happiest couples loved their partners as much as they loved themselves. They were independently happy and knew how to take responsibility for their actions.

They stood by each other no matter what. If things got a bit rocky neither one would walk away from the relationship.

They trusted each other and didn’t feel the need to undermine one another. Since they’ve proven that they are each other biggest advocates, they were both emotionally secure.

The happiest couples tried to experience some sort of meaningful connection or create a fun memory on a daily basis.