A Toronto woman had the WORST first date and it’s all on Twitter

First dates can be brutally awkward. Just imagine your worst ever first date experience. And now multiply it by 10 and have the whole of the internet be able to read it.

We’ve got a lot of second hand embarrassment just thinking about it.

For one unlucky Canadian lady, this unfortunately happened. Toronto based writer Anne Thériault was minding her own business in a coffee shop on Friday when she couldn’t help but overhear some very cringe-worthy antics from the table beside her.

Not wanting the rest of the world to miss out on the suffering Anne thoughtfully live-tweeted the whole ordeal. She graciously did not identify either of the participants. We imagine that they’re very grateful. 

And things just went downhill from there:



He likes the sound of his own voice too, his "inner demons" not so much.

Who doesn't appreciate a good coffee though?

Then things got a bit serious….

And mystery girl responded accordingly:

Then she plays it cool.

This is like The Great Escape

And she's out of there, thankfully. We're sure it could have been a nice guy, maybe he just got a little nervous. Moral of the story: first dates are just awkward.