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We're all aware that Urban Decay have garnered an absolute CULT around their legendary make-up palettes. 

We can all remember the mass hysteria when their Naked palettes were released; we'd never seen the likes of it, and we all just HAD to acquire one.

Now the giant cosmetics brand are offering the chance to snatch a FREE Naked Reloaded palette worth €44 (£38), but you'll need to be prepared.


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They've just launched their Naked Reloaded palettes after the huge success of their debut Naked 1, 2 and 3 and have since added the Naked Cherry, Naked Smoky and Naked Fire Palettes.

Now Urban Decay have stated that they will gift the first 20 customers to walk through the doors of selected stores on Monday a FREE Naked Reloaded palette.

That's right, the claws will well and truly be out to play that day. You need to bring any other Urban Decay palette of yours to swap, however. Seems fair to us.


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The American brand removed the Naked palette from stores last August and effectively brought the beauty world into a state of grief.

The new take on their classic has since been offered, with 12 gorgeously glitter shades from warm browns to beige neutrals, rouge golds and sparkly whites.

Urban Decay are celebrating the first day of the Naked Reloaded palette hitting shelves officially with the giveaway, and we're expecting MAJOR queues to form from the break of dawn on Monday,

Get your EP tents ready for camping ladies, it's gonna be a bumpy ride when the doors open. 

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Ah, the Naked palette – it was truly the first cult beauty product of it's kind. 

Since then, literally thousands of neutral palettes have attempted to replicate the OG palette, but none have quite captured the functionality and quality of the original.

In a shock announcement this week, Urban Decay revealed that they will be discontinuing the iconic product.

Luckily, the palette is still available today – and it's on sale – so you can snap one up quickly if your old one is looking a little worse for wear.

'Today, we mourn our beloved original Naked Palette, a revolutionary product that changed the beauty industry forever,' UD wrote on Instagram.  

'A little bit naughty, often dramatic, and always in the press, the innovative game-changer and category creator will be laid to rest after 8 years.'

I think we ALL remember our first encounter with the Naked palette, and how enraptured we were that all the shades we could possibly need were now in the one place. 

For me personally, I hunted high and low in my home town of Galway for the palette back in 2011, but it was like Half Baked gold dust. 

However, during a jaunt to Limerick to buy a Debs dress, we spotted a stand of them in a department store – que me screaming and my mother slamming on the breaks of the car worried that I had suddenly been struck down with acute appendicitis thanks to my screech.

An intense battle ensued and the palette was  bought, and my entire self-painted sparkly smoky eye for my Debs was courtesy of Creep and Gunmetal. Eight years later I still have the palette, and that Debs look is screaming for a recreation.