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Love Island star Michael Griffiths has signed up for the Ex On The Beach celebrity special in America after failing to find love on the ITV2 reality show, The Sun reports.

The ex-firefighter ended up becoming the villa villain after dumping Amber Gill for Joanna Chimonides, only to stay in the villa without her when she was kicked out.

Joanna branded him 'a snake' but the pair have been spotted kissing after the show ended. They're maintaining that they're both single, however. Who knows what to believe?


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The 28-year-old has signed up to the MTV reality show to change his fortunes, according to The Sun online source, who said;

"Michael was one of the stand-out stars on this year's Love Island thanks to his love triangle with Amber and Joanna.

"He's had a lot of female attention since leaving the villa but hasn't found that special someone, so he's hoping this show will help fix that."


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Which one of his exes will appear on the show, though? We highly doubt it'll be 22-year-old Geordie Amber Gill, who is currently seeing her Love Island partner Greg O'Shea.

Michael will join a number of other former Love Island-ers on the new series, including Georgia Steel and Niall Aslam.

21-year-old Georgia and 26-year-old reality star Lateysha Grace are set to bring plenty of excitement (and drama) to the show, but Michael has the major villain label when it comes to dating.

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It seems like Kaz Crossley has officially moved on from her Love Island romance with Josh Denzel, with ANOTHER former Love Island-er; Theo Campbell.

They seem to stick to their pack, this lot. Kaz pretty much confirmed the rumours swirling about her romance with Campbell on a PDA-filled night out.

The couple couldn't keep their hands off each other at Georgia Harrisson's fitness clothing launch last night in London, and it looks like they've finally gone public.


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Kaz wore a miniscule orange crop top and leather-look trousers, and partied the night away with fellow Love Island alumni Montana Brown and Ex On The Beach stars Nicole Bass and Zahida Allen.

Theo appeared on the ITV show back in 2017, and seemed smitten with Crossley. He even put her on his Instagram Story (GASP).

OK! online report that the pair are seeing each other, but aren’t exclusive yet; “Theo and Kaz are dating, but they’re in the early days of a relationship,” the insider told the website.


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“They’re seeing how things go and taking it day by day. They’re having fun and getting to know each other," the source continued.

“It’s not exclusive but they like each other’s company. However, with so many commitments like sponsorship deals and TV shows, they don’t have a lot of time together. So for the time being, they’re having a bit of fun.” Good for them.

The pair met while filming a reality show in Thailand in March, and all those Insta snaps send the rumour mill flying.

While Theo has been single since Love Island apparently, Kaz confirmed her split from Josh Denzel in January with a candid Instagram snap;


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Time will tell whether they'll last long or if it's just a pre-summer fling. You never know with this group, but it's keeping us entertained so we can't complain…

Can someone send us to Thailand so we can meet an attractive man while getting paid, please? Cheers.

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Becca Edwards is pregnant with her first child.

The former Ex on the Beach star has announced the news on her Instagram, posting a cute snap of her cradling her baby bump.

The 26-year-old spoke to The Sun about starting a family with her new boyfriend.

She said, ''Our beautiful baby surprise. My boyfriend and I are over the moon to share the news that we are expecting a baby and we are so excited to start a family together."


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She captioned the picture, “Preparing to fall in love for a lifetime. Words can’t explain the feeling I’m feeling right now.''

She continued, ''I am so excited to meet you my baby, I will forever love and protect you. #21weekspregnant.''

The reality TV star has relocated to Australia from Newcastle and is keeping the identity of her boyfriend and the father of her child a secret.


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Her followers were delighted with the news and took to the comments to express how happy the were for her.

One said, ''Congratulations being a mummy is the most amazing opportunity in the world.''

While another wrote, ''This has made me teary!! I’m so happy for you!!! You’re going to be the best mumma.''

Becca then went on her Instagram Stories to thank everyone for their support.

She wrote, ''Overwhelmed at the love and support from all your beautiful messages. Thank you so much. I can’t reply to all individually but thank you again. Crazy how a few lovely messages can make you feel. I’m so happy. We are so happy." 

We wish you a fab pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby. 



2016 was certainly a dramatic one for Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell.

From NSFW scenes on Celebrity Big Brother, to cheating rumours and then Steph's pregnancy, they were certainly kept going.

Last week saw the pair reunite for the sake of their son Caben-Albi, and it looks like they're getting on better than ever after numerous Twitter spats.

However, rumours are swirling that both Stephanie and Jeremy are going to appear on the next series of Ex On The Beach, and we don't even know what to think!

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According to OK!, the show's producers are doing anything and everything to nab Steph, since Jez has already signed up.

 An insider said: “MTV bosses have wanted to get Jez on the show for years but finally they’ve signed him up.

“He’s the ultimate lad, and producers know it’s a dead cert that he’ll charm the ladies, have a good craic with the boys and be a hit with viewers.

“Everyone knows he’s a bit of a ladies’ man but it’ll be astounding to see just how many exes come out of the sea for him.

Related image

“The bosses don’t want Steph to star as an ‘ex’ on the show.

"They just want her to make an appearance right at the end, to emerge out of the sea with Caben-Albi in her arms in scenes that will make this series the most shocking finale ever.

“Bosses have said ‘we must get her, whatever it takes’," they added.


Last week we thought Gary Beadle had finally decided to grow up when he told his ex Lillie Lexie Gregg that it’s because of her he now knows there’s more to life than partying.

But unfortunately today that hope was dashed as – during the latest episode of Ex On The Beach – Gaz officially admitted to cheating on Lillie while they were together.

When the arrival of the Geordie’s Australian ex Chrysten prompts a string of questions from Lillie, Gaz is forced to reveal his indiscretion.


been a while… Selfie

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After Lillie asks the reality star if he saw Chryten while they were visiting Oz as a couple, Gaz awkwardly tells the camera: “Lillie starts questioning me, which makes me question myself.  Then I remember. I kind of slept with Chrysten when I was with Lillie.”

Despite this admission, the 28-year-old TV personality tells Lillie: “No I didn't get with her when you were there, I slept with her a couple of years ago.”  Seriously?

Clearly having a very good understanding of her famous ex, the Lily-Beau London founder pushes: “It shouldn't be a hard thing.  You either cheated on me or you didn't.  You should know, ‘No I definitely didn't’.”


@lilybeaulondon RAW. Shop the Lola Jacket

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Failing to wiggle his way out of a desperate situation, the Gazmoji creator eventually says: “I didn't cheat on you with her.”

To which Lillie replies: “With her?  But you did cheat on me with other people? I feel like you worded that very wrong.”


Will Gary ever learn?

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He might be best known for his playboy ways on MTV’s Geordie Shore, but if Gary Beadle’s latest conversation with Lillie Gregg proves anything, it’s that the Newcastle native is a big softie at heart.

During a heartfelt conversation which was filmed for the latest series of Ex On The Beach, Gaz was reduced to tears as he confessed the realities of breaking up with Lillie, whom he had dated for a year.

Despite much speculation that Gaz had left Lillie to reunite with Charlotte Crosby, when asked by Lillie why they really broke up the 28-year-old reality star admitted that he had felt forced to choose between his career and their romance.


My favourite day of the week

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He said: “That was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my whole entire life.  Our relationship or my work.”

Describing life in front of the camera as “the only thing [he’s] any f*cking good at”, Gaz told his model ex: “I had to pick what I thought was best for me at the time.  As hard as that was, it meant leaving you.”

He then apologised to Lillie for how he treated her and her family after their split, an admission which brought both Lillie and Gary to tears.

“I’m sorry for the way I treated you after.  I’m sorry if I didn’t message your family because they’ve been nothing but nice to us,” he said.

During the strikingly real conversation, Lillie also told Gaz that the best memories of her life have been with him.

Through tears Gaz replied: “You made me realise that there’s more to life than what I was doing.”

“People who say I’ve changed, it’s because of you.  I can never thank you enough for that.”



Since splitting with Gaz late last year Lillie has been linked with Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear but now that that relationship has come to a dramatic end, could a reunion be on the cards for Gaz and Lillie?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Holly Rickwood, star of reality show Ex On The Beach, fell victim to a cruel prank this week. 

The blonde bombshell was on her way home from a night out, when an unknown assailant threw a bag of flour on her. 

Holly, who recently brawled it out with her co-star Jemma Lucy, was shocked by the attack, but remained pretty calm.

The MailOnline shared a number of pictures that documented the flour-bombing, and we hate to say it, but they gave us a giggle. 

However, Holly took to Twitter to mock the situation also, showing us all that she's a good sport. 

Holly rose to fame on MTV's Ex On The Beach, where she appeared as Stephen Bear's ex-girlfriend.

Since finishing up on the hit series, the 24-year-old  has been trying her hand at modelling and fashion. 

Good luck to her! 


Over the course of their five years together on Geordie Shore, it was hard to keep up with the goings on between Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby.

But one thing was for certain – Charlotte was definitely more invested in the relationship than Gary ever was.

And now it looks like Gary is accepting both that and the fact that his on-screen actions ultimately brought their on again / off again romance to a complete end.

Opening up during an interview with This Morning yesterday, the 28-year-old Geordie lad accepted that his antics while filming Ex on the Beach was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"It was me who messed up, I won't lie about that," he began. "We were kind of seeing each other again before I went on EOTB. I was like, look it will be make or break."

"Me being me went in there the first night, got drunk and got with someone," he admitted. "I knew straight away I'd messed things up with Charlotte."

He added: "Being drunk is not an excuse at all. If I hadn't have done that, I would have come back and we'd probably have been fine."

The professional party-boy accepts that filming together put a strain on their potential future together and sounds relieved that the drama surrounding them appears to have come to somewhat of an end.

"We had a crazy five years and there was a lot of pressure on our relationship," he said. "It would have taken one of us to leave Geordie Shore before we could both move on with our lives."

Anyone else still holding out hope their paths might cross again though?


Geordie Shore star, Gary Beadle, has been surrounded by controversy lately and it seems that it's not going away any time soon.

The reality TV regular has found himself at the centre of an alleged drug scandal today as the Daily Star claims to have uncovered private Twitter messages between Gaz and an unnamed friend in which Gary admits to taking MD.

The messages were supposedly sent a few months back when Gaz was in Thailand filming Ex On The Beach with MTV, and suggest that Gaz ditched his chaperone the night before filming to go on a bit of a bender.

In the messages, the womanising Geordie tells his friend – who seems to be a fellow EOTB cast member – that he's at a beach rave, before warning the friend to "say nothing".

In a later message he says he's "off his t*ts" and when asked whether he's on pills or drunk, Gaz replies: "Gear md".

His openly jealous friend then tells him to "have a line" on his behalf.

Gaz apparently went to party in a different hotel afterwards and missed the next day of filming.

Earlier today his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby retweeted a link to the drugs story before quickly deleting it and instead writing the word "SHADDDEEEEEE”.

This is the second drug-related incident Gaz has allegedly been involved in this year as five months ago a video of him snorting an unknown white substance off a Ferrari key was leaked to the media.



Charlotte Crosby completely opened up about her love life last week as Gary Beadle made his way onto Ex On The Beach.

She tweeted confirming that she's now single, after Gary reportedly had a fling with one of Charlotte's enemies on the show – she even threatened to quit Geordie Shore!

She went on a rant on social media, telling her followers she couldn't take anymore of Gary breaking her heart.

However, this has been going on for a while since in the latest episode of GS, Gary exited the house which left Char extremely upset after her fight with Marnie.

But now, Gaz is back and he took to Twitter to have his say:

However, they have both appeared in the promo for Geordie Shore Big Battle, which dropped today, so we're just going to have to wait and see what happens next.



It may only have been a few months since Megan broke it off with her Ex on the Beach co-star Jordan Davis, but it seems Megan McKenna is wasting no time on the romance front. 

The Celebrity Big Brother star, who was flirting up a storm with Scotty T in the house, has pretty much confirmed her relationship with The Only Way is Essex lad Pete Wicks. 

And how did she confirm it? By flaunting it all over social media of course! 

The star has been posting cute snaps to all forms of social media in the past few days and seems just delighted to be official with her new fella. 

It is likely that the hot new couple met on the set of TOWIE as the mouthy star is set to make a cameo appearance in the show's 200th episode. 

"Pete never falls in love, but is totally bowled over by Megan. He is completely smitten and treats her like a princess," a source told the Sun. 

"He's had the hots for her ever since he saw her in CBB – and not even her mammoth tantrums put him off."

And now that the pair are official, it is rumoured that TOWIE execs want to make her a permanent fixture on the popular reality show. 

Megan's even been hanging out with Pete's prized pooches. 

That's relationship goals right there, we reckon. 


We were glued to our screens for the ups and downs of the romance formed between Jordan Davis and Megan McKenna on the third season of MTV's Ex on the Beach. 

And we couldn't believe it that the pair actually stayed together for months after the show before calling it quits in December. 

And now Megan McKenna has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and according to the Sun, Jordan is less than impressed with the advancements of the Geordie Shore ladies man, Scotty T. 

"Jordan has the same behind the scenes team as Scott and told them to make sure he knows how explosive things could get if he goes near Megan," sources revealed. 

"He may have had a little word with Scott in person too, but would have passed it off as a joke. In reality, he's deadly serious."

However, it appears that Scotty T plans to do whatever he wants as he openly flirted with the reality star as early as night one. 

Meanwhile, if Jordan is all that heartbroken we certainly can't tell as he posted this snap to his Twitter account yesterday. 

Either way, this love triangle is certainly going to add some delicious drama in the CBB house.