‘Off me t*ts’ Gary Beadle caught in the centre of a NEW drug scandal

Geordie Shore star, Gary Beadle, has been surrounded by controversy lately and it seems that it's not going away any time soon.

The reality TV regular has found himself at the centre of an alleged drug scandal today as the Daily Star claims to have uncovered private Twitter messages between Gaz and an unnamed friend in which Gary admits to taking MD.

The messages were supposedly sent a few months back when Gaz was in Thailand filming Ex On The Beach with MTV, and suggest that Gaz ditched his chaperone the night before filming to go on a bit of a bender.

In the messages, the womanising Geordie tells his friend – who seems to be a fellow EOTB cast member – that he's at a beach rave, before warning the friend to "say nothing".

In a later message he says he's "off his t*ts" and when asked whether he's on pills or drunk, Gaz replies: "Gear md".

His openly jealous friend then tells him to "have a line" on his behalf.

Gaz apparently went to party in a different hotel afterwards and missed the next day of filming.

Earlier today his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby retweeted a link to the drugs story before quickly deleting it and instead writing the word "SHADDDEEEEEE”.

This is the second drug-related incident Gaz has allegedly been involved in this year as five months ago a video of him snorting an unknown white substance off a Ferrari key was leaked to the media.