We were glued to our screens for the ups and downs of the romance formed between Jordan Davis and Megan McKenna on the third season of MTV's Ex on the Beach. 

And we couldn't believe it that the pair actually stayed together for months after the show before calling it quits in December. 

And now Megan McKenna has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and according to the Sun, Jordan is less than impressed with the advancements of the Geordie Shore ladies man, Scotty T. 

"Jordan has the same behind the scenes team as Scott and told them to make sure he knows how explosive things could get if he goes near Megan," sources revealed. 

"He may have had a little word with Scott in person too, but would have passed it off as a joke. In reality, he's deadly serious."

However, it appears that Scotty T plans to do whatever he wants as he openly flirted with the reality star as early as night one. 

Meanwhile, if Jordan is all that heartbroken we certainly can't tell as he posted this snap to his Twitter account yesterday. 

Either way, this love triangle is certainly going to add some delicious drama in the CBB house.