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Felicity Huffman and her husband William H Macy are two of Hollywood's elite that have been indited with partaking in a cheating scam involving getting their daughters into prestigious colleges.

They are parents to two daughters – 18-year-old Sofia and sixteen-year-old Georgia.

Felicity made a ''charitable contribution of $15,000…to participate in the college entrance cheating scheme on behalf of her eldest daughter.”

Documents also showed that Felicity made arrangements to pursue the scheme for a second time to help her younger daughter to get a into a renowned university, but she decided not to.

Felicity has been charged with federal mail fraud and Judge Alexander F. MacKinnon set her bond at $250,000.


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Lori Loughlin, star of Full House and the 90210 reboot, is also involved in the cheating scam alongside her husband Mossimo Giannulli.

Mossimo's bond was set at $1 million, secured against the couple’s home. 

Felicity and Mossimo are set to appear in court on March 29 and both have surrendered their passports to the court. 

Felicity has turned off her Instagram comments while Lori has deleted her social media accounts. 

Now I have another life lesson I can teach my daughter and prove it…

“Ivy League graduates are not smarter than you, baby…just RICHER”

Mine EARNED her place in college and works hard to keep it. For that, she will ALWAYS be able to conquer life’s challenges.

— Gaye Williams-Booker (@gayeyavon) March 13, 2019

There are 46 people charged in the largest university admissions scheme in U.S. history – others include CEOs, investors, and other elite professionals.

While Felicity was arrested, William was not charged although the prosecutor in court stated that he is a witness in the case.


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Lori was not at her home and has not yet been arrested although she along with her husband, Felicity and William, faces a single count of mail fraud in connection with the scheme.

Lori and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters into USC.

The scheme allegedly centered around William “Rick” Singer, a Newport Beach, Calif., admissions consultant, who pleads guilty in the case.

This situation is unprecedented and understandably people are angry as by buying kids places in elite universities, others who deserve it are losing out.

People took to social media and they were RAGING.

One said, ''Ashamed of you. How do you expect your kids to trust that what they've accomplished was due to their own efforts rather than you pulling strings to game them into an unbeatable advantage? I hope you do get charged, tried, convicted and sent to prison for this. #shameful.''

While another wrote, ''I have no clue how I’ll get my kids through college but hey I’m just a middle class vet. Wish I was rich so o could bribe people. You pricks make me sick. No need to worry I’m sure you’ll get probation or some shit.''

What the actual f*ck were they thinking?


We honestly cannot keep up with the drama between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, and the situation has just IMPLODED.

Brace yourselves for this rumour: Allegedly, Tristan has now cheated on Khloe with her model best friend, Jordyn Woods.

PEOPLE are reporting that the mother-of-one is "reeling" after learning the horrible news, with a source claiming; “The whole family is furious. They were blind-sided.”


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The source continued;

“Khloé found out yesterday about Tristan and Jordyn," illustrating that the entire family are "beyond angry and disgusted" with her, understandably.

Yesterday, TMZ and Hollywood Unlocked reported that the 34-year-old reality TV star and Tristan had split after yet more cheating, but this time with her younger sister Kylie's best friend.

Jordyn Woods is also part of the Good American squad, representing and even modeling for Kardashian’s clothing brand.

Khloe has yet to make a statement on the matter, but she's definitely not remaining quiet. Just one day after she was apparently informed of the news of the Cleveland Cavalier's infidelity, she responded to an Instagram post.

Hollywood Unlocked uploaded an Instagram post about her reported split from the 27-year old, and cheating with 21-year-old by posting eight mouth emojis.

Kardashian’s best friend Malika Haqq also made sure to comment, writing “STRONG FACTS" in capital lettters. Yikes, that sounds like a confirmation to us…

Image: Instagram/@hollywoodunlocked

The NBA star tweeted a response, saying, "FAKE NEWS" and denying the report, but later deleted the tweet.

He was spotted partying last weekend in Los Angeles without Kardashian, and rumours began swirling that the pair had split.

Khloe seems focused on raising their 10-month-old daughter True Thompson instead of her ex. 


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The source for PEOPLE also claims that Khloe has been focusing on herself over the last few weeks, and hasn't been seeing Tristan at all.

“Khloé has acted like she is single for a while. She is focused on herself, her daughter and their life in L.A. She isn’t spending time with Tristan. She doesn’t act like she is planning a future with him. All because she can’t trust him,” the source explained.

“She constantly hears rumours of inappropriate behaviour when it comes to Tristan. She as recently as this weekend heard that he was being inappropriate.”

The scandal apparently comes almost one year after videos leaked of Thompson acting inappropriate with other women only days before Kardashian gave birth to True, last April.

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Last week we thought Gary Beadle had finally decided to grow up when he told his ex Lillie Lexie Gregg that it’s because of her he now knows there’s more to life than partying.

But unfortunately today that hope was dashed as – during the latest episode of Ex On The Beach – Gaz officially admitted to cheating on Lillie while they were together.

When the arrival of the Geordie’s Australian ex Chrysten prompts a string of questions from Lillie, Gaz is forced to reveal his indiscretion.


been a while… Selfie

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After Lillie asks the reality star if he saw Chryten while they were visiting Oz as a couple, Gaz awkwardly tells the camera: “Lillie starts questioning me, which makes me question myself.  Then I remember. I kind of slept with Chrysten when I was with Lillie.”

Despite this admission, the 28-year-old TV personality tells Lillie: “No I didn't get with her when you were there, I slept with her a couple of years ago.”  Seriously?

Clearly having a very good understanding of her famous ex, the Lily-Beau London founder pushes: “It shouldn't be a hard thing.  You either cheated on me or you didn't.  You should know, ‘No I definitely didn't’.”


@lilybeaulondon RAW. Shop the Lola Jacket

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Failing to wiggle his way out of a desperate situation, the Gazmoji creator eventually says: “I didn't cheat on you with her.”

To which Lillie replies: “With her?  But you did cheat on me with other people? I feel like you worded that very wrong.”


Will Gary ever learn?

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There's nothing better than having a sweet treat with your morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of coffee.

And whether you like to sneak a snack in daily (oops!) or just fancy having one every now and again, it's an indulgence like no other.

Here at Shemazing! HQ, we love a little goodie, so we've come up with our top 5 favourite treats to have with our cuppa joe:

Chocolate biscuit slice:

If we're being very naughty, we love a good chocolate biscuit cake slice. The gooey delicious chocolate mixed with the crunch of the biscuit is just too good. Pair that with coffee and you're in heaven.


Jacob's Caffe Di Milano:

The latest to Jacob's, the Caffe Di Milano range is unreal. The Italian style wafer (which is so light you wouldn't belive) mixed with your choice of either chocolate, hazelnut or vanilla filling is perfect to go with your cup of coffee or tea. You'll make your way through a whole pack and won't even notice.


A doughnut:

For days when we're really bold, there's nothing better than making our way through a juicy doughnut. Especially lately when we're spoiled for choice in Dublin, a doughnut is the perfect cheat day treat. YUM. 


Biscuits (ALL the biscuits):

If you haven't noticed already we're obsessed with biscuits. Whether it's a plain biscuit, a chocolate biscuit or basically just anything to do with a biscuit, we're there. We're SO there.



Cupcakes in all shapes and sizes are just the BOMB. Icing, no icing, filling, fruit, cream – there's so many combinations and something to suit everyone in the office. Each one is a little bit different and that's why we love them. Also… lots of sugar. 


Vegetarianism: it's cited as a sure-fire way to lose weight, live longer AND help the environment.

But not all veggies are created equally, it seems. 

In fact, an alarming number of herbivores are actually tucking into meat-treats while drunk.

The exact number? More than ONE THIRD.

Yes, 37 percent of vegetarians in one recent survey admitted that they're not so strict once they've had a few drinks.

The study, carried out by VoucherCodesPro and involving some 1,800 respondents, also discovered that the most popular cheat for wayward vegetarians was kebab meat, followed by burgers, rashers, fried chicken and sausages.

Although, an astonishing seven out of 10 never disclose their indiscretions to others.

VoucherCodesPro boss George Charles said in response: "It's important for friends of these 'vegetarians' to support them when drunk and urge them not to eat meat as I'm sure they regret it the next day."

Previously, another US-based study showed that American vegetarians are just as bad: 84 percent of them stray on ocassion too.



When 17-year-old Becky Connery found texts from another girl on her boyfriend’s phone, she knew something had to be done about it. So she got in touch with the girl he’d been texting, and together they found his THIRD girlfriend through Facebook.

The three girls then decided to confront Charlie, their cheating boyfriend, as he got off his plane at Luton airport – we WISH we could have been there, but at least one of the girls Becky shared a snap of the moment on Instagram:

Becky spoke to reporters after to explain what happened:

“I just wanted to see his face when all three of us were in the same place.

“He came out and froze. We started calling him a cheat and a liar really loudly. He didn’t have anything to say.”

When Charlie called in sick to work the next day, Becky defended her actions saying:

We know it’s not nice to publicly humiliate anyone – but we find it very hard to have any sympathy for Charlie considering what he’d been up to. Go girls!



TV Presenter Lorraine Keane has admitted that if she were to cheat on her husband, her first choice wouldn’t be George Clooney or Colin Farrell – it’d be Paul Rudd!

“I love him, you’d have great fun with him. I’m not a George Clooney person.”

She’d also give Leonardo Dicaprio a go, because he’s 6’4”: “Every Hollywood star is up to my shoulder and I’ve met enough of them, all the men are tiny. He’s a real man and beautiful.”

Hmm, we wonder if anyone has told her that Paul Rudd is only 5’9”? Still, his sense of humour would probably make up for what he’s lacking in stature!

These guys better be on their best behaviour if they ever run into Lorraine, as she hasn’t got any time for people with bad manners:

“Bad manners, there’s no excuse for it. People who are rude or full of themselves or think they are better than anybody else: I hate that."

“They say that often the most famous people are the most low-key… Bono is such a gentleman. He obviously has to have his stage persona and would have a big ego when he’s on stage because that’s part of the performance."

“But in real life, he actually has no ego, he’s just such a nice person. And yet you’d interview boy bands who haven’t even had a hit yet, they’ve just been formed and they’re little upstarts. You feel like saying, ‘Good luck! I hope it keeps fine for you!’ My mother always said to us, there’s always room in the world for a nice person. I believe in karma, a smile and good manners will help you through life.”


Katie Price has made no secret of her recent love life drama. The former glamour model publicly announced on Twitter that her husband Kieran had been having an affair with her best friend, but is she about to take him back?



Eek – we’re not sure what to make of this latest rumour!

It has been reported that Beyoncé is cheating on her husband Jay-Z -with her bodyguard!

According to a source, Jay-Z believed something was going on between the pair romantically.

Star magazine have said that Jay-Z wanted to fire their bodyguard, Julius DeBoer, who was present in the elevator during THAT fight, but Bey said no way.

It was reported that the superstar singer said: “Julius isn’t going anywhere.”

Uh oh, we really hope that these two can pull through, there’s no doubt it’s been a tough year so far.

Hopefully they can work things out before their join On The Run tour starts!


Watch as this upstanding gentleman shows us how to get into a game for free. These useful tips can also be applied in other areas of your life.



Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jasmine Waltz has accused her ex-boyfriend Lee Ryan of cheating on her with a man.

The American actress and the pop singer recently ended their two-month fling in dramatic fashion and now it seems the drama is set to continue with much very public mudslinging.

31-year-old Jasmine claimed to have dumped the Blue singer for being a “deluded screw-up” and has now taken to Twitter to vent her suspicions that Lee cheated on her with a man.

The reality TV star said the real reason for the split was, “he cheated on me with a MAN!” before urging her ex to admit he was gay.

“Wish this was a joke. Living a lie and dragging other people into your life is selfish and disgusting.. #bereal #manup,” she added.

At the weekend, Jasmine had said Lee had wanted to marry her but added that being in a relationship with him was “emotionally draining.”

“Lee would not stop talking about himself and his career. It was Lee, Lee, Lee, non-stop,” she said.




These shocking cheating scandals rocked the celeb world in a major way!

5. Arnold Scwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
Arnie fathered a child with a member of his hosuehold staff. Wife Maria filed for divorce a month after the shocking revelation.


4. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
Sandra filed for divorce from Jesse after their five year marriage following allegations of his cheating.


3. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian
This cheating scandal was more than vocalised by Eddie’s now ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. LeAnn and Eddie met and fell in love on the set of a movie while they were both married.


2. Jude Law and Sienna Miller
Sienna broke up with Jude following his affair with the nanny. The two later reconciled but it wasn’t to be and they broke up shortly afterwards.


1. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
The end of real-life Bella and Edward came about when Kristen was caught by the papparazzi cheating on boyfriend Robert with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Saunders. The two later got back together and are now broken up.