Charlotte reveals the ONLY reason she’ll ever return to Geordie Shore

Since Charlotte Crosby quit the Geordie Shore house, she has been adamant that she will never, ever return.

And not only does she want to leave the reality series behind forever, she wants her fans to do so as well.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail Australia, the blonde beauty said: "People will still watch it without me, they won't just stop – but I hope they do. I hope everyone stops watching it.


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"It's a definite no. It's over now. I've left. I can't just go back willy-nilly," she said.

However, her tune changed when when her former flame Gary Beadle was mentioned.

When asked if she would go back on the show if her relationship with Gaz was still going strong, Charlotte gave a very enthusiastic, "yes."

She then said that she'd never rule out an appearance for a tenth anniversary special – if it ever happens.

So you never know, we might see her back someday in the future!