Seriously?! Shock as Gaz makes a BIG decision on Geordie Shore


Ten minutes in the Geordie Shore house and we'd be calling for back up, so there's no doubt that the lads and lasses from Newcastle are made of sterner stuff than us.

But it looks like the strain of the current season is finally taking its toll on original cast member, Gaz Beadle, if the latest escapades of the housemates are anything to go by.

In an episode which is due to air tonight, Gaz can be seen feeling the pressure before ultimately deciding to heave-ho and turn his back on the house…for now, anyway.

Speaking to co-star, Aaron, the 28-year-old Geordie said: "I’m literally just going to f**k off. I just need to go and get my head straight."

The decision came after a distraught Charlotte attempted to a make a move on her former flame despite knowing he was loved-up with Lillie Lexie Gregg at the time.

Aaron was clearly STUNNED by Gaz's reaction to the never-ending drama, telling the camera: "We all know Gaz has got a heart of stone, but I’ve never seen him this stressed"

In fairness, Gaz normally manages to keep his cool in spite of the chaos, so we're with Aaron when he says: "I’m just hoping that kid comes back through that door."

Charlotte, who recently hinted that her time on the Geordie Shore journey may be reaching its end point, was devastated that Gaz didn't involve her in his thought process.

“I hope he’s alright. Can’t believe that Gary is gone without even saying bye." she said.

In fairness Char, you were in the middle of a punch-up at the time….