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According to emerging reports, Dublin model, Jeremy McConnell, has been given a 20-week suspended sentence after being found guilty of assaulting former partner Stephanie Davis.

In addition to the suspended sentence, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant has been given a three-year restraining order and must complete 200 hours of unpaid community service.

The 27-year-old must also pay £1,000 in costs as well as compensating Stephanie a further £1,000.

While Stephanie, who is mother to the pair's eight-month-old son, did not appear in court for the sentencing, a statement was read out on her behalf which sough to highlight the impact Jeremy's assault has had on her life.

"This incident has made me feel a nervous wreck; every time I hear a loud noise I panic. This has made me feel severe anxiety and depressed," read the statement.

"I feel like I'm drowning, like I have to justify everything I do and I question myself constantly because Jeremy has denied everything."

Stephanie recently took to social media to share her feelings over the destructive relationship she shared with Jeremy who she met on the reality TV show in January 2016.

"He was found guilty, for a reason," Stephanie wrote. "He destroyed my life and took away my happiness, and if anything comes from me being in the public eye and some saddo selling videos of me for a bit of cash when someone's at there lowest says more about them than me."

"I don't know HOW I'm standing, but I am. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! I will NEVER again be treated the way I was," Stephanie added.

The assault took place in March of this year – three days after Jeremy's father's funeral took place.



Stephanie Davis has taken to Instagram to share some tragic news with her fans and followers. 

According to a post uploaded tonight, the 24-year-old Celebrity Big Brother contestant has suffered a miscarriage of her second pregnancy with Jeremy McConnell. 

Stephanie has put the miscarriage down to stress which she feels was caused by Jeremy's treatment towards her, and graphically said that he 'killed' their unborn child. 


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'To lose a child is something I hope no one EVER goes through. The grief and pain is UNBELIEVABLE . Words CANNOT describe. My heart is BROKEN,' she begins the heartfelt post. 

'I lost my baby due to the stress Jeremy put me under, history repeating its self after carrying Caben alone for 9 months while he goes out with women and partying and posting pictures on purpose when I was in hospital and nearly lost Caben on several occasions.'

'How evil someone can be to the mother of their child with revenge porn etc the list goes on, hitting me and setting up paps to take pictures of him on date whilst I'm carrying his child…. cheating on me and treating me like I'm not even human I have No words! Evil. He ruined my life and killed our child!'


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Stephanie goes on to make a series of accusations about Jeremy's pastimes, which according to Stephanie's list are allegedly dubious.

'For that I can never forgive him!! He knew I was pregnant and has never ONCE again asked about his unborn child OR asked how Caben is, he's been to busy out on benders and spending money on drink and drugs and getting women to lick his nipples.'

She also claims that he has not contributed financially to their son's life: 'He's not paid ANYTHING towards Caben since he was born. He doesn't care about his child, he was simply a trophy child to him.'

Referencing the recent court hearing, during which Jeremy was found guilty of assaulting Stephanie, she said: 'He was found guilty, for a reason. He destroyed my life and took away my happiness, and if anything comes from me being in the public eye and some saddo selling videos of me for a bit of cash when someone's at there lowest says more about them than me.'

'I hope to help women of domestic violence, to stop what happened to me to other women.


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'I would like to Grieve for my child, find strength and move on. I walked into that court with my head held high after he laughed and goaded me, and I continue to be strong, be a good mum to my son and if ANYTHING has come from my horrific ordeal, to help those who have been in my shoes and help give them the hope, that there is light at the end.'

'I don't know HOW I'm standing, but I am. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! I will NEVER again be treated the way I was. 

'Thank you to domestic violence for helping me and building me back up. It may seem mad what's in the press and a lot not 100% true about me, to deal with it in real life and in the public eye has been soul destroying, but thankfully I'm here to tell the tale. Mummy Loves u little one,' she finished. 


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Stephanie is due in court later this year to face charges of Grievous Bodily Harm against Jeremy. 

Jeremy was, this week, found guilty of assault against Stephanie. 

Stephanie attested that Jeremy placed her in a headlock, pushed her, bit her arm and grabbed her face while verbally abusing her and accused her of infidelity. 

Jeremy will be charged later this week. 


Reality TV star, Jeremy McConnell will appear in court today charged with assaulting his on-off girlfriend and mother of his child, Stephanie Davis.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant will stand trail at Liverpool Magistrates' Court and this will be the first time the infamous couple have been face-to-face since June this year.

The alleged incident took place at a property in Rainhill, Merseyside, on March 10.

At a previous court appearance on May 10, Jeremy, 27, pleaded guilty to charges of criminal damage but denied assault by beating.

Originally from Swords, Co Dublin, the Irish model first met the Hollyoaks actress when they both appeared as contestants on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015.

Since then, the couple have made headlines for their rocky on-again off-again relationship.

They also welcomed a baby boy, Caben-Albi, in January 2017.


In the aftermath of a violent altercation with Stephanie Davis, Jeremy McConnell has revealed that the former Hollyoaks actress is pregnant.

Jeremy, who is the father of Stephanie's nine-month son Caben-Albi, has spoken out about the brawl which led to Stephanie's arrest in recent days.

According to numerous reports, 27-year-old Jeremy insisted the fight took place after Stephanie revealed she was expecting again.


Missing these twomy babies x them sunglasses

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"She just told me that she was pregnant. I was pretty shocked as it wasn't planned, but to be honest I was excited," the former Celebrity Big Brother star said.

"She told me that she was going to have a scan at the hospital later that afternoon. The pregnancy was not planned and given our history together took me by surprise. I was pleased, but still in a bit of a shock."

Jeremy went on to explain that his surprise over Stephanie's decision to smoke and drink inspite of her pregnancy led to the altercation in Enfield. north London.

"We were in the pub and having a few drinks. I had two or three and so did Steph which I thought was off as she was pregnant. She was also smoking and I told her a pregnant woman should not drink and smoke."


My hun

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According to the Dublin-born reality star, Stephanie flew into a rage after she returned to the hotel they had chosen to stay at.

"When she came back to the hotel room she just flew at me. She was screaming and shouting and being abusive. She would not listened and for five to ten minutes just kept screaming at me.' 

Jeremy explained that Stephanie attacked him with a wooden post from the bed, but he refused to retaliate.

"But I swear I never laid a finger on her. I do not hit women and do not hit pregnant women. I did not touch her. Any marks that she has on her are self inflicted. I did not lay a finger on her.' 

24-year-old Stephanie was brought to hospital after being bailed from Enfield Police station while Jermey suffered a broken nose, fractured eye socket and concussion during the alleged assault. 



Stephanie Davis has been arrested in London.

The former actress was arrested on suspicion of "grievous bodily harm" after a fight broke out between her and her on/off boyfriend, Jeremy McConnell.

According to The Mirror, Steph was in London to film Big Brother's Bit on the Side, when officers were called to the hotel she was staying at.


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Police told the publication that they were called to the hotel at 11pm on reports of assault.

Steph and Jeremy's six-month-old son Caben-Albi was not at the hotel at the time.

She was brought to a north London police station and still remains in custody.



The Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell saga continues, as the mum-of-one has fuelled speculation that the pair are engaged with a set of Instagram images.

Stephanie took to Instagram to show off her gorgeous new unicorn manicure, but also displayed a diamond ring on a certain finger which sparked a lot of speculation in the comments section.

Fans believe that the pair are giving their relationship another go for the sake of their son Caben-Albi, and that the ring is an engagement ring. 


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"Wedding ring?" asked one eager fan. "Engaged?" said another. 

The former actress also posted another snap to the social media site, showing herself and Jeremy doting over their son while Jeremy embraces Stephanie. 

She also captioned the snap "My Family." 

 27-year-old Jeremy is reportedly off to rehab to get help for his issues. 


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The model took to Twitter to express himself to his fans and followers.

"I just hope I can wipe a clean slate and come back with a second chance," he said, in an extensive Twitter statement. 

Stephanie also tweeted her support for Jeremy.

Stephanie Davis / Twitter

"Today is the day. I’m so proud of you for finally doing this. Do it for me and Caben but most importantly do it for yourself."

“I know you got this now. Say goodbye to your demons and start a new lease of life with happiness. I have every faith in you.”

Whether the two are actually engaged remains to be seen, but that manicure photo is definitely getting people talking. 



Stephanie Davis is said to be the alleged victim of the assault claims that have been brought against ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell. 

The model has denied any involvement with any assault. 

Very few details about the investigation are known, but Merseyside Police have released a statement confirming they are looking into the report.

"Merseyside Police can confirm a report was received of an assault at a property on Thursday 9 March," a police spokesperson told the Mirror. 

“Officers were contacted on Sunday, 12 March and an investigation into the incident is on-going."

"At this time no arrests have been made.”

"Jeremy denies any wrong doing, however he is fully cooperating with the police in their investigations,” according to Jeremy's rep. 

According to The Mirror, it’s alleged that Stephanie was forced to call the police after Jeremy began behaving "oddly."

Stephanie then raised concerns from fans over some bruises which she documented in the bath on Snapchat.

There is currently no confirmation that these bruises are connected with the alleged assault in any way. 

Jeremy has returned to Ireland to be with friends and family. 



It has been confirmed that Jeremy McConnell is being investigated for assault that took place in Liverpool last week.

The Big Brother star was over in Liverpool to visit Stephanie Davis and his son, Caben-Albi.


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Very little details about the investigation are known, but Merseyside Police have released a statement confirming they are looking into the report.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Merseyside Police can confirm a report was received of an assault at a property on Thursday 9 March.

“Officers were contacted on Sunday, 12 March and an investigation into the incident is on-going.


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They added: “At this time no arrests have been made.”

Jeremy's rep also made a statement this afternoon: “Jeremy denies any wrong doing, however he is fully cooperating with the police in their investigations.”



2016 was certainly a dramatic one for Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell.

From NSFW scenes on Celebrity Big Brother, to cheating rumours and then Steph's pregnancy, they were certainly kept going.

Last week saw the pair reunite for the sake of their son Caben-Albi, and it looks like they're getting on better than ever after numerous Twitter spats.

However, rumours are swirling that both Stephanie and Jeremy are going to appear on the next series of Ex On The Beach, and we don't even know what to think!

Image result for steph and jeremy walking baby

According to OK!, the show's producers are doing anything and everything to nab Steph, since Jez has already signed up.

 An insider said: “MTV bosses have wanted to get Jez on the show for years but finally they’ve signed him up.

“He’s the ultimate lad, and producers know it’s a dead cert that he’ll charm the ladies, have a good craic with the boys and be a hit with viewers.

“Everyone knows he’s a bit of a ladies’ man but it’ll be astounding to see just how many exes come out of the sea for him.

Related image

“The bosses don’t want Steph to star as an ‘ex’ on the show.

"They just want her to make an appearance right at the end, to emerge out of the sea with Caben-Albi in her arms in scenes that will make this series the most shocking finale ever.

“Bosses have said ‘we must get her, whatever it takes’," they added.



After so many months of back-and-forth online slanging matches with Stephanie Davis, Jeremy McConnell has acknowledged that he is the father of her child.

The tattooed Irish model posted a cute picture of baby Caben-Albi George Davis for the first time on both Twitter and Instagram.

 Happiest man alive, my new focus," he captioned the snap.

Jeremy and Stephanie had a tumultuous nine months, after splitting up due to Jeremy's cheating.

While Stephanie was pregnant, Jeremy denied being the father of the child in a since deleted tweet.

Jeremy went on This Morning to clear the air earlier this week, and said that he would be delighted to be the father of Caben-Albi and proceeded to have his DNA swabbed for paternal testing. 

Stephanie posted a statement against Jeremy, denying that he had attempted to be in Caben-Albi's life since the birth. Since Jeremy has posted those snaps, her statement has been deleted from her Twitter.

We hope that for Caben-Albi's sake the two are ready to move on and be civil



After what felt like the longest pregnancy in history, Stephanie Davis finally gave birth to her little boy Caben-Albi on January 13.

The alleged father of the child, Irish model Jeremy McConnell, has spoken out about Stephanie's actions since the birth after a dramatic and turbulent nine months, and has undergone a DNA test on live TV.

The Irish model and former Mr. Ireland underwent the DNA test on This Morning, and if Stephanie agrees to the test, the results could be completed in as little as 24 hours. 

"I never said the baby wasn’t mine, all I said was that there was a doubt because she was with other men in the first two weeks of April," Jeremy told The Sun. 

“I do believe I am the father. I want the baby to be mine, I can see a resemblance."


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However the model is less than impressed with Stephanie's attitude since the birth, and has accused her of "parading him around like he was the FA Cup," and using the situation to gain fame and fortune. 

"Stephanie is living off me and the baby, simple,” he said. 

"I did the right thing not getting back with Stephanie when I found out she was pregnant. It was toxic and I wouldn't put the baby at risk," he told This Morning presenters.

"My responsibility is with the baby after he was born. I don't owe anything to her."

Hopefully these two can sort out their differences soon, for Caben-Albi's sake. 



After what seemed like the longest pregnancy since the beginning of time, Stephanie Davis has given birth to her first child.

Apparently, she spent 48 hours in labour and welcomed a little baby boy into the world on Friday.

Sharing her thoughts on what she's going to name the baby, Stephanie wrote on her OK! Magazine blog: "I’ve picked my boy’s name! It’s not Albi but that will definitely be a middle name!"


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Albi was her grandfather's name, and she previously spoke out about wanting to name her son after him.

She continued: "I’m going to keep it a secret for now, but I will say it’s something different – I’ve not heard it before! It’s like a movie star name.

"We got it when I was getting chatted up with my friends recently, and he said his name when he left – we just all looked at each other and knew, so thanks to him."


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Meanwhile, the suspected father of her son, Jeremy McConnell, spoke about Stephanie giving birth to The Sun and said he'd be there for her if he is the father.

"I am delighted that Steph has safely had the baby, of course if he is my son I will absolutely step up and do what I can to support him."

It'll be interesting to see how this all works out!