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If you're anything like us, you adore PrettyLittleThing – and it has some fabulous autumn collections in tow. We were so excited to see their debut.

Their End of Summer bash last week was themed pink and the party was definitely embracing it, with eye-catching sparkly disco tops and pink furry dresses dotted throughout the crowd.

And what a crowd it was.

From designers to popstars, the guest list was hot and they mingled together, sipping vodka cocktails and nibbling on bite-size treats.

The Saturdays singer and fashion designer Vanessa White was there looking gorgeous, and eager to share about her insider fashion tips and what she’s looking forward to for A/W 18.

When it comes to what’s next for A/W 18, it was all about relaxed vibes.

“I’m a big fan of athleisure vibes, whether that’s in the day or even in the evening with a pair of heels and a nice bag. So I’m looking forward to seeing what the new key AW18 athleisure and co-ord pieces.”

Rocking a fabulous pink shell suit skirt, she spilled on how to get the perfect Insta snap.

‘’Lighting is always key,’’ she said. ‘’I’m also a big fan of plants. The more the better.’’

Her must-have travel accessory? “I have an old-school leather Miu Miu bum-bag that I tend to take everywhere with me and it’s great because it goes with really casual outfits but also looks great with more glam styles.”

The designer did warn against trying to follow new fashion trends too hard. Instead, she suggests that one should dress to suit her body type and style.

“I just always think it’s best to wear things that suit you, rather than just following a trend. If you naturally wear styles that are really hot in terms of trends, then that’s just a bonus."

Also, present at the event were TOWIE stars Chloe Sims and Vas J. Morgan. Both British celebrities have signed to go on Celebs Go Dating this year.

The two have been ‘best mates’ for a while now and are excited to support each other during their dating experience.

Chloe dished about the type of guy she will be looking for on the show, saying the mystery man must be “as cool as Vas.”

“I’m not being short-ist, but I want someone as tall as Vas. So they’ve got to be tall, have a bit of game, and have a bit of banter,” she revealed.  

“They’ve got to be me basically,” Vas laughed. “Just the hetero-version.”


GANG . Filming with @vasjmorgan & my little @joeyessex. Dress – @houseofcb

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When asked if she had any dating advice for other mums or women, Chloe replied, “if I’ve got agents speaking to my husband I definitely can’t advise anyone. Go on Celebs Go Dating! I haven’t got any advice.

“I’m rubbish at dating basically. I’m rubbish with men unless they’re gay. […] I’ve got a daughter and I’m blessed.

“But I haven’t got a boyfriend. We’ll see, maybe by October it might be different.”

Influencers and models enjoyed the event, looking stunning in their PLT pieces. Like Vanessa, we seriously can’t wait for the new autumn line.

If you’re looking for a drop-dead gorgeous summer outfit or the perfect pink crop top and trouser set, PrettyLittleThing’s website is the only place you should be checking out.


You never know what someone is going through.

Poor Megan McKenna was targeted by trolls as they attacked her appearance.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Megan was battling with a secret medical condition.


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The former TOWIE star was now clapped back at the haters and revealed her struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

IBS can bring a lot of complications, which includes severe bloating and weightloss. 

Megan has opened up about how IBS has been wrecking havoc on her own body and how 'vile' trolls are.


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In an interview with MailOnline, Megan spoke about the body shaming.

The 25-year-old explained: "I didn’t know what it was and people were really criticising me, saying you look anorexic, you look skeletal, it’s disgusting’.

"It annoys me that people think they have the right to say it to me or have the right to call someone fat. The trolls online are vile".


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Megan detailed that her condition was only recently diagnosed last year, and she has been "dealing with it in private."

The TV personality went onto explain the reality of living with IBS.

"When I get really bloated my belly can swell up to the point where I literally look two months pregnant."

"I can go from that extreme, to having a really bad belly and losing weight – because if you can’t keep [food] down, how are you going to keep it on?", she added. 


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common condition and it affects the digestive system.

It can be a lifelong problem which can cause bloating and stomach cramps.

Diet changes and medicines can often offer some relief to symptoms.

If you're concern that you may have IBS, talk to your doctor. 

Ignore the haters, we think Megan is FAB. 


Huge congratulations are in order as Jacqueline Jossa has welcomed her second child. It is understood that she gave birth to her baby girl.

According to Ok! Magazine, Jacqueline and reality star Dan Osborne welcomed their second daughter into the world this morning.

Jacqueline and Dan also share three-year-old daughter Ella together.

The actress revealed that she was expecting her second child at the beginning of the year, admitting that she was stunned when she found out she was pregnant. 

"We both started laughing when the test was positive. We hadn’t been trying so it was a huge shock. I think I’m still getting my head around it,” the former Eastenders star admitted.

The parents have been through quite a rocky period as of late, with Dan moving out of their family home. However, Jacqueline said the dad is making an effort.

“We’re spending time together and seeing how things go. Dan hasn’t moved back in, but we’re seeing what happens,” she shared.

The mum-of-two added: “He’s here a lot helping with Ella and he’ll be hands-on when the baby arrives. We’re getting on at the moment and that’s the most important thing to us.”

We can’t wait to find out what name Jacqueline and Dan pick for their daughter.


It's looking like the entire cast of TOWIE is walking out the door.

And the latest to bid farewell to the series is Carol Wright.

The Daily Star has claimed that the 57-year-old has decided to follow in the footsteps of her children and best friend, Debbie Bright, who left the show earlier this year.


A post shared by Carol Wright (@carolwright1) on

A source told the publication: “Carol lost her mum a few years back, her kids Mark and Jess have both left the show and now her best pal has followed them out of the door.

“Carol isn’t ruling out making the odd cameo if called upon but with Debbie leaving she’s doesn’t feel like she has a place on the show any more.”


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The Wright family have been regulars on the show since its beginning, and many are speculating that the series will have to alter its "mechanics" since the last of them has turned her back on the programme.

Will you miss Carol being on TOWIE?



Rumours have been circulating that Little Mix's Jesy Nelson has been secretly seeing The Only Way is Essex star Chris Clark.

Now, the singer has confirmed the rumours by posting this very telling snap on Instagram.


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Posing for the camera, the pair share a kiss that has been liked over 220,000 times. 

The reality TV star flew to America to support the Little Mix singer on her current tour, as showcased in Jesy's caption "9 hours later."

There has been speculation about their relationship after Chris shared a snap of the couple three weeks ago.


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"I don't want this girl to go back America tomorrow!" he captioned the shot.

 Jesy split up from her fiancé Jake Roche last year, and is clearly very happy with her new beau. 



Marnie Simpson was partying yesterday – and footage captured in the early hours of the morning has some fans seriously concerned.

The Geordie Shore star was out in Shropshire's Inferno nightclub and at one stage piled into a toilet cubicle with a gaggle of three mates. 

A fellow reveller spotted the reality TV personality and filmed over the top of the door while Ms Simpson was locked inside.

The resulting footage seems to show the 24-year-old Celebrity Big Brother contestant holding a phone with a line of white powder on the back of it. As she realises she's being filmed, she quickly hides the item and screams "Oh my god!" 

The video was originally posted to Facebook along with a caption that claimed: "We saw Marnie off Geordie Shore sniffing the beak," but has since been removed by the original owner. The Mirror is carrying the footage here

Marnie's people are refusing to comment on the matter, but the star herself did take to Twitter to acknowledge that she was suffering after a night of partying. 

Inferno was at the time packed to capacity with Miss Simpson making a personal appearance alongside boyfriend Lewis Bloor, Towie's Chris and Jon Clark, and Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson.

The popular event had been promoted as a "Boxing Day Reality TV Special".


After weeks of speculation, it looks like Geordie Shore's Aaaron Chalmers and TOWIE's Lauren Pope have finally gone public with their relationship.

The rumour mills began spinning earlier this year when Lauren alluded to the fact she found the Newcastle lad more than a little easy on the eye.

Speaking to New magazine in May, she explained that she had crossed paths with the Geordie lad that month, and had herself a whale of a time altogether.

"I was DJing at a club and he was there," Lauren explained. “We had a very funny, drunken night. We went to bed at 6am!"

Not content to leave it there, Lauren added: "I think Aaron is the hottest on the show and my type is tattoos and a beard, so he fits the bill."

And it sounds like Lauren's comments must have done the trick as it seems the pair are a fully-fledged couple these days.

Heading along to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland in recent days, the reality stars were reportedly all about the public displays of affection – something which bystanders were only too happy to discuss.

"It was a very romantic date, they were holding hands throughout," an onlooker revealed. 

“They looked completely loved up and really enjoyed the day out," they added.

Well sure look it, tis the season and all.


When it comes to the world of celebrity, there is a very distinct hierarchy.

And unfortunately for many British reality TV show stars, they often get a fairly hefty dose of… well… reality when they realise that not everybody who appears on television is held in the same regard.

Venting about this issue in her column for Star magazine, The Only Way is Essex cast member, Chloe Sims, expressed confusion over the fact she was denied entry to a club because an Olympic medallist was already inside.

Eager to highlight the 'downsides' of fame, Chloe wrote: "Once I got told I wasn’t allowed in because Usain Bolt was there. What’s that got to do with me?’"

34-year-old Chloe insists her role on the ITVBe reality show often means she's judged unfairly by the general public – something which apparently sometimes wreaks havoc on a night out.

"I've been refused entry to a nightclub three times because I’m on the show', she complained.

Don't worry Chloe, there's still always Marbs.



Billie Faiers is looking forward to the birth of her second child and has now revealed that she's expecting a baby boy.

The former TOWIE star broke the news of her pregnancy in September and admitted that she's even  more excited now that she knows she's having a boy.

The 26-year-old told OK! that she was shocked when her nurse told her the good news.

"She checked a few times so it’s definitely a boy, We can’t stop smiling. Greg got quite emotional, but he’s over the moon.

At 22-weeks pregnant, Billie is already sporting a gorgeous baby bump, but says she won't be taking any advice from her sister, Sam, when it comes to picking a baby name.

"We want to see him first but we love traditional names like Edward and George. I definitely won’t be naming him ‘baby Greg’ like Sam’s baby Paul.

"We might make the middle name Gregory, but it won’t be a first name."

We're delighted for Billie and her hubby Greg.


Ever since she appeared on Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother, there's been no denying Megan McKenna's fiery temper.

And it doesn't look that her experience in the public eye has done anything to rein it in if a recent Twitter outburst is anything to go by.

After sharing a snap of herself sipping on a drink while propping up a bar, the Essex-native tweeted: "Doing what I do best."

And while the post racked up likes from die-hard TOWIE fans, some Twitter users used the post to reference the star's messy relationship with fellow reality star Pete Wicks.

"Really? Coz Pete said you don't drink?" wrote one while another added: "Not according to Pete!"

"All you've done is drink since Pete said you didn't and was boring, very sad, be you!! Not what he wants," remarked yet another.

Instead of ignoring the remarks, Megan went off on one and replied: "You don't f*cking no me! I drank before. Keep your opinion to yourself you troll. I HATE people like you!"

Proving they have the reality star's back, many of Megan's fans were quick to set the record straight… well, kind of.

"You obviously never watch Ex on the Beach," wrote one. "She's always drank." while another added: "If i remember correctly, she drank before any of this, so your point is irrelevant tbh."

Well. good to know… ahem…



Amy Childs has confirmed that she is expecting her first child with on-off boyfriend Bradley Wright.

The former TOWIE star revealed to OK! that she is 12 weeks pregnant, having reunited with Bradley in March after he was released from jail.

Amy told the magazine: “I feel so overwhelmed and I keep waking up smiling.”

“We’ve wanted a baby for so long so we’re happier than ever.”

The boutique owner explained that she had hoped to conceive before her 25-year-old partner was imprisoned for handling stolen goods, but feared she was unable to have children naturally because at the time she did not fall pregnant.

“We wanted [a baby] before Bradley went to prison but it didn’t happen,” she confessed. “I didn’t think I could get pregnant.”

“We’d been together for nine months and I came off the pill [that] summer and I thought it might take me ages. I was taking folic acid but it didn’t happen.  I was really panicking.”


When the boyfriend sends you this  Thanks

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Having first met in an Essex pub in 2014, the 26-year-old reality star split with Bradley last October after discovering he had been sentenced to 16 months in jail.

Upon being released early for good behaviour, Bradley went about winning Amy back.


Can't wait for LFW this year this Saturday and Sunday Here's a throw back to last year #lfw

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For a woman so in tune with social media, it seems hard to believe that Geordie Shore's Marnie didn't anticipate the speculation which would ensue when she made the decision to delete all trace of her boyfriend Lewis Bloor from her Instagram page.

Marnie, who got together with Lewis during Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, decided to address the rumours that she and the TOWIE star had split during an appearance on Loose Women today.

Dismissing the reports that she and Lewis had called time on her romance, Marnie admitted that while they are finding their long-distance relationship difficult, they are still very much together.

"It’s really really tough just because we live so far away from each other.” Marnie admitted. "We’re working through it. It’s hard."

Acknowledging the fall-out from her social media move, Marnie appeared to regret deleting the photos, saying: "We had an argument and I went and deleted every single picture of him off Instagram.”

“I forget everyone’s looking and I thought, ‘Why have I done that?’ Like, now I’ve put so much pressure on us," she added.

And Lewis didn't help matters either after tweeting a message which appeared to suggest he was content with developments, writing: "One door closes another one opens that's how life works."

Keeping us on our toes there, guys.