Charlotte Crosby hints that her time is OVER on Geordie Shore


Charlotte Crosby looks set to leave Geordie Shore.

The reality star recently said that she wants to see it through until the end, but while on This Morning today, said she's having doubts about that statement.

While Holly and Phillip quizzed her on her future plans, Char confessed that she wasn't sure about the show.

"When you say move away from Geordie Shore what do you mean? The show or the people?," asked Phillip.

"I think in time I'm going to have to…" Charlotte replied, but then Phillip quizzed for more info: "You said recently you want to see it through to the end, have you changed your mind?

"I kind have had," she said, "I haven't made me mind up yet. But I'm feeling that way."

We hope she doesn't leave, we'll miss all of her antics on the show!