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Yesterday, the news broke that Pete Wicks had been texting flirty messages to his former flame Jacqui Rylan, and Megan McKenna is seething about it.

She took to Twitter in the early hours of this morning to voice her opinion on the drama.



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"That b***h had enough press off me for the day."

Earlier, she wrote: "Feel sorry for me do ya? Why didn't you personally contact me then you fame hungry brass. I've seen it all."


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Pete and Megan were on holiday in Marbella but after the scandal broke, Pete was sent packing.

An insider told The Sun: "He is being sent home early. There is so much drama on set right now and they are hoping this will ease the tension."

Megan has also deleted all pictures of Pete from social media.


Uh-oh, there's trouble in TOWIE paradise.

Just when we thought everything was going swimmingly with Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks, it looks like he's been up to no good behind her back.


Thanks for an amazing birthday @p_wicks01 

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The reality star has allegedly sent a string of flirty text messages to his ex-fling Jacqui Ryland, who he dated briefly at the beginning of this year.

Jacqui told The Sun: "The conversation just started back up and before you knew it the old Pete was back being flirty.


Squeeze that booty

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"I just feel really sorry for Megan. Clearly she is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and I think he could potentially really hurt her."

The mum-of-three told the newspaper that Pete was texting her while he was on holiday with Megan, and told her, "I want to get home to be honest."


I see you.

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We bet Megan won't be too happy about this.



We are total dog lovers here in Shemazing HQ, so we are honestly sad when something bad happens to our furry friends.

Earlier today, Pete Wick announced his dog, Ernest, had passed away.

The TOWIE star took to Instagram to share a snap of himself with his "best friend."

Pete captioned the photo: “Words can't describe how heartbroken I am to have suddenly lost one of the best things to have ever come in to my life. 

“My boy Ernest wasn't just a dog to me, he was my best friend. Things will never be the same. 

“I’m thankful to him for teaching me a lot about myself and everything about unconditional love. 

“He will always be in my heart. R.I.P Ernest #Wolfpack.”


Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks' relationship on TOWIE has been a rollercoaster of sorts over the past few weeks.

And now, Megan's fans are in uproar because they think Pete has totally overstepped the mark in his latest Instagram photo.

The reality star shared a cute picture of the couple cuddling up together, but it was the caption that caught everyone's attention.


My favourite time…when she's asleep @megan_mckenna_

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"My favourite time… when she's asleep," he wrote on the photo of Megan lying on his shoulder.

But even if this was meant to be a joke, Megan's fans took it hard. One wrote on the picture, "WHY… Cause she's asleep and can't talk?", while another said, "He comes across as a d*ck."

Another fan jumped to Megan's side and said, "He's turning into an idiot, while another wrote, "This fella is the ultimate gobsh*te."

Ah Pete, you didn't do yourself any favours there.



It may only have been a few months since Megan broke it off with her Ex on the Beach co-star Jordan Davis, but it seems Megan McKenna is wasting no time on the romance front. 

The Celebrity Big Brother star, who was flirting up a storm with Scotty T in the house, has pretty much confirmed her relationship with The Only Way is Essex lad Pete Wicks. 

And how did she confirm it? By flaunting it all over social media of course! 

The star has been posting cute snaps to all forms of social media in the past few days and seems just delighted to be official with her new fella. 

It is likely that the hot new couple met on the set of TOWIE as the mouthy star is set to make a cameo appearance in the show's 200th episode. 

"Pete never falls in love, but is totally bowled over by Megan. He is completely smitten and treats her like a princess," a source told the Sun. 

"He's had the hots for her ever since he saw her in CBB – and not even her mammoth tantrums put him off."

And now that the pair are official, it is rumoured that TOWIE execs want to make her a permanent fixture on the popular reality show. 

Megan's even been hanging out with Pete's prized pooches. 

That's relationship goals right there, we reckon.