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I love a good cry every now and then. Sometimes all you need to do is sob to your heart's content when life gets a little overwhelming.

We may feel embarrassed or silly when we cry but fear not my friends, a study has found that crying is actually good for you.

Researchers in Japan confirmed that crying can actually make you happier. The team of researchers explained that crying can help reduce stress meaning you live a happier and calmer life.

Basically, crying is an act of self-defence against accumulating stresses.

“The act of crying is more effective than laughing or sleeping in reducing stress. If you cry once a week, you can live a stress-free life," said Hidefumi Yoshida told the Japan Times.

Hidefumi Yoshida believes watching heart wrenching movies, listening to emotional songs or reading harrowing books can help make you feel better, even when you’re a blubbering, snotty nosed wreck.

So, next time you’re having a bad day fetch the tissues, watch The Fault In Our Stars and just let the tears roll.

Having a cry is good for the soul so don’t be afraid to let the tears out after a bad day at work, after arguing with your bestie or when you're watching a tear-jerker at the cinema.

Trust me, holding back the tears is no good for you. I tried to do so in a very quiet cinema whilst watching A Star Is Born and ended up with a headache for the remainder of the day, so when you gotta cry, cry.

Don’t be ashamed about it. If scientists say it’s good for you then let the tears fall.


Lady Gaga sure knows how to handle a dodgy interviewer, but watching her absolutely roast Ryan Seacrest alive on the Grammys red carpet pre-show has us majorly cringing on his behalf.

E!'s Ryan Seacrest interviewed Gaga alongside her Shallow co-writers Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, and Anthony Rossomando, and it got painfully awkward way too fast.

He first congratulated the songstress on her Grammy win for Best Song Written for Visual Media in the non-televised ceremony, and then asked her details about her upcoming performance at the Academy Awards with Bradley Cooper.

"Next it is the Oscars, and a live performance with Bradley Cooper," said Seacrest, before handing the microphone to the singer without asking her an actual question.

The 32-year-old star mouthed yes, that she would be singing opposite Cooper, but the Joanne artist had no interest in sharing any more information on the matter.

A microphone dance ensues which has us on the floor; come ON Ryan, step it up. We have to wonder if something happened between them before, because Gaga looks like she is the farthest thing from his fan.

"You're like, 'Answer my question, but I'm not asking one,'" joked Gaga. While the initial interaction was awkward enough for us all, the interview ended on a friendly note. Thank GAWD.

Ryan cut to commercial after the pair hugged, which looked as if Gaga just did it to finally put an end to the painful experience.

Seacrest was inquiring about the Oscars, and asked about the path to all the awards. "How long did it take to write the song?," the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host asked, referencing Shallow.

"Actually it was quick," Gaga remembered, with Mark Ronson saying it all came together within a month. We just wish that interview ended quicker…

Feature image: Glamour


Tributes are pouring in for tennis star Andy Murray after a tearful press conference addressing his possible retirement.

The former world number one has claimed that retirement is imminent following injuries which have plagued him for years, especially that of his hip.

Speaking about the upcoming Australian Open, Murray broke down in tears as he said it could be his last tournament.

The three-time Grand Slam winner has broken himself in order to keep up with arguably tennis' greatest generation, with Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer hot on his heels all the time.

Murray was emotional as he spoke about this summer's Wimbledon tournament, saying; “I'm not sure I'm able to play through the pain for another four or five months.”

The Scotsman has won the beloved British tournament twice, and wants to finish his career in the place where he won his first ever Grand Slam.

He couldn't hold back the tears at the conference, after years of intensive physiotherapy and surgeries to try and maintain his status as one of the world's top players.

"I said to my team I think I can get through this until Wimbledon – that's when I'd like to stop playing,” he said.

Tributes have been coming in fast for the player and iconic feminist, among them is one from the infamous 39-time Grand Slam winner Billie Jean King;

Fellow player and BFF Nick Kyrgios posted a touching tribute to his 'brother' and 'old friend' Andy, and our hearts legitimately shattered;

Murray has become a low-key feminist icon after consistently defending female tennis players battling the notorious sexist in the sport, such as Serena Williams.

He has argued for women's rights in the sport in numerous press conferences, and has battled sexist questions from journalists throughout his career. SLAY ANDY.

During Wimbledon in 2017, Murray called on schedulers to give women more opportunities to play on the main show courts.

Let's not forget his unreal take-down of a reporter who claimed a male player was "the first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009," even though Venus and Serena Williams as well as three other female players had achieved this.


He's also renowned for his blunt Scottish wit;

We love you Andy, never change.

Congratulations for all that you've achieved in the tennis world, you'll be remembered as one of the greats.

 andy murray trophy GIF by College GameDay



There are criers, and then there are criers.

While the former generally manage to maintain their composure unless confronted with something especially devastating, the latter have been known to cry at everything from the sight of a lone glove to the closing scene of Ghost.

And it's not that criers are drama queens (of course not), it's just that they're so full of feels they have to go somewhere… and out their eyes is as good a place as any.

Here are just 12 things any crier knows to be true.

1. The introduction of music to a potentially sad scene is your downfall

“No! No! Not Chasing Cars! I can’t do this."

2. If the person beside you starts up, you don’t stand a chance

“Oh, thanks a lot. That’s it. I’m done now.”

3. If it involves the death of an animal, you’ll have to peace out.

“I’m sorry but I’d rather put my head in the oven."

4. You have shed more tears over Grey’s Anatomy than anything in real life.

“Remember when Denny died?”

5. The fact Thomas J needed his glasses still haunts you

“He can’t see without his glasses. Put his glasses on!”

6. Video of soldiers coming home on YouTube is your go-to when you’re in need of a weep

“He's never met his baby girl? Oh, sweet Jesus."

7. You have cried over things that are actually meant to be, you know, uplifting?

“Read this WeightWatchers testimonial, girls. She's come so far!”

8. You're used to people blatantly rolling their eyes in your face when you begin getting a little choked-up.

"Sorry? Just because you're dead inside?"

9. You've found yourself holding back tears in the office after (secretly) watching a particularly heartwarming viral.

"This is not happening. This is not happening."

10. You've found yourself wondering about your loved ones who keep it together during heartwrenching movie scenes.

"Should I be scared of them? Why aren't they crying? Are they ENJOYING this sorrow?"

11. You've been known to seek out lists of things that you know will make you cry.

"This dog sits on his owner's grave every day, girls. Every day."

12. Old people make you cry, then you think of Up and then you cry even more.

"They'd decorated the nursery? I'm out of here."




If you were one of the lucky people to go to see Rihanna in concert at the Aviva Stadium last night, then you might have seen the singer get a bit overwhelmed.

While singing Love the Way You Lie, the Irish audience chanted back the lyrics to her, and it seems like it was all just a bit too much.

Seconds later, she starts tearing up, and was so emotional that she wasn't able to continue singing!

US gossip website, TMZ are stunned by the sight, but we know Irish fans have a certain charm on people.



Ever notice that after crying your eyes out watching a real tearjerker, you suddenly feel kinda exhilarated? 

Well, it turns out you're not the only one. Scientists in the Netherlands tested the effect of crying during particularly emotional films, and they discovered that it can actually have a positive effect on our emotions. 

A group of 60 adults were asked to watch two seriously weepy films, La Vita E Bella and Hachi: A Dog's Tale. The participants' emotions were then charted for the hours after the films were switched off. 

Those who shed a tear during the films (28 out of 60) felt sad initially but experienced a positive change in emotion around 90 minutes later. As for those who didn't cry, their mood remained unchanged.

"After the initial deterioration of mood following crying, it takes some time for the mood not only to recover but also to be lifted above the levels at which it had been before the emotional event,” said lead author Dr Asmir Gracanin of the University of Tilburg.

If you're in the mood for a good weepy film after reading this, here are a few we can always count on to have us in floods…

1. Marley and Me
You don’t need to be an animal person to get emotional watching this movie, which tells the story of an adorable Golden Retriever and his owners, played by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Just thinking about the ending sets us off.


2. Titanic
Don't let go, Jack… just this once, don't let go!


3. Stepmom
Equal parts funny and totally devastating, Stepmom is the perfect movie for a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea and heaps of chocolate.


4. The Fault In Our Stars
From the moment 16-year-old Hazel meets Gus at a cancer support group, it's clear this movie isn't going to have a happy ending. This was the first of John Green's novels to be adapated for the big screen, with Paper Towns in cinemas now and Looking For Alaksa soon to follow.




So the internet went a little crazy yesterday when a video of Harry Styles ‘crying’ on stage just before the Zayn announcement emerged online.

However, the release of another video shows that Harry was NOT crying because of Zayn but because he actually got hit in the face with a glowstick –ouch.

The video shows Harry in visible pain after a glowstick is launched from the crowd, making him turn around and rub his eyes, making it appear as if he is in tears. 

While we're sure Harry was heartbroken over the news that his best friend is no longer his bandmate, it does seem as if this was not the reason he was crying on stage in Jakarta. 

Perhaps fans could stick to just throwing teddy bears next time! 



Emma Roberts was spotted in floods of tears at a Comic-Con event in San Diego recently.

The young actress was being comforted by her fiancé and American Horror Story co-star, Evan Peters, as well as a female friend.

Perez reported that things got worse as the already dramatic night unfolded: “Evan left the hotel on his own while Emma was taken to another area by security.”

That certainly doesn’t sound good! The couple have been together since 2012 and became engaged in late 2013, early 2014.

However, this is not the first time Emma and Evan have encountered issues. In 2013, police were called to a domestic issue in a hotel room where Evan was revealed to have suffered a bloody nose.

Emma was arrested, but her fiancé did not press charges and the couple branded the incident: “unfortunate.”

Emma is the niece of legendary Hollywood actress, Julia Roberts. 



Two little girl’s parents have thought of the coolest way to let them know if it’s a baby boy or girl on the way. Let’s just say the two sisters have very different reactions to the news. You will be holding back tears of laughter!



A video of a Chinese politician Ryutaro Nonomura crying hysterically has gone viral. The politician is apparently incredibly sorry for making 195 trips in one year to a hot spring resorts using tax payer’s hard earned money. The politician can be seen wailing, choking on his tears as he tries to put together a semi-coherent apology.

The video to date has received mixed reviews from online commentators with some alleging he is putting on a good act!



This little boy wants pancakes so badly, he’s willing to do anything to get them. Maybe he should have put a bit more thought in to how he was going to get them. Watch the video for more!