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Tomorrow is the big day for Leaving Cert students: The results are officially IN and their time in fresh hell of exams is soon to be over.

With CAO offers coming in on Tuesday, the nerves are bound to be fully shredded by the end of the week. 

What can one do to distract oneself from the horror of exam results? Have a cheeky Nando's, of course, but on the house.


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Celebrate or commiserate with Nando's for free, if you bring your results (via paper, email or text) and a valid form of ID into one of their restaurants you can get your Peri-Peri reward.

The free lunch is available for students in the UK and Ireland on the relevant exam results day.

The special Nando's offer is a free quarter chicken or fire-starter menu item, so you don't want to miss it.

The offer runs on Tuesday, August 13 for Leaving Cert students, as well as a September date for the Junior Cert kids.


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Who doesn't want free food in exchange for the pain of examinations? The only catch is that yoou have to make a minimum spend of €7 to get the free delicious chicken.

That's definitely manageable. A whole Nando's meal with sides and a drink is normally around €20, so €7 seems like a steal.

Check a full list of all the chain's restaurants here, as well as the offer's terms and conditions. Good luck to everyone getting their results tomorrow, you'll have forgotten them in a few months!

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Getting your Leaving Cert results has to be one of the most nerve wracking experiences of your life, and while we don't condone eating your feelings, this sweet Leaving Cert deal is well worth a mention.

Seeing as we completed our Leaving Cert a longer period of time ago than we'd care to admit, this news from famous chicken restaurant Nandos has us a tad jealous.

If you are accepting your exam results this Wednesday, then Nandos wants to give you a complimentary 1/4 chicken or firestarter. 

All you have to do is show your school I.D and results, and make a minimum spend of €7.00. 

However, you have to get in there on Results Day, as the offer is only open tomorrow.

'Offer is open to students who are legal residents of Republic of Ireland,' reads the Nandos blog.

'Visit us on August 16, 2017 with your Leaving Cert results and your ID and make a minimum spend of €7.'

'Leaving Cert results need to have been received 2017.'

May the odds ever be in your favour, for both the exams and pursuits of fried chicken. 


Say hello to Peri-Peri Vusa, because it's about to blow your head off.

Nando's HQ announced today that it's releasing its hottest sauce ever in Ireland and the UK, with the aim of bringing the taste of South Africa to the menu.

Prepare yourselves: Nando's just launched their hottest sauce yet

The new sauce is combines more chillies than any other of its sauces (yep, even the extra extra hot sauce), with its original recipe of garlic, citrus and onion.

Considering that our mouths burn with the slightest touch of medium Peri-Peri sauce, we don't know how the Irish pallet is going to handle the Vusa.

It's available in Nando's restaurant nationwide from today, so please, do let us know if it blows your brains out.


Yuletide yumminess isn't usually associated with fast food, but popular chicken chain restaurant Nandos is giving us one more festive treat to look forward to this year.

Nandos is introducing it's first ever Christmas menu, complete with the ultimate cranberry sauce-laden sandwich. 

The restaurant combined two Nando’s favourites into one burger, a flame-grilled boneless chicken thigh and chicken breast fillet to complete this feat. 

Nandos explained to the Mirror that the new burger will be"served in a Portuguese roll on a bed of baby spinach, the PERi-Berry Burger is topped off with a PERi-Berry Chutney featuring cranberries, raspberries and blueberries, infused with PERi-PERi Chillies – adding warmth and heat and a touch of sparkle to occasion."

If you're starting those New Year's resolutions early the restaurant has a new carb free addition. 

The popular Peri Peri wings are getting a Christmas makeover with a tangy PERi-Orange glaze.

"Combined with Nando’s signature PERi-PERi, and available in a choice of heat levels, PERi-Orange wings are available in plates of 3, 5 or 10 wings."

The new Christmas feast will be available from November 16th all the way through to January 3rd. Perfect for those New Years day hangovers. 


This week, Nandos gave their menu a little shake up in the UK and Ireland, the first change it has seen since the restaurant made its' way over to our fair green isle.

Now, we all like a little change every now and then, but the chicken chain decided to say goodbye to a very popular burger, and people are seriously p*ssed about it.

The menu said au revoir to the Churrasco Thigh Burger and in its' place is the new Sunset Burger… but Twitter don't like it:

RIP, Churrasco!


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You'd think to woo a star like Rita Ora you'd have to go all out with the glamour – flowers, champagne, fine dining maybe?

But apparently the British singer is quite happy trade all that in for a simple cheeky Nando's!

According to The Sun, Rita was spotted in the popular restaurant with none other than Professor Green last week and the pair were reportedly looking pretty cosy as they chowed down on a portion of Peri-Peri chips.

The recently divorced rapper picked the former X Factor judge up from her East London home on Thursday afternoon before taking her for food.

And, according to a Sun source, the pair even shared a quick kiss when Rita got into the car: “Pro picked Rita up and she seemed really excited to be heading out with him. They had a friendly kiss in the car before heading off.”  Cute!

So what happens when two pretty major celebrities walk into a chain restaurant?  Well, everyone stares.

The source said:   “Inside it was really busy and people did stop and stare."

“It’s not every day two of the biggest pop stars in the country are just hanging out together in your local restaurant."

“They seemed totally relaxed and fine being somewhere down to earth. They were laughing and joking and very comfortable in each other’s company.”


Unfortunately friends close to the pair are insisting they are just old friends and that any car kissing was just to say a friendly hello.  

Rita – who was admitted to hospital for exhaustion last week – has recently been linked to her ex Calvin Harris.

Meanwhile rumours have been circulating that Professor Green has a romantic interest in our very own Vogue Williams, but Vogue told Loose Women the pair are just mates. 


We would NOT expect to find this if we went out for a cheeky Nando's. 

A woman in Manchester found a decomposed frog at the bottom of a salad she ordered in the popular chicken restaurant. 

Louise Rudd got way more than she bargained for while eating her quinoa salad on a meal out with friends. 

She took snaps of the odd looking creature that she found at the end of her meal saying: "What disgusts me the most is that I'd eaten most of the salad when I found it as it had sank to the bottom."

"It was horrendous, it was still whole and spread out. I went to the to the bathroom and was sick."

Yeah we don't blame you. 

Now, it may not seem clear from the picture, but Louise sent the evidence away to a lab where it was confirmed that it was indeed a common European frog that had invaded her meal. 

According to Nando's, it is more likely that the frog made it's way into the salad while it was being pre-packaged at the factory.

Well, at least it is good to know that Nando's is not actually char-grilling frogs instead of chicken and dousing it in piri-piri sauce for us to enjoy.