Moving made easy


Moving can seem like one of the most hectic things to do, especially around this time of year.

If you’re planning to downsize for the New Year and you’re looking for easy ways to do so, follow the tips below:

Assess your needs
Humans have a natural instinct to get attached. Whether it’s to people or things, letting go is never easy. But if you want to make moving easier, just leave behind the things you really don’t need.

Go through every single cabinet
This way you won’t move into your new place without those special treasures you kept hidden away.

Measure your furniture
The last thing you want is to end up with a bed that just won’t fit into your new room – that just means more work for you.

Sell your things
Charity is never a bad idea, but if you want to earn a few bobs to pay for moving boxes, you could always sell some items. You might even come across clothes that still have tags on them.

Move the heavy things first
Get the hard stuff out of the house first so this way you will have a better idea of where to put the smaller things.