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If you're a doughnut lover like we are then you're going to be delighted with this news. 

Aungier Danger is dominating the Dublin doughnut scene, but getting down to their locations before they sell out of Assaulted Caramels can be a struggle.


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Luckily, the Dublin establishment is now available from food delivery service Deliveroo. 

Making the announcement on Instagram stories, the confectionery connoisseurs went live on the service last night. 

Doughnut fans can order their favourite flavours in boxes of 6, 12 or 24. 


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You can choose what flavours you want to sample, or play doughnut roulette, allowing the fine people at Aungier Danger to choose which doughnuts are sent to you. 

We know exactly what we're ordering to the office for lunch…


There is nothing better than free food, that's just a fact of life. 

With our love for doughnuts, this latest news had our excitement levels rising.

Aungier Danger is known for their quirky flavours, delicious dough, and epic offers.


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Tomorrow will be no different, when the decadent delicatessen will be celebrating the opening of their new Merrion Row store with a pretty sound offer. 

Doughnuts will be free (yes, free) tomorrow morning at their new location, but you better get down their quick. 

The offer is only on from 8am to 10am after which the usual price of €3.00 per sweet treat will apply. 


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Whether you're a fan of The Dublin Deathtrap or the simpler Lemon and Poppyseed, we advise you get down there before the queue is out the door. 

We'll be setting our alarms…


Attention all donut lovers, this is not a drill!

In honour of Nile Rodgers' 65th birthday, the good folk over at Aungier Danger are giving away free donuts all day.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is listen out for the Chic songs which be played in store throughout the day.

Should you be lucky enough to hear on eof the classic tracks, you'll simply need to the words “I wanna get my Chic on,” and voila – free donut.

What more could you want?

This is a one-day-only event so be sure to get down so you better get your skates on.

Go! Go! Go!


It's the end of the month and we're all feeling the pinch in the run-up to pay day. 

However, that doesn't mean you have to hole yourself up on the couch every night eating whatever remains in the fridge. 

There are plenty of delightful, cheap or free things to try in Dublin, and here are a few of our faves: 

1. Cherry Comedy – €5.00

Cherry Comedy brings the laugher to Whelans every Monday night. 

For a very reasonable €5.00, comedy fans are treated to a line-up of both new and seasoned comedians.

Just last night, both Neil Delamere and Foil, Arms and Hog took to the stage as secret guests at the show. And did we mention that gin and tonics are only €5.00 too?


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2. Bubble Waffles at Eatyard €4.50

As if delicious confectionery wasn't enough to get you down to Eatyard, the Instagram opportunities from the Bubble Waffle Factory should seal the deal. 

A bubble waffle, for those not in the know, is a delectable dessert inspired by the street food of Hong Kong.

The factory describe themselves as creating 'a bubble waffle, filled with ice cream, fruit, sprinkles, and any topping you can dream of, all so it looks like a cone.' We're so ready for dessert before dinner…

3. The Botanic Gardens – Free

If you feel like getting lost in the beauty of nature, The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland is the place to be. 

If sprawling acres of beautful flower beds wasn't enough, the labyrinth of glasshouses is enough to keep any budding botanist enthralled for hours. 

Check out the Palm House for truly breathtaking plants you won't see anywhere else in Ireland. And the little cactus room? We could stay there forever. 

4. Aungier Danger – €3.00

Aungier Danger has become a Dublin institution. 

The store creates some of the fluffiest, most delicious pastries, many of which have a great cause behind them such as raising awareness for homelessness or abortion rights. 

Aungier Danger has a few locations dotted around Dublin, so find your closest one and get munching. We recommend the Very Berry or the Alice In Dangerland. 


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5. Women Should Be Both Seen & Heard – Free

Feel like brushing up on your feminist theory and gender equality knowledge for free?

Head down to Trinity College for the third in  a series of seminars for women and other under-represented groups, including non-binary folks, in research and academia.

The talk will focus on women making waves in the academic world, and Angela Mezzetti will lead the seminar. 

It's free, but you have to register here



Pride is upon us, with the Dublin LGBTQ Pride festival culminating today with the Pride parade and a day of festivities. 

Many Dublin institutions like Dublin Bus have taken it upon themselves to show their support to the Irish LGBTQ community, and one very popular Dublin doughnut shop has done the same. 


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Aungier Danger took to social media to share their delightful and delicious rainbow doughnuts, decked out especially for pride. 

The doughnuts don't just have rainbow icing, oh no. 

They actually have a mesmerising twisted rainbow dough inside. topped with white icing and rainbow sprinkles. 

So, if you're feeling peckish at the pride parade today, you know where to go for the perfect Insta foodie pic.

We'd be rushing down before these bad boys sell out. 


Aungier Danger is currently on the hunt for the best bakers in the business, as the ever-expanding doughnut company wants to add some new talent to its team.

Among the applications which we're sure are pouring in, was one little love note for Aungier Danger that their HR department definitely didn't miss. 

The Dublin-based doughnut delicatessen posted this picture across their social media, showing a screen grab from one confectionery fan.

The impressive email was from one daring 13-year-old, who went out on a limb to tell Aungier Danger that he or she loved their delicious doughnuts.

"I don't want to apply because I'm 13 I just really like your doughnuts," read the message.

While the doughnut fan may not have much baking experience, we think AG owe him a few freebies for reaching out. 

Who knows, maybe there is a youth ambassador position available?


Apollo House was taken over by homelessness charity Home Sweet Home last week, and has since been providing food and warm beds to some of Ireland's more vulnerable citizens.

Today, the building waits on the result of a high court hearing, after receivers of the property have ordered the homeless people and volunteers to vacate the building, which has stood empty for almost six years.

The serving of papers came just hours after Glen Hansard, Hozier and members of Kodaline performed at the building to hundreds of people who turned out in support of the "act of civil disobedience." 

Now Aungier Danger are stepping up to show their support to the cause by creating their very own Home Sweet Home doughnut.

The batch of delicious pastries will go for €5, and all proceeds will be donated to the Home Sweet Home charity. 


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Apollo House faces closure as the receivers, who were appointed by NAMA, believe there are serious health and safety concerns about the Tara Street premises and that it is unfit for residential use, according to RTE.

Today the High Court will hear that there are concerns about electricity, sanitation, water and  fire safety, and will decide whether or not to force the occupiers to vacate.


If the fit of our favourite jeans is telling us anything right now, it's that 2016 was the year of the doughnut.

And much and all as we have intentions of cutting back in the new year, it's important to remember there are another 12 days until 2017.

With that in mind, we intend to make the most out of Aungier Danger's latest pop-up in Dundrum Town Centre this week.


We're NOW OPEN IN DUNDUM ! To celebrate, say hello to our latest family member… #TheJaff Think Jaffa Cake

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A firm favourite among Dubliners, this delicious doughnut haven will be providing southsiders with a variety of deep-fried treats, but if you want in on the action, don't hang around.

The pop-up will be open from 9am until 11pm every day this week except Christmas Eve when it will shut at 6pm.


I wonder what this could mean…#fundrum #aungierdanger #tomorrow

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Oh, and did we mention they even paid tribute to the centre with a brand-new doughnut named Fundrum!?!

Love it.


If you (like countless others) need a little comforting in light of this morning's presidential result, Dublin's favourite doughnut shop have offered their services.

Taking to Instagram to share their latest creation with a very stressed public, the folk behind Aungier Danger didn't hide their disappointment over this morning's news.

"For years people over our side have always said things like 'Americans are stupid' etc. Today, and all on their own, they have just reinforced that for at least another 50 years!" they wrote.

Alongside a doughnut decorated with the American flag and a message that reads 'we're all f*cked', the uber popular doughnut spot added: "Introducing our #peanutbutterandjelly. Available in both store for today only!"

And while the snap has racked up hundreds of likes, not everyone is impressed by the sentiments behind the post.

Calling the store out on their remarks, one Instagram user relied: "I love your doughnuts but your racism toward "dumb" Americans is literally why you would condemn Trump if he said the same against Mexicans."

It looks, however, like others are siding with the store today, with one writing: "Ughhh we are an embarrassment to the world."

The Trump-themed doughnut will be available in the store's Aungier branch and Arnott's outlet should you get the need to feed your feelings.


Hold the phone. Sound the alarm. Stop in your tracks because Aungier Danger is opening a new store tomorrow…. And that can only mean one thing.


Our new favourite place is opening its second store in Arnotts (after a very successful pop-up) and to celebrate, its giving away the deliciousness its famous for (doughnuts).


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To get your hands on some, be there for 9.30am when it all kicks off (and also because you'll be gutted if they run out).

Aungier Danger will also be experimenting with a few new flavours over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 


FREE food? Where?! When?! How?!

If you're a doughnut lover like we are then you're going to be very happy about what's on offer tomorrow.

As part of 48's Cheat at Life campaign, the network is helping you grab a bit of good Dublin grub from some of the best spots town has to offer.

According to Lovin Dublin, all you need to do is add 48 (forty8months) on Snapchat, send them a snap and tweet the photo using the hashtag #CheatatLife.

Then all you need to do is get yourself down to Aungier Danger or Boojum near Wexford Street to get your hands on some delicious treats.

Can it just be tomorrow already? We're gonna get our eat ooon


Yes, Mondays can be the worst day of the week. You're tired, emotional and out of the Rugby World Cup (sob). 

And just when you think it can't get any worse, a Dublin doughnut shop opens to lift the mood of the nation (well, just the city). 

Yes, commuters were VERY happy this morning when they embarked on a new deli situated on Aungier Street. 

But this isn't just any ordinary deli, it's a delicious doughnut deli called Aungier Danger.

This new shop is serving delicious, mouth-watering doughnuts with hilarious names such as, Dublin Death Trap, Banoffee Autopsy and Cherry Gunshot

But there's a catch! When the doughnuts are all sold out, the shop closes and the barriers go down. They were so popular this morning, the shop was completely sold out by 9.30am. 

But not to worry, as a new batch of doughnuts are ready approximately every 20 minutes. 


Good news or bad news ? The bad news… We are SOLD OUT!!!! The Good news, it's only temporary!! More ready in 20 mins

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Here's the map if you need to find this sugary haven. You can thank us later.