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There is a lot that goes on in a guy’s mind, but not all of them you can say to us girls. Here is a list of things guys think, but don't say: 

1. “Why do you wear so much makeup?"
It’s actually a compliment, but if you said it to a girl you don’t know how they would take it. 

2.  "I wish you would make a move”
Though many women these days are brave enough to make a move, so many more of us think it should be up to the guy. 

3. “Your friend is hot”
You know he is thinking it but God help him if he says it…!

4.  "I would rather hang out with my mates”
Sometimes guy’s  need to just hang out with their friends, but they don’t want to upset things and so they stay in with their girl. It’s ok to blow them off every now and again, but a guy needs to see his mates just as much as a girl needs to see her besties.

5. “I’m actually broke”
When a guy pays for a meal usually he is just doing it to be courteous and a lot of the time he is actually broke. If a girl offers to pay her share of the meal, guys will always be grateful.

6.  "I’m so immature”
As the saying goes “boys will be boys” and no matter how grown up they get, there will always be some immaturity in there. As much as they put on a front of manliness, once they get with friends any maturity goes out the window. 

7. “I have no idea what you’re talking about?"
They simply have no idea what is actually coming out of your mouth most of the time. Just go with it. 

8.  "Why do you bitch about other girls so much?”
They may think this, but at the same time they'll be giving out yards about their bro's new girlfriend. Pot. Kettle. Black. 

9.  "I don’t know what to do when you cry”
Guys don’t deal with drama well and if a girl is crying, sure they will comfort us, but inside they have no idea what to do. 

10. "I don’t know which looks better on you”
Girls insist on asking guys which outfit looks better on them, and they generally have no clue. 

shrug animated GIF

11. “That dress does make you look fat”
Thankfully, if you are with a good guy, he won't think it, let alone say it. 

12.  "I actually don’t want to watch a chick flick”

13.  "I get really jealous when I see you with other guys”
If a guy likes a girl of course he is going to get a bit jealous when he sees her with other guys, it’s only natural. Even if you have been together for a while, there is always that seed of doubt that is planted in a guy’s mind.

14. “I don’t want to meet your parents”
Your dad used to be a bouncer? See ya!

15. “Stop stressing out so much about how you look"
Well, we kind of wish they would say this one…

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There are some way you should not react when you get rejected. Yes, it feels awful and yes your confidence is knocked. Doing the following won't help with any of that: 

1. Wallow
There’s no pity like self pity. You are the only person in the world who has ever felt like this. Not for too long though…

2. Never Leave Your House Ever Again
Darkness is now your only friend. Put down the Gossip Girl DVD boxset and go for a walk. You have yet to meet your Chuck and he may be too out for a walk…

3. Creep on Them
You are never going to see something you want to see, so why bother? 

4. Change Your Whole Outlook on Life
You do believe in true love…you do. 

5. Become A Cynical Arse
Loathing couples and anyone who actually seems to be happy will not make you happy. 

6.Take it Personally
One single person didn't want you, big deal. 

7. Comfort Yourself in the Arms of Another
Do you reeeeaaallly want to do that? 

8. Plot Revenge
Time to drop it now, leave them alone….


9. Stop Taking Care of Yourself
Take off the sweatpants, it's 1pm. What would Karl Lagerfeld say? 


10. Rehearse What You Will Say To Them When They Eventually Come Crawling Back
You don't need to rehearse it because if it should happen, you know better than to say anything at all…All you need is one move:

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You’ve wanted a boyfriend for ages, you’ve fancied this guy for months but as soon as he acts like he genuinely likes you, you realise you’re just not that into him…oops. 


Here are the signs that you were in it for the chase and you are sooooo not that into him:

1. His hand feels dirty holding yours and you immediately want to wash after holding hands for more than 5 minutes

2. After doing ‘the deed’ all you can think about is how sweaty he feels

3. His clothes annoy you

4. His texts ending in xxxx kind of make you feel sick

5. He texts all the time – You feel nothing

6. You feel like he’s smothering you

7. When he snores you use it as an excuse to kick him really hard

8. You couldn’t care less about what you eat in front of him

9. The granny pants are out and you really don’t care

10. Girls night is far more fun than date night

11. You pray for rugby weekends so you don’t have to spend time with him

12. You chat to other guys, keeping a few interested

13. You shave your legs for girl’s night only

14. You embarrass him in front of his mates without guilt

15. You cut your toenails in front of him

16. You fart in front of him as if he isn’t there never excusing yourself

17. You refuse to share anything you’re eating with him. It’s your’s

18. You make sure your ‘needs’ are met. His are irrelevant. Sure he can do that himself in his own time

19. You’ve your eyes out for something better

20. His jokes are not in any way funny anymore


21. The way he eats, drinks and breathes drives you insane

22. The way he bites his nails makes you want to slap him

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There are some little, itty bitty white lies that are essential to the survival of every relationship. If you value your other half, you will learn the correct answers to those difficult questions. Sometimes, honesty is not the best policy:

1. “No, you do not look fat in that.”

Boys get insecure too, and if he asks you if he's looking husky, don't think he will take it any better than you would yourself. 

2. “What’s my type? You, of course.”

Actually, our type is a combination of Ryan Gosling and Colin Farrell but we love you anyway. Honest.

3. “No, I don’t fancy any of your friends.”

Apart from the three hot ones. And the funny one isn't too bad either.

4. “Of course I’d prefer a night in over a girls night.”

Of course there’s nothing we'd rather do than spend five hours getting glam, followed by six hours of gossiping, bitching and laughing but it’s not worth the sulking you’re inevitably going to do if we go.

5. “Yes I totally remembered our anniversary.”

Yes, Facebook did remind us that today is our anniversary.

6. “I did notice your new hairstyle.”

Noooo, of course you're not receding, darling! 

7. “You’re the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Yup, the best….

8. “It’s that time of the month.”


9. “My parents love you.”

Apart from Dad…and mum too actually. 

10. “I’m totally cool with you having friends of the opposite sex.”

We want to be cool with it all. It’s just that all of your opposite sex friends are hot, intimidating and just generally, we hate them.

11. “Size isn’t everything.”

It's not everything, but it's not nothing either, y'know? 

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Sometimes, guys can actually impress us with their skills. Here are some things us women love to see a man doing:

1. Cooking

enter image description here

Even if your cooking skills aren’t that great it shows they made the effort.

2. Suggest an activity that’s not just pub/movie/sex

enter image description here

To the guy who arranged that mid-lake date, hats off to you.

3. Be decisive

enter image description here

4. Ask questions

enter image description here

5. Invite her to stuff

enter image description here

6. Dance

enter image description here

Dancing shows you’re okay to let loose and be silly.

7. Be passionate about something

enter image description here

8. Genuinely listen & don’t interrupt

enter image description here

9. Laugh A LOT

enter image description here

No one wants to bring a moody guy with them wherever they go. A good sense of humour is a huge plus.

10. Speaking their minds

enter image description here

Not if it’s negative obviously.

11. Guys that give gifts that aren’t overtly ‘romantic’

enter image description here

Girls aren’t as soppy as men think, they prefer thoughtful gifts that show you care rather than how much money was spent.

12. Not vain

enter image description here

13. Talk about your family

enter image description here

14. Remember the little details

enter image description here

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We’ve all been there and while there are advantages to living with male housemates, there are negatives too. Here are just some of the many things you will come to realise when you start to live with a boy:

Different definitions of clean
While we’re not queens of cleanliness ourselves, we wonder have some of our male friends ever picked up a scrubbing brush. Sometimes you have to lay down the law when it comes to keeping the place clean, without going too crazy at the same time.

Scared of insects
Contrary to popular belief, it is not always the guy who rescues the girl from the scary insects.

Don’t even mention the world cup! Don’t be too surprised if your television is automatically overtaken by whatever sporting event is going on at the time.

Random socks everywhere
From the kitchen to the living room and even the side of the sofa, socks will appear anywhere.

Sometimes it’s just better to order a group takeout instead of taking turns when it comes to meals.



It doesn’t seem ideal to choose boys over girls when choosing a living partner – but here are some points that might change your mind!

1. You can burp at will (they’ll still find it gross but who cares)


2. You might improve your sports skills/ hand-eye co-ordination, as you will pick up techniques from the sports channel

funny soccer

 3. There’ll be a great team of DIY amateurs on hand to assemble Ikea flatpacks or mend dodgy televisions


4. Their advice tends to be hilarious, if largely useless


5. You can pretend to be a comparative domestic goddess in the kitchen


6. You get to tease them about the girls they bring home

mr bean

7. You might benefit from the batch of home-brew that they’ve been tirelessly caring for throughout the year


8. You’ll always have a drinking partner (see above)


9. You get to learn the truth about the mysterious male obsession with protein shakes, and even taste them! Ooh!

protein wonka

10. They know a surprisingly vast array of drinking games, picked up on various rugby tours / lads’ holidays


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While some of these may be similar for people who went to singe sex schools too, it’s just not quite the same as having boys in your class!

1. You can’t stand the sight of uniforms
In mixed schools everyone has to wear the same uniform. They may have these in single sex schools too, but it’s harder for us – we’re trying to impress here!

disgusted-Al-Bundy2. Transition year was the best year of your life
Fun in the sun, getting to really know your class…ya, it was a great year.

post-27420-Taylor-Swift-I-love-you-guys-g-HbE93. Sports days
Boys against girls was always the biggest rush ever! They always won tug-of-war, but we kicked their asses in rounders!

tumblr_lex7uq3fxJ1qdubemo1_5004. P.E.
The guys would slag the girls who always pretended they couldn’t play – but they secretly loved to see us watching from the sidelines.


5.  The Beep test
We all remember the dreaded beep test that we had to do every year. The guys that played sports always dropped out early and the smokers did better than expected. Then they were those who would use every excuse in the book to get out of doing it.

489788396. Getting jocked
You think this only happened to guys? Oh, no. Instead of our skirts being pulled down, they were instead pulled up over our heads. Thank God for leggings which came back into fashion circa 2002.

troll-dude-pulling-down-reporters-pants-on-live-tv7. Strange nicknames
They were always after some sort of animal or a strange object because we knew that giving someone a nickname was the ultimate revenge. Anytime you would meet old friends from school they always call you by your nickname.

tumblr_mjctzi4xdN1r70r3vo2_4008. On non-uniform days you dressed to impress
It’s your time to shine!

tumblr_lljlqjGrdr1qja3x0o1_4009. Classroom romance
Of course, there were many couples down through the years, which at best lasted for a week or two. However, there is that one couple who are still together. WTF?

tumblr_m7lhxiezv31rtg9im10. Your textbooks were full of lovehearts and penises
Everyone gets bored in class so we would resort to doodling. For girls, it was whoever their crush was at the time and, of course, for guys they couldn’t help drawing  penises on their textbooks for some strange reason.


11. Girls made it really obvious when they liked someone
It would appear that the art of subtlety wasn’t instilled into us until some time around 5th year.

that-awkward-moment-when-you-say-hi-to-your-crush_152812. The hot male/female teacher
There was always one teacher that every guy liked, usually the sexy English teacher and for girls it was the Art teacher that  had amazing hair. On results night, everyone made their embarrassing attempts to try and hook up with them.


 13. The day everyone got injections
It was like an emergency room: people fainting, people getting sick and that one lad who’s arm bruised up. No one likes needles, but anytime we heard that we had to get injections, our hearts would collectively sink.

giphy14. Unisex scraps
We all had that one person we didn’t get on with in schoolwhether you were a guy or a girl. After school or even sometimes during lunch, fights were organized. Usually it was between two lads, but there was always a fair share of girls that fought because they didn’t like each others hair.

giphy15. You know not to get on the bad side of a girl with an attitude
There is always that one girl that had a bad temper and called herself a ghetto bitch. It is best just to stay clear off her and hope you don’t get paired up in class.

tumblr_mu0i462kS61riqrcno1_50016.  Mitching off school to head into town
And then getting caught before you even reach the school gate – dammit!

BreakfastClub17. You lived for class trips
Getting away from the daily grind of school life was always the best part of your year. The lucky ones got to go abroad to Paris or Berlin, but for everyone else they had to make do with an adventure centre. Either way, school trips down the country meant no homework , no study and no parents.

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Ah, the friend-zone. It’s not only boys it happens to you know!

Here is a few of our favourite things that happen when you’ve been put in the friend-zone:

1. They’re never short of telling you about all the best bums and boobs in the world. Including those of your best friends and how incredible they are. But of course, never yours.


2. You keep thinking life is like a movie and one day you will gain the courage to  proclaim your undying love for him. Never gonna happen. 


3. You guys flirt more than you make normal conversation, but it doesn’t mean anything  because you’re best friends *gritted teeth*

4. Every time people pick up on your high pitched voice when around the person that’s friend-zoned you, you have to reassure them you’re just friends and you would “never like them like that … gross.” *GULP*


5. On nights out, they are so much craic and you guys have so much fun together but they’ll always find someone else to go home with

6. You painfully see them with someone who does not deserve them and is annoying, desperate and clingy (at least that’s how you see them). But you can’t say anything.


7. Every time you have good news or something’s happening in your life they are the first person to come to mind.

8. They have called you “Bro,” “Pal ” or “Mate,” and for the ultimate friend-zone, “Sister.”


Admit your love, the worst that can happen is they will say they don’t feel the same … and that’s not so bad, right?

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Most single girls can be broken down into two main categories: those who secretly (or not so secretly) want a relationship and those who love being single more than Kim Kardashian loves her own arse. But whether you think you want a relationship or you think love is vile, you are likely to think about it in some shape or form.

Here are the thoughts every single girl will have about relationships:

1. “Thank God that’s not me”

tumblr_mn685xGtpU1s9knz8o3_250This is usually said about those couples who, for some unknown reason, are still together despite holding on to a large amount of hatred for their respective other halves. This is nearly always brought out in force on a night out, resulting in everyone else just feeling a bit awkward and wishing they weren’t there. Totes awks.

2. “I wish that was me.”

tumblr_n5sfwe0XoL1r6qtnno1_500Usually uttered (hopefully not aloud) in the company of those horrifically perfect couples that everyone secretly hates. They look perfect together, so perfect that you know that the one child they’ll have three years into their marriage will be a beautiful culmination of two beautiful gene-pools. They get on perfectly together, they are perfect. Now we can all feel perfectly nauseous together.

3. “Men are pricks”

tumblr_n5f4tg31lZ1sfhy94o1_500There comes a point in all womens lives when we detest men with every fibre of our being. This is especially true of single women. The wanker brigade is usually out in force on a drunken night out and the slurs fly faster than Sonia O’ Sullivan around the tracks down in Mosney. Insulting us is uncalled for. You’re not that hot anyway. Fool.

4. “I’m going to die alone”

tumblr_n0r27wOQ801s6ic8bo1_500Women are not being dramatic when we think we’re going to die alone. For all intents and purposes, this really amps up when we hit old age, usually around 23. You just have to log on to Facebook and boom, oh there’s another damned person in a relationship.

5. “Where do people FIND these men?”

tumblr_inline_mt2lg60lg71ry3wlgHave you ever just gone for a stroll around town and noticed how many couples there are? Of course you have.

6. “All the good ones are taken”


Well that is just nonsense and you know it. There are very many beautiful men out there with manners and they’re just waiting for you girl, you just need to get out there and mingle like the single Pringle that you are.

7. “Please don’t ask me if I’m still single”

tumblr_m3u62jMohg1qebseoo1_500Any single girl out there will know the pain of family events where, religiously, one-by-one, your aunts will line up and enquire about your love life.

8. “Is there something wrong with me?”


There will come a stage, a stage during which you’ve probably got zero action, when you’ll begin to think “is there something wrong with me?” There is nothing wrong with you. It is the men that are to blame of course.

9. “I’d definitely be bored”


Once you’ve been single for a while, you almost forget what it’s like to be with the same person for a long stretch of time. You’ve been in your single stride for quite some time now, on the pull on nights out, being free and always on the prowl. You look at couples who’ve been together for ages and wonder how they’re not bored of one another. Just reassure yourself that they most definitely are. In fact, they probably detest one another.

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Listen to what these guy think are the best, and worst, parts about being a woman.

We’re pretty sure they’d change their minds if they had to walk in our shoes for just one day!



So you’ve been going out with this guy for a while, but there’s no sign of his friends – what’s going on? Don’t be alarmed just yet, here are some perfectly reasonable explanations.

1. He’s embarrassed by them. 


They’re not the most mature bunch…

2. He acts differently around them. 


He might think you’re not going to like the way he is when he’s with them. Maybe they bring out the binge-drinking idiot in him, or the giant nerd, or the guy who can only speak in South Park references.

3. They’re dicks. 


4. He’s not that close with them. 


Some people don’t really surround themselves with close friends, just drinking buddies or casual acquaintances. He might just not have anyone that he feels is important enough to meet you and vice versa.

5. They’re party animals. 


Maybe his friends are so YOLO-CHUG-THIS-BEER-BONG-HOW-MUCH-WEED-CAN-YOU-FILL-YOUR-LUNGS-WITH-AT-ONCE intense that he’s afraid of bringing you around and scaring you off forever.

6. They don’t live nearby.


 Some people stay great friends with their high school buddies, and after everyone goes to school and gets jobs and shuffles around the world, meeting up with them for an introduction might not be that feasible. Don’t freak out if he hasn’t arranged for a visit by three months. You’ll meet them eventually.

7. He thinks you don’t want to meet them. 


He might just assume you have no interest in meeting his friends. It never hurts to tell him, “He sounds fun. When can we all hang out?” Communication!

8. He doesn’t think you’re that serious.


 Meeting his friends is like meeting his parents: he’s declaring that he plans on you being in his life for a while. If you guys are still in the casual dating phase, or he thinks you are, he’s probably not going to bring you around just yet.

9. He hasn’t met your friends, either. Even though they’re so nice. 


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