Friends With Benefits: expectation vs reality


There's a lot of pros and cons to having a friend with benefits – it works for some, doesn't work for most. Here are the expectations of having a friend with reality….and what you actually get. 

1. No Strings Attached

The Expectation

Sex all the time whenever you feel like it.


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The Reality

Hook ups occur randomly, usually after a drunken night out, nothing is ever clearly defined.

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2. “We’re just friends”

The Expectation

This is a simple thing that doesn’t need to be defined *Shrugs*

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The Reality

Having to constantly define your ‘friendship’ to all your friends. (the ones you don’t have sex with..)

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3. ”I’m totally in control of this arrangement”

The Expectation

I can stay emotionally unattached to this person


The Reality

I am not a robot and am in danger of falling for this person. Crap. 

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4. User or the one being used?

The Expectation

I’m happy with this arrangement where I sleep with this person whenever I like.

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The Reality

I'm getting a little jealous and I can't stop it. 

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4. Comfortable or too comfortable?


It’s nice to feel totally at home with someone.

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The Reality

This person just farted in front of me. This is not okay.


5. The fine line between being a friend with benefits and a booty call


This is a balanced, equal arrangement.



They only ever call you late at night and when you try to arrange it they are always busy . “Holy crap, I’m a booty call”


6. How healthy is it to be a FWB?

The Expectation

I like this situation but have no idea how long it will continue for..

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The Reality

Is this actually stopping me from moving to a better place in my life?

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