7 fights women start with their boyfriends


In every relationship, there’s the good days and the bad. Bad outweighs the good because when they’re bad, they’re Tyson bad.  It’s always the boy’s fault.  Even if it’s not, it is. Girls sniff them out, searching for the next row, the next wrong word or wrong look. Here is a breakdown of the top fights gals start with their boyfriends and the silliest boy answers:

1.  Were you looking at that girl?

checking out

“No, what the hell.  I was looking at that building, I didn’t even see her.” Oh he saw her alright. 

2.  Why are you still friends with your ex-girlfriend on Facebook?

“I’ve never even been on her page.  Makes no difference to me what she’s at.” 

3.  Ah right, you’re going out with your friends tonight then?


“Yeah, we’re only going out for a few.  Nothing crazy, quiet enough night.” Um, wasn't tonight supposed to be date night? Nice…

4.  Why do you never wear that t-shirt I got you?

“I have worn that t-shirt soo many times.  You just haven’t seen me those days.” It's all lies. Why doesn't he just say he hates it? So annoying. 

5.  Why do you always have to drive?

“Because I’m a better driver.” All women know this to be false. 

6. You’re not romantic at all…

“I’m not a big woman.”  Would it kill him to pick a daisy from the garden? Just SOMETHING?! We're not asking for a handwritten poem or anything like. 

7. You didn’t even get me a card?!

i hate you

“I thought it was tomorrow.” Men need to learn birthdays are important to most girls, as are anniversaries and Valentine's Day. Deal with it and act accordingly. 

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