The 18 emotional stages of seeing your crush in public


Otherwise known as the love of your life. You could be just waltzing through your day and then… there he is. Heart palpitations, heavy sweating and emotional warfare, this is the emotional cycle of running into your crush.

1. Internal Panic Attack Upon Sighting

The one day you don’t wash your hair right? You were not expecting to see him, and yet he’s just popped up in your life today. You pause suddenly, look around at places to hide while you figure out what you are going to do next.

2. Look At Your Phone, Avoid Eye Contact

Now that you’ve attempted to hide from your crush, the natural next step is looking at your phone. Because if he does see you, he’ll think “Oh she’s looking at her phone. She’s so busy and popular. I admire her.” Or at least we hope he does.

3. What The Hell Do I Just Do?

Time is running out! Either he is going to spot you awkwardly hiding behind that plant, or he’s going to not see you and go on with his life. But you are desperate to talk to him… aren’t you?

4. Calm down! CALM DOWN!

You feel the onset of an anxiety attack. You’re dying to talk to him! But you can barely compose yourself well enough to even come out from behind that plant! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!? Panic, so much panic.

5. DAMN! Did He See Me?

*Heart stops*

6. Can’t Look At The Ground, Then He’ll Know I’m Awkward

I was looking at everywhere else apart from you before you looked in this direction anyway.

7. PHEW! He Didn’t See Me…

Now you can now stare at him in peace.

8. Wait. Who Is He Talking To?

Is that the girl who keeps posting on his Facebook? Are they friends or? She’s too pretty to just be friends with him. He’s beautiful… they’re probably dating.

9. Sudden Onset Of Overwhelming Heartbreak


10. HEY!

That sounds like his voice. Was that at me?

11. OH GOD is he…he's walking over!

Act cool. 


*Internal high-pitched screaming*

13. WTF I Am I Gonna Say!?!

Maybe he does love me and he just doesn’t want to tell me, yet.

14. No, No Something Else!

Maybe, not that, either…

15. Ok, Just Be Coooool

I can totally be cool. Born cool. So cool. OH GOD WE’RE SHARING THE SAME SPACE.

16. When You Go To Talk

Hold it together woman.

17. All You’re Thinking About When He’s Talking To You

He’s so pretty.

18. “Well I’ll Catch You Later, Nice Talking.”

That went ok right? Time to come down from the emotional roller-coaster and day dream about your babies together.

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