Four guys you need to avoid on Tinder


Some people on Tinder need to be avoided – there is no two ways about it. 

Here are five guys you will want to swipe left on Tinder…!

 1. The guy that lists ‘’ being a full-time legend’’ in his personal info

jlo gif

This is pretty self-explanatory. We are not back in third year in secondary school and Tinder is not your homework journal. Next.

 2. The guy that thinks he can flirt

ross flirting

So your phone vibrates and informs you that you have a new tinder match. Mildly interested you open the app to see who could be your future boyfriend. He has even sent you a message. Heart racing, you open it thinking about all the cute dates you two could go on but then this is what awaits you. "Hey there nice dress but I bet it would look better on my  floor". Block him, delete him, do whatever needs to be done. No one should be subjected to such a conversation.

 3. The guy that communicates with emojis

emoji gid

Just. No. 

4. The guy that is most definitely still in school


So he may be eighteen which technically means he can be on Tinder, but seriously? A match? Aaand, swipe. 

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