These avocado lattes prove that the world has reached peak hipster

You cant scroll through Instagram these days without seeing a plate of smashed avocado or an intricately poured latte.

Now, one Aussie cafe has combined the two to create the ultimate in hipster frankenfood. 

The Turner Cafe has created a latte so Instagrammable, you'll barely be able to choose a filter.

Introducing, the avolatte. 

The avolatte is a perfectly poured latte which is served inside an empty avocado shell. 

The internet has been in uproar since this hipster hybrid came to public attention, with some finding the idea revolting. 

'If you make an avolatte, please punch yourself in the face for me? Also, I hate you,' said one.

What do you think? Way too weird or secretly a cool idea? 



Feature image: Instagram