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Whether it's James Kavanagh spritzing himself as he strolls around town, or featuring in a beauty blogger's latest beauty haul, rosewater is having a moment when it comes to our skincare routines. 

Rosewater is nothing new – in fact, it has been used as part of ancient beauty routines in the Middle East and Egypt since people began taking note of their appearances. 

Cleopatra was known to enjoy a rose water bath, complete with rose petals floating on the surface, while 10th Century Persian women used it to hydrate their faces. 

Both of these indulgent uses are still very much how we see the element being utilised today – with skincare experts and anecdotal evidence alike proving that the ingredient is as efficient as ever. 

Rose water was originally a by product of the production of rose oil, and the clue is in the name, it is simply a blend of rose flowers and fresh water – but what exactly is it good for?

It's pretty much the perfect natural all-rounder – the water helps soothe your skin, tone it, and keep your skin hydrated. 

It can also help maintain your skin's slightly acidic PH balance for your skin, as the PH of rose water is 5.,5, which can help deter the growth of bacteria and keep spots at bay. 

It has anti-oxidant properties, keeping your skin tone even, and despite the pink hue of roses, it can actually help reduce inflammation in the skin and calm down redness. 

With regular use, it can keep excess oil off the skin, while boosting hydration for a dewy, clear glow. 

Many companies which produce rose water have incorporated other skin-loving ingredients into the mix, such as glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and aloe vera to give extra benefits.

Many makeup gurus also call on the sprays to set their makeup for a glossy finish.

Fancy trying it for yourself? Most rose waters are very affordable, and remember, the less ingredients listed, the better. 

Skin & Tonic Rose Mist €22.50

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Pixi Beauty Makeup Fixing Mist with Rose Water and Green Tea €13.38

Burt's Bees Rosewater Toner €12.24


We're all eating avocados like the good, diligent millennials that we are, but have you ever wondered why avos are now hailed as such a superfood.

Sure, we know that they're packed with heart-healthy fats and that they taste sublime when paired with some poached eggs and crusty bread, but there is much more to the humble savoury fruit than that. 

They are chock-a-block full of disease-fighting vitamins, and half of one avo counts as one of your five-a-day. 

According to Healthline, the green toast-toppers have a whopping 26pc of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K.

They also contain 17pc of your RDA od Vitamin C, along with lots of Vitamin B, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 and B6.

Thanks to that Vitamin E, avocados are hailed as being excellent for skin, hair and nails as well as being nutritious. 

Some natural beauty bloggers have created their own face masks out of the fruit, as well as applying them to hair for a moisture boost.

Try a classic mix of avocado, a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of warm water as a means to hydrate tired skin.

They also have 20pc of your daily dose of folate, an essential compound which assists in the DNA function, the production of new cells, and supporting nerve and immune functions

Avocados also contain even more heartbeat-regulating potassium than bananas. 

They are low in saturated fat, low in sugar and have zero sodium, while being high in protein. 

Excuse us while we tuck in…


No one would blame you for thinking that a tall americano has no place in the gym. After all, weight rooms are usually littered with empty water bottles and sweaty towels, not mugs and cardboard cups.

But why is is not so many fitness types have an unquenchable love for the black stuff?

Well, a new study has claimed that drinking coffee could actually help with workouts.

According to Metro.co.uk, Bruno Gualano, a physiology professor at the University of São Paulo, conducted research to see what effect, if any, caffeine had on physical performance.

The coffee lover and avid cyclist, split a group of male cyclists into three catagories – low caffeine intake (less than one cup a day), moderate intake (two cups) and high intake (three or more cups).

The groups then performed a series of trails where they had to cycle until they burnt 450 calories.

For the first trail, the participants were given a 400mg caffeine pill (equal to two cups of coffee).

It was then repeated, after the groups took a placebo pill, and then again after they had taken nothing at all.

The results showed that almost every single cyclist recorded their fastest time after they had taken the caffeine pill.

Infact, they averaged about 3.3 per cent faster when compared to taking no pill at all, and 2.2 per cent faster than taking the placebo.

Bruno reckons the results could translate into several minutes taken off total race times.

What's more, the group who regularly drank more than three cups of coffee a day enjoyed the same benefits from the pill as those with a lower caffeine intake.

But, before you start substituting your usual pre-workout beverage for a grande skinny latté, remember that large quantities of caffeine can be dangerous.

Bruno recommends starting small to see if you fitness regime benefits from the extra lift.



In the winter months, it can feel like you never see the sun.

You leave for work in the morning and it's dark out, and by the time you commute home, the night sky has fallen.

In these instances, it feels like you're never going to see the light of day again. So, you come home, flop on the couch and that's basically your entire week.

Pretty sh*t, right?

Image result for tired

However, in Sweden, over the past two years, the employed population has been trialling six-hour working days. Whether you're a writer, a nurse, or in a business start-up, various companies implemented the rule.

And the outcome? Unsurprisingly, it led to employees feeling happier, healthier and more focused on their job.

Employees were still given the same wage despite the reduction in hours, but they made up for it in productivity.

A nurse from Sweden told The Guardian that after reducing her hours, she saw a huge difference in her day-to-day mood and energy levels.

Image result for swedish working hours

"I used to be exhausted all the time. I would come home from work and pass out on the sofa. But not now. 

"I am much more alert; I have much more energy for my work, and also for family life."

With the final results of the experiment being published next month, the preliminary findings saw that there was a 10 per cent reduction in sick leave over the last two years, 50 per cent felt healthier from the change and 20 per cent felt happier.

The thing is though, it might be some time before we see this in Ireland. While the majority of the workforce in Sweden were happier as a result of the change, it also saw a bit of backlash.

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The trial saw employers hiring more people to fill in for the hours lost, and obviously, it was an expensive trial to conduct.

In Ireland, the average working day is 8.5 hours (if not longer), however last year, according to The Irish Times, union officials said that a 30-hour week would not be a target in our future.

It's a shame because there's so much more to life than work.

How many of us are knackered by the time we come home? Or so stressed out by the long hours that we snap at loved ones? Sometimes you have to ask yourself if it is worth it; but then again, you're lucky to have a job when nearly 10 per cent of the population is out of work and struggling.

Image result for family time

It's the simple things like having more family time, being more socially active and having a few hours a day for yourself, that are missed in society and they would be openly welcomed by many.

Hopefully one day, Ireland will be on its way to reduced working hours and higher salaries for all, but until then, we'll just have to cross our fingers and our toes and just about everything else…


As the old saying goes, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", but did you know just how much apples can actually help your health? 

The delicious fruit is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals which contribute to a healthy and well protected system. They contain plenty of anti-oxidants as well as vitamin C which help protect your body against bacteria and viruses.

Here's how the humble apple can benefit your health:

Prevents cancer

Apples have potent anti-cancer abilities that protect the body from harmful cells. Even more they help reduce pancreatic cancer by up to 23%!


Apples have high amounts of fiber. When eaten the soluble fibers compete with fats and result in the decrease of absorption of bad cholesterol levels.

Boosts immunity

The anti-oxidant quercetin is found in red apples and boosts your immunity to build natural defenses for your body.


Apples aid in fighting off oxygen-free radicals that cause diabetes. They are packed with fibers that are key to blunting blood sugar swings.

Weight loss

Fiber comes along to save the day again as it fills the stomach with fewer calories. Hence, reducing the calorie intake along with filling your stomach up for longer.



There are some beauty tools out there that have an unfair reputation for either being a waste of money or just plain useless and, unfortunately, foundation brushes happen to be one of these. We have no idea why, because this couldn't be further from the truth, ladies!

Foundation brushes are an essential part of your make-up bag and should be treated with the respect and awe they deserve!

Here are just five reasons these amazing brushes are essential, useful and just plain fab.

Cost effective!
You use a lot less product when you decide to apply with a brush.  A mere drop of foundation goes so much further than you’d think! We tend to be a little too liberal when applying with our fingers, but because the brush allows the product to be spread much further, you end up SAVING on your foundation! Result.

Smoother finish!
Foundation brushes are specially designed to glide over the skin allowing for a flawless finish. Our fingers don’t do quite the same job, which is why we sometimes end up with a tidemark around our jaw line or smudges near our hairline. Who needs that!

Less mess!
How often have you perfected your look, given yourself a major thumbs up in the mirror only to ruin your outfit with product-smeared fingers? Yeah, us too.  Using a brush, however, ensures that your hands stay product-free which is good news for you and your threads!

Soothing sensation!
OK, who doesn’t love the sensation of their hair being gently brushed by someone else? The sensation of applying foundation with a brush is not dissimilar! Treat yourself every morning with that soothing feeling! Mmmm.

More hygienic!
Whether we want to think about it or not, our hands aren’t exactly germ-free. So what happens when you use those hands to apply something to your face? Exactly. By washing your brushes regularly, (approximately every 2 to 3 weeks) you’ll avoid spreading germs and bacteria across that gorgeous face of yours.

Once you start using a foundation brush, you won't know how you lived without one. Go treat yourself ASAP!




You may never have thought about using a matchmaking service, but in the words of Jordin Sparks, "love is a battlefield". Which is why it can help to have someone who isn’t emotionally involved on your side when it comes to finding Mr. Right. If you were on the fence about signing up to one of these services, here are some points that might just convince you to go for it:

Your dates are screened
Matchmaking services are different from online dating as there is an actual person screening your dates, so you have less chance of finding yourself sitting across from the weirdest guy in the whole wide world.

You can be assured that you have things in common
Your matchmaker will be sure to set you up with someone who has similar values and expectations as yourself. This is a huge benefit, as there is nothing worse than coming across the most perfect guy ever and realising he never, ever wants to have a family when that’s something you really want from life.

Instead of having to spend hours scrolling through a long list of guys you don’t fancy just to find one half decent guy, you can spend your time doing something much more fun, because you’ve paid your matchmaker to do that for you!

Cost effective
A matchmaking service may be costlier, but there is a better chance of meeting someone special as it is tailored specifically to you. Besides, by the time you pay to sign up to all the different online dating sites, and then spend money going on unsuccessful dates, it could even work out cheaper!



If you’re just starting college, or you’ve just got a job and can finally afford to move out of home, you may be in the midst of making the decision between living with your parents, or living with your friends (or strangers too).

While moving out sounds like the best option at first glance, things aren’t always as simple as they seem…

Benefits of living with your parents

Even if you are paying your parents rent, it’s not going to be as much as what you would pay a landlord in the city centre. You need to think about whether or not you want to save your money, or splash the cash. What kind of future do you want – a memory bank full of good times, or a bank account full of money to get your own place somewhere?

Nothing beats your mammy’s cooking. Even if you don’t like it now, a couple of weeks of beans and toast will have you running back for the Sunday roast. The fridge in your parent’s house will never be as stark as the fridge in your rented flat either. There’s ALWAYS a few slices of ham kickin’ around!

It’s getting into those winter months now, which means you’ll want to be curled up in front of the fire every night. Heating costs money though, and if you’re renting you may find yourself doubling up on jumpers instead of flicking that switch. Not so cosy!

If you move in with strangers, you don’t know how messy they’re going to be. At least at home you can rely on a certain level of cleanliness!

Benefits of living with friends

Living away from home gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. No questions asked! What could be better?

Irish mammies are known for their snooping skills, but living away from home means you don’t have to lock your diary away in a bullet proof safe. If you don’t change your address though, be warned: they WILL open your post!

Woohoo! You can invite your boyfriend over, and he can even stay the night! In fact, you can invite all your friends over and have a party, brilliant!

If you’re living with friends, you’ll probably all like similar TV shows so there won’t be too many arguments over the remote. Unlike living with your parents where you have to watch everything on your laptop because Nationwide is never ending. Ugh!


We love herbal teas, and not just because they make us feel like we’re being super health, even after eating a massive bag of sweets at lunch.

Here are just a few of our favourite herbal teas:

Green tea
Green tea is an old favourite and there are plenty of reasons as to why. It is great if you’re on a detox and it’s full of antioxidants. It’s also meant to help with weight loss because it induces a thermogenic effect, which means the body gives off more heat and uses more calories at rest. Sounds good to us!

Chamomile tea
This tea is great for if you’ve had a stressful day and just need to unwind. It can also relieve bloating and indigestion.

Ginger tea
If your stomach is a bit upset, there’s nothing like a cup of ginger tea to ease the nausea. It’s also meant to have some anti-inflammatory effects, and if you add a slice of lemon and some honey it’s great for warding off a cold.

Peppermint tea
Peppermint is a digestive aid and has been used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. It’s also nice if you want something refreshing.

Dandelion tea
This one is great for relieving constipation and diarrhoea. It also enhances detoxification by stimulating urination and replacing the potassium lost in the process.


Ask any celeb how they keep their figure so trim and no doubt nine out of ten will list yoga as the reason for their success. You’ve probably tried it yourself, and most people either love it, or they think it’s a snore fest.

If you weren’t won over by the average yoga class, then perhaps you should give Bikram yoga a go. There is definitely nothing boring about stretching every limb in 105 degree heat, we can assure you! It’s also really, really good for you. Check out the list of benefits below:

Sweat those toxins out
There’s nothing like a lot of sweating to flush the toxins from your skin. Make sure you’re not wearing make up to the session though. It won’t last very long if you do and it will only clog your pores.

Get some exercise and a hair treatment all in one go
If your hair is on the dry side, it’s a good idea to put some hair oil in your hair before the session. The heat in the studio will then activate the oils which help to moisturise your hair.

Stress reduction
Exercise in general is a great stress buster, but the relaxed nature of Bikram yoga makes it doubly good for getting over the humps and bumps of the day.

Fix old injuries
If you find your knees cracking when you bend down or walk up the stairs, a few sessions of Bikram yoga will have you back to your old, non-crackly self in no time.

Strength building
While many people assume yoga is all about stretching and flexibility, it actually can help to build strength as well enabling you to hold the postures for thirty seconds each. It doesn’t sound like a lot but if you do it often enough, you’ll notice the difference.

Calorie burning
Bikram yoga helps to burn more calories because of the heat. It is said that a 90 minute class can burn up to 1,000 calories (depending on how much effort you put into it!).

Just don’t forget to bring a BIG bottle of water!


Bananas are a great snack to carry with you on the go. From being a mineral-enriched fruit to helping you stay full for longer, the health benefits of eating bananas are just endless really.

Hello energy
Having a banana is a great way to boost your energy levels. The carbohydrates and natural sugar can help keep you energised for much longer than a can of Red Bull.

Bye bye constipation
If you want to make sure everything down there is in good working order, then eat more bananas.  They contain just enough fibre to improve digestion and regulate bowel movements.

Healthy heart
The potassium in bananas helps keep your blood pressure in check. Regular consumption of bananas will help you maintain a normal heartbeat and reduce your chances of having a stroke.

Just keep smiling
When eaten, the protein in this fruit converts to serotonin, a substance known to enhance moods. So if you’re feeling down, a banana can help put you in a good mood.

No more cravings
The natural sugar in bananas mean you can have a healthy snack to fight sugar cravings.