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Most of you will have seen the viral image of the latest Game of Thrones episode, where one of the cast members seemingly got a bit of a caffeine kick.

Yes, somehow a Starbucks cup was left in the scene on a table in front of Danaerys Targaryen, Breaker of Chains and Drinker of Lattes.

The HBO show's creators, David Benioff and DB Weiss were also present IN the actual scene, and it was still missed:

Product placement definitely takes you out of the medieval fantasy vibe, and the show issued a tongue-in cheek reply to the error. The official Twitter account for GOT tweeted;

"News from Winterfell. The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Danaerys had ordered an herbal tea." Nice one.

Queen Cersei Lannister herself, AKA Lena Headey, has now said her piece too, via her Instagram account.


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She captioned the cheeky snap:

"Episode five…Do they open one in Kings Landing…Will they use winter cups? Does Cersei get her oat pumpkin spice…" 

Starbucks must be absolutely LOVING all of the attention and free marketing its getting from the latest episode. Let's hope the final two-and-a-bit hours of the world's favourite show doesn't make any more blunders….

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In a day which is just SATURATED with Kardashian gossip (cheers, Tristan, you're a melt)…let's not forget that Kourtney Kardashian had an awkward encounter with ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

The pair split six months ago after dating for two years, following pictures surfacing showing the young model getting cosy with another girl on holidays. 

E! News reports that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who called it quits with her former beau last August, was seen standing alongside her ex at Alfred Tea Room in Los Angeles.


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Her fans may have gotten excited imaging a romantic reunion between the pair,  E! News are saying that this was a chance encounter rather than a planned meeting.

"Kourtney bumped into Younes getting coffee at Alfred. It wasn't a planned meet up," an insider source told the publication. "She goes there often and so does he. She was happy to see him and very nice. It wasn't awkward for her and they chatted for a few minutes."

Younes bought Kourtney a latte, which seems nice until you remember he got cosy with another woman…


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"It was sweet and she appreciated it. She gave him a hug and went on her way," the source claiemd. "He texts her from time to time but she has moved on. It was nice to see him and she was glad to see he's doing well."

The former couple ended their romance when Kourtney learned of him getting cosy in Mexico with another girl, but last December, Younes posted a tribute to his famous ex on Instagram.

"Let's not forget this beautiful woman inside and out," Younes wrote alongside pictures of Kourtney. "I'm not the type of man that forgets moments like that. You are an amazing woman and mum and I hope you will find happiness for you and your children."

"It's all love at the end of the day…we don't know what can happen tomorrow so there you go," he finished.


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Apparently, the same source said; "Kourtney heard he had posted, but she has moved on from that time in her life. She doesn't trust Younes and his intentions. It felt like he was looking for attention and to be relevant again."

"She didn't think much of it. She's focused on other people and other things." Kourtney hasn't been in contact with Younes since the photos, and has gotten on with her life without him.

"She knows he is still hurting and misses her, but she isn't focused on him." Damn right girl, you don't need no man.

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You cant scroll through Instagram these days without seeing a plate of smashed avocado or an intricately poured latte.

Now, one Aussie cafe has combined the two to create the ultimate in hipster frankenfood. 

The Turner Cafe has created a latte so Instagrammable, you'll barely be able to choose a filter.

Introducing, the avolatte. 

The avolatte is a perfectly poured latte which is served inside an empty avocado shell. 

The internet has been in uproar since this hipster hybrid came to public attention, with some finding the idea revolting. 

'If you make an avolatte, please punch yourself in the face for me? Also, I hate you,' said one.

What do you think? Way too weird or secretly a cool idea? 



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It's the weekend, and sometimes all we want to do on a Saturday night is lie back and look at some pretty pictures on Instagram. 

We are here for you, and totally support your desire to switch off for a bit.

When we recently stumbled upon the mind-blowing coffee art of South Korean barista, Kangbin Lee, we found ourselves stalking his Instagram for hours. 

Kangbin recreates iconic paintings of the masters, our favourite scenes from Disney classics, and cartoons – and they are literally almost too cute to drink.

Occasionally, the barista even throws in some standard heart-shaped latte art – but that is not what we're here for. 

Kangbin uses edible inks and a dotting tool to manipulate the foam and colours, and it is honestly one of the most impressive things on the Internet.

He has (rightly) accumulated quite a following on social media, with over 74,000 followers on Instagram. 

Coffee and pretty pictures – what's not to love? 


We love a good glass of Baileys.

It's smooth and creamy and alcoholic so basically, it can't get any better than that.

But, oh wait, it can. Yep, Bailey's has just released its own range of iced coffees and they sound delish.

Baileys Iced Coffee Mocha and Ice Coffee Latte has made its way to the market and come in small 200ml cans (so, you know… it can be enjoyed on the go).

Baileys Iced Coffee

Each can contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, pure milk and of course, the dreamy liqueur is added in there too.

Have a look out for it in supermarkets nationwide, or Bailey's also recommend you to make your own with 45ml of Baileys Original, 90ml of cooled coffee and a heap load of ice.


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While many people don’t understand why anyone would want to go vegan, most of us can admit that the movement has led to the creation of some very inventive foods.

And as impressive as Vegan Chocolate Lasagne and No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars are, they aren’t quite as mesmerising to look at as the vegan Smurf Latte.

According to Refinery 29, Smurf Lattes are a beautiful blue beverage made from E3 live blue algae powder, lemon, ginger, agave and coconut milk.

This striking blue beverage's unique colour comes from the naturally derived superfood blue algae (rather than any artificial substance) and is available from Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne.

The café’s owner Nic Davidson told Mashable that the drink has a “sweet and soury” kind of taste due to the agave and lemon ingredients and since the Smurf Latte was first featured on Instagram requests for the beverage have been flying in. 

Given that it looks this cool, we aren't surprised.






Testing out the colours of the rainbow lattes #smurflatte @matcha_mylkbar #tumeric #bluealgae #beetroot #matcha

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If you can't live without your daily cup of coffee, we feel you. But sometimes you might get bored of your usual milky latte or espresso fix, right?

So, if you want to change up your regular coffee, feast your eyes on this new (and ah-mazing) infographic. 

The chart illustrates just about every coffee you can think of, and many more. We're sure you probably haven't even heard of some of these either. 

The handy graphic, created by Follygraph, maps out the exact measurement of ingredients and style and size of cup/glass needed for all 38 drinks. 

It's also interesting to see the subtle differences between each coffee, which allows you to figure out just what kind of coffee kick you need. There's also some pretty cool styles, like the Spanish cortado or the Vitenamese ca phe sua da.

Click on the image to launch a larger view of the chart and enjoy all of your new coffee experiences: 




We can only imagine the hell one would have to go through to order a coffee in L.A.

This video envisions every obstacle ever that could get between you and your beloved coffee.

It’s not only L.A. where ordering coffee is hell anymore…