So, millennials don’t actually like avocados that much after all

There are a few things that are heavily associated with millennial: selfies, college debt and avocados. 

Whether smashed on toast at a hip millennial-filled brunch spot or sliced over or chopped salad, we kind of love the healthy green. 

Avocado has been having a major moment, as the green delicacy fast became one of the biggest food trends of the past few years.

However, a new survey has shown that despite the association with millennial buyers, millennials actually don't like to guac ingredient all that much. 

The Huffington Post sought out to discover the true millennial propensity for avocados, with shocking results. 

The survey found that people aged 18-29 aren't actually all that obsessed with them.

Only 28 per cent of adults under age 30 say they 'love' the fruit.

Actually, people aged over 30 are way more besotted with it than anyone else, with 35 per cent saying they love the fruit. 

Seeing as avocados have been blamed for millennials not being able to get on the property ladder, we're thinking that those who gave that advice might be eating their words.