Zac says he’s single because he’s a ‘NERD’… But that doesn’t bother us

Zac Efron has been taking part in a LOT of projects recently, and right now he's in Australia with Adam DeVine to promote their new movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Since he seems so busy, we thought that might be the reason he's laying low on the relationship front – but as it turns out, he's not in a relationship because he's a "nerd."

His words, not mine, ladies!

While chatting to TheFIX, Zac was asked what's up with his love life, and the star insisted that he finds it hard to date:

"One thing I'm not great at is dating. I'm a nerd, dude. I love comic books, video games… I just love chilling," he said.


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Now, if you (like us) fancied him since the moment you saw him on High School Musical, you'll probably be thinking that you really don't mind him being a nerd.

And neither do we. Nerds are hot anyway… right?