Zac finally explains why he has that AWFUL blond streak in his hair


Zac Efron seriously went down in the hottie stakes this year when he appeared to sport Bieber-inspired blond streaks in his hair.

And while on Jimmy Kimmel this week, the presenter didn't shy away from asking Zac what on earth he was thinking.

The actor tried to play it cool by saying his two-tone hair do' was "having a moment."

However, not one to back down, Jimmy pushed him to get a straight answer, and Zac admitted that he actually had to do it for the new Baywatch movie which he stars in.

But, he further explained that he actually didn't have to have to hair do' at all since producers recently told him that re-shoots wouldn't be taking place for another year and he didn't need to commit to the style until 2017.

Oh well, at least there's an explanation!