Zac Efron under fire for ‘just for fun’ dreadlock Instagram post

Zac Efron debuted a head full of dreadlocks in a recent Instagram post. 

The post is furthering the ongoing conversation society is having regarding cultural appropriation. 

Many people feel that as a white person, Efron should not wear dreadlocks as they do not belong to his personal culture. 

Others question why different cultures can not share their differences. 

The picture has already garnered 1.5 million likes an d almost 20,000 comments since it was posted. 

'I can’t believe that some of you are mad that he got dreads simply because he’s white,' reads one comment. 'That’s the same as a white person saying that a black girl can’t wear that long, blonde weave running down her back. Hair is hair, not something to classify into separate races.'

'Its cultural appropriation because when we wear it, we get fired from our jobs, suspended from schools, rejected offers etc whereas a white person can wear it, and it's considered cool. That's why we're mad about it,' reads another. 

Zac is not the first celebrity to be accused of cultural appropriation. 

Kim Kardashian has also been criticised for wearing braids and attributing them to Bo Derek, while her sister Khloe has faced backlash for donning Bantu knots.