Is she having a quack?


It seems like Miley Cyrus has decided to lighten things up a bit.

The Wrecking Ball singer is still stuck in the hospital after having an allergic reaction to medication she took for her sinus infection.

A few days ago, the 21-year-old singer took to her Twitter account to express her frustration:

“Shut the f*ck up & let me heal. stop scaring my family, friends, & fans,” she tweeted when she heard the rumours about her hospitalisation.

But, Miley’s latest Instagram snap showed a different side to her as it seems as though she is staying on the positive side of things.

“This hospitals full of a bunch of QUACKS (get it??? Quacks) #pennyeveninthehospital #stayinglightlovingandpositive #imissbangerztour #tryingtonotbebitter,” wrote the singer.

We hope she gets better before her postponed Bangerz Tour in August.