Miley Cyrus speaks out about her ‘scary’ illness


Miley Cyrus has finally spoken about her “scary” illness, which forced her to cancel many of her March tour dates.

The 21-year-old singer was on the Ryan Seacrest show, when she admitted being rushed to hospital was a “scary time” for her.

“You have no idea. I was on this medicine for five days, everything was all good, and on the sixth day, I just woke up and it was so scary.”

The Wrecking Ball singer said, that despite being very sick in hospital, she still wanted to perform, but doctors wouldn’t let her.

“When you’re allergic to something, you’re basically poisoning yourself, so I had just basically been poisoning myself with something I didn’t know I was really scary allergic to. It was so scary. It was insane. I was begging the doctors, ‘Let me out to go do the show!’ It was basically, ‘No way.'”

Miley revealed she is finally on the road to recovery but, still needs to be careful as her illness could return at any time.

“It can come back within those 27 days, but I’ve been really good. I just have to now be more careful and I’m trying to figure out how I can get a fashionable yet good ID bracelet so I can actually have something that says I am allergic to this medicine, because I can never get anything like this again.”