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It looks like Love Island star Ellie Brown has moved on from millionaire boyfriend Charlie with another reality star.

The 20-year-old was spotted getting pretty cosy with The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex.

Ellie took to Instagram to post quite the sweet video of the pair. She turned up to support her rumoured boyfriend after he took part in a spooky Halloween challenge.

She shared a video of her and Joey cuddling with her Instagram followers.

“Absolutely smashed it – I'm very proud" Ellie gushed before sharing a kiss with the TOWIE star.


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Fans have been swooning over the duo ever since Ellie posted the video last night.

“Ellie Brown & Joey Essex are seeing each other? Night made what a cute couple,” one wrote.


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Another added: “When you see Ellie Brown and Joey Essex insta-kiss. Every princess needs to kiss a few frogs to find there prince and hopefully, this is your babe #majorcutecouple.”

A source close to the pair told The Sun that they connected the second they met earlier in October.

“They met for the first time there on Wednesday and immediately hit it off drinking and partying into the early hours."


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Ellie and fellow Love Island star Charlie Brake ended their relationship in September. Fans have been rallying around Ellie since their break-up so there’s no doubt they’ll be thrilled to see her so happy with Joey Essex.

The duo have yet to comment on whether they’re together or not but fans have already started shipping ‘Jellie’ so here’s hoping they are.


She’s well known for her elegant feminine style, but that doesn’t mean Holly Willoughby won't be playing dress-up this Halloween.

Appearing on this week’s episode of Celebrity Juice, the This Morning presenter channelled her inner rebel by wearing what is likely to be one of this year’s most popular costumes, Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn.

The 35-year-old mother of three embodied Margot Robbie’s character perfectly with fishnet tights, dip-dyed pigtails, red and blue co-ords and a decorated baseball bat.



@celebjuiceofficial #harleyquinn

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Meanwhile, show host Keith Lemon made an epic Sia with a black and white wig, oversized fringe and huge white bow complementing his little white shirt dress.


Me and Ben Shepherd

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Fearne Cotton looked unrecognisable as Angelina Jolie’s dark fairy character, Maleficent, while Joey Essex rocked an orange glow and bleached smile for Donald Trump.


Last nights juice Halloween special  watch it on itv2 in October

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Cotton and Gino

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One Halloween special. Done! I'm sia by the way. Love Sia

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It would appear as though Stephanie Pratt's relationship with Joey Essex is on the rocks, and we're pretty sad about it. 

Sources close to the couple have said that the two have been spending quite a lot of time apart lately, due to work commitments. 


I love this so much  miss you!!!! Photo credit my bff @dominicventon

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In a recent interview with The Mirror, the blonde beauty said that she was missing Joey, but failed to go into any detail. 


#hustler @hoxtonhaus ☑️

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"I was supposed to be back on Tuesday and now I’m back on Thursday, so this is the longest we’ve ever been apart. It’ll be nine days" the LA native told The Mirror. 


Can't believe it's the finale episode tonight!

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 "I can’t answer any questions about Joey – sorry. Any other day you can ask me" she continued. 

These comments have left many of us wondering where these two reality stars stand with each-other.

We hope this couple, who have only been together a few weeks, make it through. 


Stephanie Pratt and Joey Essex signed up to an E4 dating show where they meet ordinary singles… but they kinda broke the rules last night.

The two reality stars opted to ditch the ordinary folk and go on a date with each other instead.

Sneaky, sneaky.

Joey asked Steph over to his MASSIVE house and cooked her a burger and chips. The two stars then retreated to the pool where they enjoyed a steamy kiss.

However, even thought the 'dating experts' on the show will be angry about the hook up, Joey and Stephanie's fans were absolutely delighted:



The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex seems to be enjoying romance again, since his split from Sam Faiers.

The on-off couple ended their relationship again in October 2014, and it looks like both have moved on.

Joey has been spotted getting cosy in Dubai with a gorgeous woman, Bethany Hitch, who looks, er, well creepily like Sam. 

He said: "I didn't want to get into a relationship because I have been loving the single life – it's amazing. But I think we could end up together. It's definitely heading that way."

He has also expressed his worry about the relationship: "I'm just worried my fame will freak her out. If our relationship gets serious, it's going to change her life. She'll end up doing interviews with magazines and photoshoots. I need her to be able to handle the pressure.

"Dating me is a life-changing experience," he claimed.

Meanwhile, Sam has been spotted with her boyfriend, Paul Day, and the pair look smitten. They have been an item since November 2014.

Despite the fact that they got engaged last year, it looks like Joey and Sam aren't on great terms since their split.

Sam blasted Joey in her autobiography Secrets and Lies, calling him delusional and stating that: "He plays on the ‘Little Boy Lost’ act and has always had a real skill for twisting things round to suit him because he has never really been made to grow up and take responsibility for himself."


We guess that's definitely the end of those two.



We were all a little worried for Sam Faiers when it was revealed that her ex Joey Essey had met a new lady while on holidays in Dubai.

However we needn't have panicked as it turns out Sam has had a secret boyfriend on the go… since November!

A source close to the blonde beauty opened up about her new man, businessman Paul Day, saying Sam was "head-over-heels in love."

The TOWIE star reportedly chose to keep the relationship out of the media because Paul is a bit of a wallflower. "The only reason Sam has been keeping it under wraps for the past three months is because she is worried about how Paul will cope with being flung into the spotlight," said the insider.

Sam apparently loves that her new man is "more mature" than Joey – and by the sounds of it he's definitely not a party boy. "He’s shy, not a big drinker and is not on any social media. He is not after her fame. He is just a genuine, down-to-earth guy," said the source.

The couple met at Sheesh Chigwell, a favourite dine-out spot for TOWIE stars, last year and hit it off from there, with Paul whisking Sam away on a break to Dubai last month. Even Sam's family are smitten with her new man – her stepdad David Chatwood has apparently begun referring to Paul as his "'future son-in-law."

As for Joey, he reportedly fell for Dubai native Reem Mesha while on holidays there, with the new match made all the more fateful by the fact that "Reem" is Joey's favourite catchphrase to describe anything he thinks is cool.

We're glad to see the couple are both moving on!



There’s been a TOWIE match made in heaven as it is revealed Joey Essex has a new girlfriend. But that’s not even the best bit…Joey’s new lady’s name is Reem.

Yes, Reem as in Joey’s catchphrase – talk about meant to be!

Joey met his new girlfriend while on holiday in Dubai and a source told The Sun that the reality TV star couldn’t believe his luck: “Joey couldn’t believe she’s called Reem – he even asked if she could show him her passport to prove it. He wasn’t looking for love when he flew out to Dubai, but Reem really took his fancy, not just because of her name.”

Oh, good well we’re glad they cleared that up!

It sounds like Joey and his reem new girlfriend, Reem could be TOWIE’s hot new couple. 



Reality TV star Joey Essex didn't have a great weekend by the sound of things!

The TOWIE party animal is in the US at the moment and went for a night on the tiles in the exclusive 10AK nightclub in West Hollywood. After splashing almost €2,000 on a private table for the night, he was kicked out less than an hour later for being too drunk. Ouch.

An insider told the Sunday Mirror that the star had no problem handing over a wad of cash. "Joey and his friend Jake were up for a big night and they heard it was the place to be so he decided it was a no-brainer to hand over the cash and have his own table," said the source.

"He loved it in there, partying alongside Paris Hilton, but he was politely asked to leave. Eventually he agreed to go but then he spent a while outside trying to get back in."

Joey was later pictured stumbling to the ground on Sunset Boulevard after failed attempts to re-enter the club:

He was also snapped dancing and giving the finger to the photographers.

Joey's apparently in California to scout out locations for a new TV show – but we doubt he got much done this weekend with that hangover!



After three years together, and numerous splits, Joey Essex and Sam Faiers have finally called it quits on their relationship. 

Following a brief split during a holiday in Marbella back in September, it was thought the TOWIE couple were in a good place – but sources say a “mutual” split has since taken place. 

Sources also say that Joey and Sam will remain good friends. 

Sam tweeted this morning wishing she had someone to make her breakfast in bed: “Wish i had someone to make me breakfast in the morning … That’s the only meal I always miss .. Bad bad xx.”

Could it really all be over this time around? Sounds like it!



Joey Essex and Sam Faiers have reportedly split up…again!

The TOWIE couple broke off their engagement last June but decided to give their love another go back in March of this year – but it seems it sadly didn’t work.

Following a series of small arguments while on holiday in Marbella, the couple have called an end to their relationship once again.

A source for The Sun told how Joey even flew home early during the disaster break: “The atmosphere between them wasn’t healthy and Joey simply had enough. He just had to get away.”

We really liked these two together – hopefully they can work it out. 


Former TOWIE cast member Joey Essex sure has a penchant for the fine things in life! It has been revealed that the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant racks up to €9,000 in clothes bills per month. Apparently, it's an expensive job looking that good!

Niamh Geaney reports.


One of our favourite past TOWIE stars Sam Faiers popped into the Wright Venue in Dublin to promote her new Ann Summers ‘Sexy For You’ campaign which is available in stores now. SHEmazing’s Niamh Geaney caught up with the Essex girl to talk about her beau Joey Essex, what’s she’s up to now, how she stays in such good nick and what we really want to know….what she thinks of her former flame Mark Wright’s fiancée Michelle Keegan. Check it out.