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Jacqueline Jossa has opened up about the struggles of being a mum in a beautifully honest post. The I’m a Celebrity winner had to leave her daughters for weeks when she was taking part in the reality show and the guilt was overwhelming, the former soapstar shared.

Jacqueline wrote: “Being a mum is tough, even when you feel like you haven’t been your best self that day, and you are tired and need a rest, even when you feel like you’ve done nothing to warrant a break!”


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She explained that finding the balance between motherhood and me-time is tough.

“It’s a constant battle with, oo I would love a nice dinner and a cheeky cocktail and oo snuggles and Disney movies with the munchkins. It’s important to do both guys,” she stressed.

Speaking about leaving her daughters Mia and Ella, the actress said it was the most difficult thing she’s ever done.


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“Leaving my babies to go into the jungle was the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do, and every single day I thought about them, some may criticise me for leaving them, that’s okay. You won’t understand my reasons, but I want to create a better life for them.


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“I want to be able to be at home and work, have date nights and family nights. I went into the jungle for myself, an experience I will never forget. I learnt so much and have become and even better mummy for it,” Jacqueline continued.

“I wanted to be able to be at home more, earn money to put into my business and hopefully open doors to new adventures, which I have done, so my risk of leaping into jungle life was the right decision for me.

"My babies still love me and it was all worth it! I guess what I’m trying to say is, if it’s for the right reasons, do it. Feel the fear and do it anyway,” the mum wrote.


Jacqueline Jossa has opened up about up about Dan Osborne’s alleged cheating in an interview with ITV’s Lorraine.

The actress, who was recently crowned Queen of the Jungle on I’m a Celeb, has kept a relatively low profile since the show ended last week.

The former EastEnders star wanted to spend time with her daughters and husband Dan, who has been hit with waves of cheating allegations since his wife entered the jungle.


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However, Jacqueline stressed that the current rumours didn’t surprise her.

“The thing is, it's really funny because we've been going through it for like two years. This isn't new for me."

"It's all stuff I knew about, it isn't new news, to me,” she said about her private conversation with fellow campmate Myles Stephenson.


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"It just got brought up again because Myles was with [Gabby Allen] you know it just got recuperated and stuff and at the same time I was really glad because it made me think of stuff while I was in there,” she stressed.

"I had no choice, I was in there for three and a half weeks, no phone, no contact with anyone…nothing but time, you got to think constantly and it just helped me a lot to be in there.

"To be honest, I want to hit a restart button. It's been two years of basically me giving him hell and it's not like he's got away lightly at all,” she shared.

Dan has denied all cheating allegations.


Huge congratulations are in order as Jacqueline Jossa has welcomed her second child. It is understood that she gave birth to her baby girl.

According to Ok! Magazine, Jacqueline and reality star Dan Osborne welcomed their second daughter into the world this morning.

Jacqueline and Dan also share three-year-old daughter Ella together.

The actress revealed that she was expecting her second child at the beginning of the year, admitting that she was stunned when she found out she was pregnant. 

"We both started laughing when the test was positive. We hadn’t been trying so it was a huge shock. I think I’m still getting my head around it,” the former Eastenders star admitted.

The parents have been through quite a rocky period as of late, with Dan moving out of their family home. However, Jacqueline said the dad is making an effort.

“We’re spending time together and seeing how things go. Dan hasn’t moved back in, but we’re seeing what happens,” she shared.

The mum-of-two added: “He’s here a lot helping with Ella and he’ll be hands-on when the baby arrives. We’re getting on at the moment and that’s the most important thing to us.”

We can’t wait to find out what name Jacqueline and Dan pick for their daughter.


While a public proposal might not be to everyone's taste, one of the distinct advantages is that there will be no shortage of cameras around to capture the moment.

We bet Jacqueline Jossa got a kick out of looking back at the exact moment her new fiancé Dan Osborne popped the question, after he got down on one knee in front of 40 of her closest friends and family on holidays in Greece last month.

The pair were there to celebrate Jacqueline's sister's wedding, and it seems Dan took advantage of the gorgeous location and family gathering to propose to his girlfriend of one year. Posting a picture of the moment to Instagram today, Jacqueline wrote, "One of the best moments of my life."

The couple, who have one daughter together, have already been making plans for their upcoming wedding, set to take place in England. They've even discussed the possibility of more children, though five-month-old Ella may have to wait a while for a little brother or sister.

"I don't want to lose my body ahead of the biggest day of my life. If the time is right we'll start trying after the wedding," Eastenders star Jacqueline told OK! magazine last week.

"I'd really like to have a boy, so if we have another baby and it's a girl, I'd be up for having one more," she explained. "I have a feeling I only produce girls, though, so Daniel could end up being out numbered."

Sounds like Jacqueline knows what she wants…


It's been a rocky year for former TOWIE star Dan Osborne, who became the subject of a police investigation last year when audio recordings of him verbally abusing his ex went public.

In the tapes, Dan can be heard threatening to stab Megan Tomlin  the mother of his toddler son Teddy  if she moves on with someone else. The recordings came to light when Jacqueline was two months pregnant with the couple's daughter, Ella, and she says it was extremely hard for her to deal with at the time.

"I've listened to the tapes, I was completely shocked by what I heard," the 22-year-old told OK! magazine. "I thought it was disgusting but it's something that we've worked out – he's been punished enough."

Speaking about the aftermath of the incident, Dan says he was thankful his now-fiancée listened to him and was willing to move on. "The things that came out of my mouth were really stupid but they were said in the heat of the moment because I was scared of not being able to see my son,” Dan said.

"If I was any kind of monster or wasn’t remorseful for what I said, then there’s no way Jacqui would still be with me."

Eastenders actress Jacqueline says she may never fully accept what Dan did but she has come to a better understanding of the situation now. "I don't think I'll ever forgive him for what he said. But at least I understand his reasons why," she explained. "Daniel and I are a family now, so it didn’t cross my mind to end the relationship."

The couple got engaged last month and have even discussed the possibility of more children, saying they hope to have at least one or even two siblings for Ella.

We're glad to see they have been working hard to repair the damage of the last year.



Actress Jacqueline Jossa is currently preparing for her wedding to Dan Osborne after the couple got engaged last month, but it seems she is making some other very important plans at the moment too.

Jacqueline and Dan welcomed their first child together, a little girl named Ella, back in February, and this week they revealed that they hope to have more children soon. Dan, who already has a toddler son named Teddy from his previous relationship with Megan Tomlin, told OK! magazine that he would love "two more" kids to add to their brood.

As for Jacqueline, she's agreed to that plan. But on one condition only… that it happens after their wedding, not before. "I don't want to lose my body ahead of the biggest day of my life. If the time is right we'll start trying after the wedding," she revealed.

The 22-year-old actress says she'd love a little brother for Ella, but has a suspicion that could take a while to happen. "I'd really like to have a boy, so if we have another baby and it's a girl, I'd be up for having one more," she explained. "I have a feeling I only produce girls, though, so Daniel could end up being out numbered."

Former TOWIE star Dan popped the question while on holidays in Greece for a family wedding three weeks ago. Never one to shy away from the limelight, he got down on one knee in front of 40 of Jacqueline's family and friends… but luckily the answer was yes:

Sounds like these two have a busy year ahead.


Four months after welcoming their first child together, loved-up couple Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa are set to tie the knot.

The couple are currently on the tail end of a holiday in Greece, where they visited to celebrate Jacqueline's sister's wedding last week. It seems wedding fever got the better of Dan, who popped the question yesterday, in front of 40 of his fiancée's friends and family.

As the pair's baby daughter Ella was too young to do the honours, it was up to Jacqueline's niece and nephew to celebrate the happy news via social media today.

The Eastenders actress posted an adorable video this morning of the two little ones chatting excitedly about their aunt's big news:


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How sweet is that?!

With a wedding on the way, former TOWIE star Dan is no doubt hoping for a positive end to what has been a very rocky period of time for him. The 23-year-old was axed from TOWIE and disgraced in the media late last year, after damning tapes emerged of him verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin, who is also the mother of his toddler son Teddy.

Despite the backlash, Jacqueline has stuck by Dan, and in an interview earlier this year the reality star said he was eternally grateful for her support. 

"More than anything, I’m sorry to Jacqueline. She’s put up with so much but supported me through everything. I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to her," he told Now magazine in January.

We're glad to see the pair making steps towards a happy life together… congrats!



Dan Osborne was recently suspended from The Only Way Is Essex – and now it's been confirmed he's gone for good.

The reality star was temporarily banned from the show earlier this year after a domestic abuse scandal involving his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin.

Dan's aggressive behaviour toward Megan came to light when two tapes were leaked to police in which he could reportedly be heard verbally abusing her and threatening her as she sobbed in the background.

The 23-year-old, who recently became a father for the second time in February when his current girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa welcomed a baby girl, was suspended from TOWIE at the height of the scandal.

Now the show's bosses have revealed he won't be returning for any future episodes. "Dan was suspended during the last series of TOWIE, and Lime Pictures and ITV have since decided he will not be returning to the show," ITV producers said in a statement this evening.

"We wish him luck in the future."

Earlier today Dan hit back at media reports that he had begged the show's producers to let him return for the upcoming TOWIE Marbella special, saying it was his decision not to appear.

"@CloserOnline this is COMPLETE lies.. NEVER has Jacqueline said this.. And I've NEVER begged any producer for absolutely anything.. In fact I was the one that said I wouldn't be going Marbella cause me and jac have a holiday lol.." he wrote, posting a screenshot of an article from Closer magazine. 

Whatever the situation, it seems Dan definitely won't be returning to our screens any time soon.



Ricky Rayment got himself in some trouble with TOWIE fans today when he made a badly thought-out joke about his co-star Dan Osborne.

Dan has had his fair share of criticism in the media recently, after he was fired from the reality show following allegations he had verbally abused his ex Megan Tomlin, who is the mother of his toddler son Teddy.

The 23-year-old recently became a father for the second time, welcoming a baby girl named Ella with his current girlfriend, Jacqueline Jossa – and Ricky took to Twitter this morning to poke some fun at the father-of-two.

Sharing a picture from The Sun newspaper of a man who had fathered 40 children by 20 women, Ricky wrote, "Haha @DannyO This is gonna be you #superspunk #bantaaaaa"

We're sure Ricky meant it as a joke but many Twitter users have been making their views known to the reality star.

"Bit harsh Ricky," wrote one follower, with another writing, "have some respect for @jacquelineMjos you absolute d*ck of a guy!"

As for Dan, he seems to have ignored Ricky's jibes so far, though he did take to social media today to share a recent picture of baby Ella with the caption, "She looks so much like her beautiful mummy."


She looks so much like her beautiful mummy

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Megan Tomlin has decided it’s time to speak out about recordings of her ex-boyfriend Dan Osborne which were circulated in the media in the last month.

Talking to new! magazine, Megan explained that the recordings were initially made to get help from friends and family:

“The recordings were first made to seek help from family members. It was only through this that people were able to see the true extent of the problem.”

Dan, who is now dating the mum of his newborn daughter, EastEnders’ star Jacqueline Jossa, has since apologised for his behaviour in the tapes, but Megan has said that what could be heard was far from a once-off:

“The tapes you’ve listened to or read about were not a one-off. They were typical of Daniel’s behaviour towards me.”

Megan now says she is seeking help to get past her unhealthy relationship with Dan, who is the father of her one-year-old son, Teddy:

“I’ve been to my GP numerous times because I can’t put into words how much of a strain the situation has been. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s hard to explain how much a person can get inside your mind and control how you feel.”

We hope Megan, Dan and Jacqueline can work their issues out for the sake of little Teddy and baby Ella. 

Update 09:50 – Dan's current girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa has tweeted her support for Dan on Twitter following Megan's interview.



It's been less than a week since the story broke that TOWIE's Dan Osborne may be facing legal trouble following an audio handed to the police. 

On the recording, which was obtained by The Sun, a voice said to be Dan's could be heard in conversation with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Megan. 

Using shocking language and threats, the voice said to be Dan's can be heard saying: "Fo f*** yourself" and threatening to stab Megan if she slept with another man. 

Dan also claimed on the clip that he was not in a relationship with actress Jacqueline Jossa, who was expecting his child at the time. 

Following the tape being handed over to the police, Dan was temporarily axed from the TOWIE set until everything was sorted out. No charges have been brought against him. 

Now, the reality TV star has acknowledged the recording and apologised publically for it with The Mirror reporting: 

"It has taken me a while to find the right words but I would like to say that I am truly sorry to anyone who was offended by what they heard.I am unable to talk about the difficulties with my current family situation but I am taking steps to resolve it to achieve the best outcome for my son. I am ashamed and embarrassed that I allowed myself to reach such a dark place that I behaved in a way that even I didn't recognise."

Dan went on in his statement to say that there are two sides to every story when it comes to a situation such as this one: 

"While I acknowledge that there is absolutely no excuse for my deeply regrettable behaviour, I plead for some understanding that I had no intention of violence. There are always two sides to every story and all of my friends and family who are close to me know that I’m not a violent person capable of anything like this. My words were said in anger and desperation at a very difficult time."

Finishing up, the reality TV star apologised to the TOWIE cast and crew regarding his behaviour and declared that he is taking a short break to concentrate on his family:

"I love my son Teddy very much and I'm doing all that I can to see him as often as possible. I'm also very sorry to everyone at TOWIE that I have let down and thank them for their understanding and support while I take a short break to concentrate on my family."

Dan and his girlfriend, Jacqueline welcomed baby Ella only weeks ago. 



Dan Osborne has been suspended from appearing on TOWIE and is currently under police investigation after shocking leaked audio footage, supposedly of Dan, was leaked to the media.

Now his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin has spoken out about the allegations, saying the leak was nothing to do with her.

On the leaked audio, Dan can be heard abusively threatening another woman, believed to be Megan, telling her he would stab her if she slept with another man. The woman then retaliates by telling Dan, "You're having a baby with someone else."

Dan and his current girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa recently had a baby girl together – making it all the more likely that the recording is indeed of Dan and Megan.

However Megan has denied claims she was the one who handed over the recording.

"No, I didn't leak the tape. I'm looking into how it's got so much media attention. The police have it, obviously, and I have been accused of selling it. I didn't," she told The Mirror.

Far from trying to "destroy" Dan and Jacqueline's relationship by leaking the audio clip to the media, Megan insists she was the one who ended things with Dan. 

"In the past 18 months, a lot of what's been written hasn't been based on fact,” she said.. "I'm not jealous and trying to split them up. I was the one who ended the relationship! I was happy telling him to go off and do what he's got to do.”

Although Dan has yet to be charged with any offence, he will not appear on TOWIE while the police investigation is ongoing.