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Maura Higgins has penned a moving note in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week. The Love Island star opened up about her own personal struggles in a bid to raise awareness and to encourage her followers to seek help if they too are suffering.

Alongside a series of unfiltered photos, the reality star shared: "So many of us hide behind filters & I am not going to come on here and lie…I am one of them BUT don’t do it to impress others…do it for yourself, just like everything else in life. DO YOU!!!

"Stop comparing yourself to others. We are all human, we all have our bad days, bad photos, bad angles etc. I want to let every person reading this know that NOBODY IS PERFECT. Being in the public eye we have the privilege of having stylists, makeup artists, PT’s etc. But behind all that glam and social media we are just normal people!


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She continued, "If you want to be happy, don’t take stuff personal, let things go & let other people be! I have been trolled my whole life like many people & the best thing to do is IGNORE IT! Those people being nasty or behind their keyboards are far from perfect too!

The model encouraged her followers to take care of their mental wellbeing, especially during the current pandemic. She added, "Focus on you, your mental health & your well being physically and mentally. And if there’s times you are struggling, don’t suffer in silence, please talk to someone."

There's no doubt that many people will seek comfort from Maura's honest and moving words.


The winner of Love Island 2018 has opened up about his split from Dani Dyer, blaming their break-up on the intensity of moving the relationship along too fast.

The reality star is currently searching for The One on Celebs Go Dating, and got candid about what went wrong with his previous girlfriend.

After admitting to dating experts Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson that he doesn't think he's ever been in love, he spoke about having a relationship that's totally in the spotlight.


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"Dani is the one I was attracted to. We just sort of clicked, like, personality-wise. Then we just spent every day together for two months. That's intense," he said.

"This was like the ideal scenario," he added. "But when we lived together… I think if we had lived in Love Island forever we'd have been fine. But we didn't. We rushed it, we moved straight in together straight away."

Jack admitted that he did initially want to move in with Dani straight away, but said: "I wish we'd have waited. I let her rush it a little bit.


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"We had a genuine connection in there, and I think anyone could see that. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I wish her all the happiness in the world, I'm not a bitter person."

He made sure to mention that he's "100%" over Dani and is definitely ready to start dating again. "I want to find someone now," he said.

Dating experts set Jack up on a date with Chiara in last night's episode, but it got fairly awkward, to say the least. Jack interrupted Chiara constantly, asking her a barrage of questions.

There was a mix-up when he believed she wanted to leave with the waiter, and then actually tried to set her up with one of them. *Sigh*.

The date didn't end well, with Jack labelling it 'a disaster': "That's the most surreal date I've been on. That was really weird," he said.

"You know, that's the first dating disaster I've had – I'm going to call it a disaster. That's the first date I've been on that I've thought, 'f**k that'."

Feature image: Instagram/@dani_dyer_jack_fincham/ITV


Zara McDermott has revealed how she went from working for the Government to being on Love Island.

The reality star took to YouTube to open up about her journey on the popular ITV series.

Before her Love Island days, Zara admitted she never had an interest in being on reality TV, even admitting that she had a bad view of reality TV stars in the past.


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“I didn’t see a place for myself. Reality TV isn’t just for a very small portion of people. I wasn’t 100% convinced that it was for me,” she explained.

Zara even admitted that she told her mum that she would never go on reality TV. “You couldn’t pay me. I was like I love my job too much. I could never give that up. I’m not into arguing and I’m quite relaxed.


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ITV2 were the ones who contacted Zara about being on the show. She said: “I think the reason I got scouted out was because I had quite a good Instagram. I’d been doing some minor influencing for a while.

Zara also felt her career made her stand out. “I’m not sure if they thought ‘this girl could be a good candidate for the show, she’s got a good job, she clearly cares about how she looks’.

Once she emailed the researcher she felt like she had made a mistake. “Straight after I emailed, I was like no I don’t want to do that. This is not for me.”


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After a while, she soon realised that being part of Love Island would be a ‘fantastic opportunity’.

“I was so nervous at first. I had my career planned out in my head. I didn’t see myself being a reality star.”

There’s no doubt Zara is glad she took the chance, having met her beau Adam in the Love Island villa. She admitted that she had just experienced a difficult breakup before the show and had very little confidence in herself.


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“I gave up all hope of finding someone. I thought ‘I’m never going to meet someone in Love Island. All these beautiful girls, I’m never going to meet anyone.”

“From the first five seconds of walking in I was like ‘Adam’. You know when you get that instant click with someone? I can’t even explain it, I’ve never had it before,” she gushed.

We’re sure Zara is glad she trusted her gut and went on the reality show. It certainly changed her life in ways she never imagined before.


The Love Island reunion brought us some festive cheer, hilarious drama and some juicy gossip.

Although last night's programme reunited us with some of our fave Love Islanders – there was an iconic face missing.

Jack Fowler was nowhere to be seen and fans weren't too pleased.


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Jack had been a central character to our Love Island summer drama, ruffling feathers as he hopped from one Laura to another.

Pursuing and dating both Laura Anderson and Laura Crane – he gave us hours of endless entertainment.

Although we were very much looking forward to seeing his cheeky face back on our screens – we were disappointed as he was a no-show.

We weren't the only ones, as fans flooded Twitter to express their disappointment.

Jack seemed to be enjoying the flurry of tweets as he took to the social media platform to explain his absences.

"Your tweets have given me an hour and a half of entertainment…But for now, I'm Milly rocking my way to my dates ⁦@CelebsGoDating⁩," he wrote.

So it seems that Jack was missing due to his participation in the Celebrity dating show.

Although we were sad not to see his face grace our telly screens last night, we look forward to seeing him soon and getting the low down on his dating life.


Things are certainly back on track for Dani and Jack.

The Love Island winners shared clips snuggled up together watching the reunion.

Airing last night, we saw the 2018 contestants reunited.

Last week, we feared that our FAVE couple of this year's cast was over for good.


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Luckily, Dani's dad informed the public that Jack and his daughter had a row.

In the heat of the moment, Dani had put the statement up on her Instagram stories that the pair had gone their separate ways.

However, their social media last night showed a very different story.

On Dani's Instagram stories, she was cuddled up with a topless Jack to tune into the reunion.

Over on Jack's stories, he posted a video of his running commentary of the show, whilst Dani was heard giggling away.

So it's safe to say that the couple are firmly back together.

Taking to Twitter, Dani thanked fans for all their sweet comments during the programme.

"Glad you all enjoyed the love island reunion so weird watching it,"  she tweeted.

"And thank you for all the lovely comments glad we can still entertain you."

The couple definitely hasn't lost their appeal with the public and we are DELIGHTED that all is well for Jack and Dani. 


Love Island stars have been breaking up left, right and centre since the show went off-air in the summer.

However, one relationship hit the headlines like none other and that was of course, Georgia and Sam.


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Fans were stunned to see the couple go their separate ways, and the drama hasn’t stopped since they split.

Sam accused his former beau of cheating on him following their break-up and it’s safe to say tensions are still high.

The pair reunited at the Love Island Christmas special recording this weekend and filming certainly didn’t go well at all.


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A TV source told The Sun: “Georgia made a late entrance at the mansion where the show was being filmed – with producers introducing her as the ‘bombshell’ arrival.”

“The big moment was Georgia coming face-to-face with Sam again properly after he exposed her of betraying him and being a disloyal girlfriend,” they added.

It is believed Sam confronted his ex about the cheating allegations during filming, “Sam pushed her to own up to her wrongdoings in front of Caroline and the other islanders, who’ve all seen the proof for themselves, but nothing could persuade her to tell the truth.


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“In the end she tried to get her own back on Sam by saying he made her feel miserable when they were together,” the source revealed.

Georgia is most certainly determined to stand by her guns, but what do you think? Is she really as ‘loyal’ as she claims or is Sam telling the truth?


Love Island’s Dr Alex George has confirmed that he is returning to his day job. The doctor turned reality star admitted he has missed working in A&E and has been longing to go back over the past few months.

The A&E doctor explained why he made this major decision: “Love Island was the experience of a lifetime, but ever since I left the villa I've genuinely missed working for the NHS.”

“That's why this week, I'm going back to A&E. I trained for years for the opportunity to help people, and I can't wait to get back to doing what I love,” he added.


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“I'll be using my platform to raise awareness around health issues among young people,” he explained.

“Hopefully I'll be able to give you a bit of insight into what it's like on the front lines of the NHS. I hope you all continue this incredible journey with me. Here we go!” he wrote.


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Fans commended the Love Island contestant for his decision.

One fan wrote: “Respect for that. You have worked for many years and you don’t throw your hard work in the bin to be famous I love that.”


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“Good man. Doing something real is so much more rewarding. Look out for the fans though. A&E may be inundated with broken nails and twisted ankles,” one joked.

Another said: “Top man Alex, couldn’t care less regarding all them free tracksuits.”

We couldn’t agree more. Power to ya Dr Alex.


Love Island's Laura Crane is in hospital.

The pro-surfer was admitted three days ago and has only began sharing photos of her experience now.

On her Insta story, she took a selfie laying on a hospital bed with a nurse in the background.

She captioned the image: “Day 3, I hate being [sick].”

After several days of her hospital stay, Laura is starting to grow worried about her condition.

“No more hospitals I BEG”, she said followed by a crying emoji.

“Pray that I go home today”.

Laura’s rep told The Sun that it is “a scary time” for the Love Island star and her loved ones.

“Laura is sadly quite unwell. She was rushed in on Tuesday and they quickly diagnosed sepsis.

“It’s taking time to control her temperature and rid her blood of the infection, but it had spread quite rapidly.

“A scary time for her and her family but we’re praying she makes a full recovery in the next couple of days.”

Her condition came on quite suddenly and it is unsure what caused it as of this moment.


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Meanwhile, the surfer is trying to remain positive and focus on her well-being.

Reminiscing on her version of paradise, Laura shared an old photo of her on the beach with a gorgeous sunset background.

“If there is ever a place I belong … it’s here , watching the sun melt in to the ocean”, she said.

We are glad to see that Laura is alright at the moment and we wish her all the best in her recovery.

Updates on her condition to follow.


It looks like Love Island star Ellie Brown has moved on from millionaire boyfriend Charlie with another reality star.

The 20-year-old was spotted getting pretty cosy with The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex.

Ellie took to Instagram to post quite the sweet video of the pair. She turned up to support her rumoured boyfriend after he took part in a spooky Halloween challenge.

She shared a video of her and Joey cuddling with her Instagram followers.

“Absolutely smashed it – I'm very proud" Ellie gushed before sharing a kiss with the TOWIE star.


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Fans have been swooning over the duo ever since Ellie posted the video last night.

“Ellie Brown & Joey Essex are seeing each other? Night made what a cute couple,” one wrote.


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Another added: “When you see Ellie Brown and Joey Essex insta-kiss. Every princess needs to kiss a few frogs to find there prince and hopefully, this is your babe #majorcutecouple.”

A source close to the pair told The Sun that they connected the second they met earlier in October.

“They met for the first time there on Wednesday and immediately hit it off drinking and partying into the early hours."


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Ellie and fellow Love Island star Charlie Brake ended their relationship in September. Fans have been rallying around Ellie since their break-up so there’s no doubt they’ll be thrilled to see her so happy with Joey Essex.

The duo have yet to comment on whether they’re together or not but fans have already started shipping ‘Jellie’ so here’s hoping they are.


There’s been a Love Island shaped hole in our hearts since the final episode aired in the summer.

We’ve missed Dani, Jack and co. and there’s no doubt the show’s millions of followers do too so news of a Christmas special is bound to brighten this gloomy Friday.

Rumour has it, the 2018 contestants are going to reunite for a special Christmas episode, but we can’t help but worry about ALL the awkward moments they’ll have to sit through.

Five of this year’s couples have called it quits, including Laura and Paul and Charlie and Ellie.

Georgia and Sam also went their separate ways recently after Georgia supposedly wasn't loyal to her Love Island beau.


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A mere four couples have kept their love alive since leaving the show this summer.

“Bosses have been wanting to get the cast back together for a few years now but have finally been given the green light because of the success of this year’s show,” a source told The Sun.


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“They know exactly the kind of drama that viewers want to see and getting together the couples who have split will certainly make for tense viewing,” they continued.

The Love Island Christmas special is going to be full of drama and we must admit we cannot wait.


We must admit we were quite surprised to hear of Georgia Steel’s and Sam Bird’s break-up this morning. The Love Island couple looked as happy as ever as they attended the ITV Palooza last night.

Fans were baffled by their announcement last night, especially because of how aloof the pair were.

Sam admitted he didn’t want to comment on the reason for the breakup, adding that he was too devastated to open up about it.


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Rumour has it Georgia wasn’t loyal to her Love Island beau, which caused the pair to go their seperate ways.

A source close to the couple told OK! Magazine that Sam is heartbroken: “He truly believed that Georgia was the one.”

“After their experience on Love Island, leaving the show to be together and moving in their home – he thought him and Georgia would be together for the long run,” they revealed.

“In his eyes they had a good relationship. However, Sam has recently found out Georgia has not been loyal to him,” the source revealed.

Georgia commented on their break-up on Instagram stories last night, but never mentioned a reason for the split.


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"I’m very sad to say me and Sam have split up,” she wrote.

“I will always care about him. However, please understand this is a hard time for both of us, thank you,” Georgia concluded.

Sam and Georgia are the fifth Love Island couple to end their relationship.


Georgia Steel and Sam Bird have decided to end their relationships and we must admit their statements have made us feel pretty teary eyed.

It is believed the Love Island pair called it quits last night.

Sam took to Twitter to share the sad news. He tweeted: “I’m devastated to announce me and Georgia have split up for reasons I can't bring myself to comment on at the moment.”


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He added: “As always I wish her all the best.”

Georgia took to her Instagram stories to comment on the break-up.

“I’m very sad to say me and Sam have split up,” she wrote.

“I will always care about him. However, please understand this is a hard time for both of us, thank you,” Georgia concluded.

Fans were pretty stunned to hear about Sam and Georgia’s break-up, especially after the couple were spotted looking as happy as ever together at ITV Palooza yesterday.


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Sam and Georgia are one of many Love Island couples who have called it quits recently. Laura Anderson and Paul Knops ended their love affair last month.

Charlie and Ellie went their separate ways too, as did Samira and Frankie.

It'll come as no surprise to see that Dani and Dyer and Jack Fincham are still going strong. The Love Island winners are going from strength to strength. They’ve even adopted a dog together named Sandy.