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Congratulations are in order as Mario Falcone has welcomed his first child into the world.

The former Towie star shared the big news on his Instagram this morning.

“Happy to announce the birth of our beautiful little boy PARKER JAX FALCONE. Weighing 7lbs 4oz,” he gushed.

“Both mummy Becky Miesner and baby are fine. He is absolutely perfect!”

In the adorable photo, Mario, his fiancée Becky, and baby Parker are all holding hands.


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How cute!

Parker was born on Friday November 9 at 9:47pm.

And Becky and Mario are over the moon to have finally met their baby boy.


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Mario and Becky announced they were expecting in May, opting not to know the baby’s sex until the birth.

So they had quite the surprise when little Parker was born and are overjoyed to raise the boy together.

"I am beyond proud of you, Becky," the dad said last month. "You look so so beautiful! Can't wait to see if you cooked a prince or princess in there."


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Many of the couples’ friends have commented on the photo, congratulating the parents.

Gemma Collins wrote, “Congratulations” followed by a bunch of love hearts.

And Love Island star Johnny Mitchell said, “Congratulations, brother” to the new dad.

We can't wait to see pics of baby Falcone and meet Mario's mini me.


It seems Vicky Pattison has a new man – and if you're a fan of TOWIE, then you'll know him very well.

The Geordie beauty was seen leaving Mario Falcone's house in Essex over the weekend, giving a little public display of affection for the cameras before she left.

Vicky had a quick chat with her man and planted a kiss on Mario's lips before hopping into a taxi, presumably after a night out.

The Loose Women regular was wearing a red and white floral summer dress and carrying an Ann Summers bag, while the TOWIE star was dress down in a black top and camouflage shorts.

It seems that since Vicky moved down to Essex, she's getting closer and closer to Mario. The Mirror has even reported that Vicky moved in with Mario while she was setting her new house up.

So, you never know ladies, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship. 

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A mere matter of months since his highly publicised breakup with Lillie Lexie Gregg and only weeks following his brief rekindling of romance with Charlotte Crosby, it seems Gary Beadle is wasting no time getting back in the dating game. 

The Geordie Shore favourite was spotted out on a date with model and familiar face, Emma McVey. 

You may recognise Emma as the ex of Mario Falcone, former cast member of The Only Way is Essex. 

Gary and Emma were snapped out getting food in Leeds over the weekend sparking rumours that there was a romance blossoming between the two. 

Emma dated Mario from November of 2014 up until the summer when the TOWIE star tweeted a series of cryptic tweets one reading: "Never trust anyone… Sometimes even those closest to you are the worst."

He then went on the delete any photos of him and the stunning brunette from his Instagram before confirming to the press in October that the pair had gone their separate ways.

We're guessing that one didn't end well then. 

Meanwhile Charlotte cleared up any romance rumours between the cast members in a recent YouTube video where she describes her recent romp with Gary was just a "holiday fling" while the pair were both in London. 

They're no Char and Gaz, but what do you make of Gary's potential new lady? 


After four years with the ITV reality series The Only Way Is Essex, star Gemma Collins has officially called it quits.

After a dramatic time with the series, the blonde has reportedly quit the show in order to concentrate on other work. Reports are saying that she is part of the line-up for this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, which is due to begin next week.

Gemma, 34, had previously quit the show in order to join the cast of I’m A Celebrity, but after her less than enjoyable trip to the jungle she made her return to TOWIE.

Speaking to the MailOnline, a representative for Gemma has said that:

“Gemma has enjoyed her time on the show but feels the time is right to move onto new projects.”

Since the announcement Gemma has taken to twitter and has been sharing many of her fans messages of support.

Gemma, who was a car saleswoman before joining the series, has had quite a dramatic time in recent months. Earlier this year she took time away from filming for the show after bosses were less than pleased with her behaviour.

Her supposed “hissy fit” in Marbella was enough for her to step away from the cameras for a time.

Just a week ago, another cast member, Mario Falcone announced that he would be quitting the series. The Mirror reported that producers for TOWIE were supposedly preparing themselves for more departures to come at the time.

TOWIE are in a bit of a pickle at the minute – Mario Falcone's gone, Gemma's leaving; there will be more jumping ship soon,” a source has supposedly admitted.

While reports say that Gemma is being offered TV work for more money elsewhere, she herself has said:

“People offer me things all the time but I just can’t seem to leave TOWIE. And I mean massive things — I was meant to be going on Celebrity Big Brother but I turned it down because I only do things if my heart is in it.”


He dated a load of his Towie castmates – including Lucy, Chloe and Lauren – but seemed to find true love with the stunning Emma McVey.

Still, it wasn't meant to be for Mario Falcone and his lingerie model girlfriend of eight months: the duo appear to have split for good.

The reality TV star has recently returned to the hit ITV2 show following his suspension, and he and Emma have enjoyed several jaunts abroad since beginning their relationship late last year.

Both regularly kept their fans updated with romantic images of their outings and day-to-day activities, but now Mario has done a total clearout… deleting 27-year-old Emma from every one of his social media posts.

Her Instagram account has also become noticeably quiet: unusually, she hasn't shared a single photo of her former beau for more than three weeks. She also took to Twitter over the weekend to report that she was "drained".

Mr Falcone and Ms McVey were rumoured to have broken-up in March following a spat, but it had seemed like they had put their differences aside.

Last time they fell out – supposedly because of his onscreen flirtations with ex Chloe Lewis – Emma was vocal about her dissatisfaction, going online to state via her Twitter account that she was "far too good" to put up with such behaviour. 

"You slate your friends for disrespecting people for air time. Wow @Mario_Falcone you almost fooled me," she added at the time.



TOWIE star Mario Falcone got put in his place on Twitter last night after his girlfriend Emma McVey exploded at him for some very badly thought out comments on last night's episode.

Mario was seen telling Ferne McCann that he fancied new TOWIE cast member Chloe Lewis, but that she couldn't set him up with her "yet."

Emma took to Twitter to blast Mario, saying he "almost fooled" her and that she was "too good" for him.

Despite the angry words, Mario seems like he might already be moving on. The reality star shared a very telling post on Twitter today which made it clear he's not bothered by what people are saying about him.

The 27-year-old posted a quote which read, "As long as you are worried about what others think of you, you are owned by them. Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself."

That emoji says it all!

Fans were quick to comment and show their support for the star despite his bad behaviour. "Soo true Maz! Hope your ok xx," wrote one, with another writing, "you have freedom, freedom to grow and better yourself, freedom to feel true happiness."

Emma has yet to respond on Twitter, but we're willing to bet there were some VERY angry texts exchanged between her and Mario this morning!



It looks as if TOWIE star Mario Falcone could be in trouble with his girlfriend Emma McVey after last night’s episode.

During a conversation with Ferne McCann, Mario tells Ferne that while he isn’t single, he had a certain interest in TOWIE newbie, Chloe Lewis, saying: “You can’t set me up with her yet. She’s a very pretty girl there’s’ no denying that. She’s my type, yeah. He [Jake] should be counting his lucky stars that I’m not single because I will crack on with the ex.”

Judging by Emma’s tweets straight after the scene, all is NOT good between the couple: “Yes @Mario_Falcone did meet me straight after that scene with @fernemccann. Be happy with your Essex girl I’m far too good for that.”

Emma also hinted in another tweet that Mario had been putting on an act for their relationship: “You slate your friends for disrespecting people for air time. Wow @Mario_Falcone you almost fooled me.”

Ouch. The online war-of-words come only weeks after Mario denounced his ex-girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh over Emma, saying: “Lucy will put on a face full of make-up to go to Sainsbury’s – Emma won’t. Emma’s a natural beauty, she doesn’t feel the need to.”

Could things be over for this couple already? 



Mario Falcone has taken comparisons between his current girlfriend, Emma McVey and his ex Lucy Mecklenburgh very much to heart.

In defence of Emma, whom many have said looks a lot like his ex, Mario made the bizarre decision to slam Lucy, calling her less natural, telling new! magazine: “Lucy will put on a face full of make-up to go to Sainsbury’s – Emma won’t. Emma’s a natural beauty, she doesn’t feel the need to.”

We understand Mario’s frustrations at people making comparisons between the two women, given that he and Lucy no longer talk, but was there really any need to downplay Lucy’s looks like that? Definitely not.

Both Emma and Lucy are stunners and we have no idea why Mario has pitted them against each other in a far worse way than any Twitter trolls had done.

It seems that the comparisons between the two women are just too much for Mario, as he called them 'tiresome': "The only comparison is they have dark hair and have both been linked to me.”

Lucy and Mario were once engaged but things ended badly for the couple who are not thought to be on good terms. Lucy is now seeing gymnast, Louis Smith. 



Mario Falcone appears to have found himself a very laid-back girl in Emma McVey! The TOWIE star was criticised today after photos of the pair on holiday were printed on MailOnline.

In the photos, Mario can be seen breaking his chocolate ice-cream cone into Emma’s face. Although she looks far from impressed in the photos, she has since spoken out about the incident.

People were quick to tell Mario that his actions were NOT okay, but Emma says they have a similar sense of humour: “I really don’t know why people are getting so angry about this…he definitely has my sense of humour. I was just happy I managed to keep hold of my ice-cream.”

While we’re sure the two were just having a laugh, we can tell you we would be far from impressed if our significant other smushed ice-cream into our face! 

Emma and Mario have been dating for a few months now and appear to be very happy together. 



There is a new love interest on the scene for TOWIE star Mario Falcone, who is now said to be officially off the market!

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s ex-fiancé posted photos of himself and his new lady, Emma McVey, on his Instagram account.

Emma is a lingerie model from the UK and is currently based in Miami – does that mean Mario will be making the big move?!

Surprisingly, it sounds as if Mario and Emma are moving VERY fast as he is already calling her his ‘wife’! The reality TV star captioned a loved-up photo: “Miami heat with the wife @emma_jane1932.”


Miami Heat with the wife @emma_jane1392

A photo posted by @mario_falcone17 on

Hmm, so does the reality TV star have some big news to share or is it just a sweet term of endearment?! 


It's all over, folks. After just six months, TOWIE's Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright have confirmed they've split.

The couple got together earlier this year during a TOWIE spin-off show in Marbella, and had just recently moved in together and introduced their kids to one another.

Their reps claim the break-up is amicable, but a source close to the pair says they are both "cut up about it."

It's thought the split could be linked to Chloe's ongoing friendship with her old flame Mario Falcone, though Elliott's publicist denies this is the case. "They love each but they've been having a few rows. Not over Mario, that's a completely separate issue," she said.

Chloe and Mario were pictured kissing on a night out back in March, just before she got together with Elliott.

Despite her new relationship the reality star has remained close to Mario, which Elliott was apparently not happy about.

Just last month though, Chloe spoke about her hopes that Elliott would propose. "'I drop hints to Elliott all the time," she admitted in an interview with Closer. "My friends tell him how desperate I am to get married, to trigger the whole idea in his mind!"

Elliott also recently opened up about the relationship, saying he hoped it wouldn't fall foul to the TOWIE break-up curse. "We're very happy. I know people say about the curse but I don't see that happening. Not for us anyway… I think the good thing about me and Chloe is we do work together, we both live together, we've both got kids and I think it just shows that we're quite happy at the moment and it means it's a solid relationship."

Hmmm… maybe they'll work things out? We hope so!



It seems Mario Falcone, star of TOWIE, has officially moved on from his broken engagement with former TOWIE co-star Lucy Mecklenburgh if his sister Giovanna Fletcher's comments are anything to go by.

Commenting on her brother's love life,she says: “He's looking. He has to find someone. Flings are fine for a certain amount of time, but as the years trickle by you want to find your life partner.” We wonder if Lucy will bristle at the implication she may have only been a fling in Mario's eyes.We know we would!


The pair's tearful Christmas goodbye last December suggested Lucy felt she may regret her decision to end the relationship saying: “Part of me in my heart says that 'yeah,I love you' and if it could be like it was in the beginning, yeah it would be amazing.”


Despite the awkward tumble Lucy took at the opening of Mondrian hotel last night, latest reports suggest that the 22-year-old is now getting on just fine without Mario! The stunning brunette has been dating TV presenter Gethin Jones of late, but the pair are yet to make it official. We wonder what Mario will make of this new developments.