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Bella Hadid has posted to Instagram to share her excitement to walk in the upcoming Victorias Secret Fashion Show. 

Taking to Instagram the model uploaded a series of snaps of herself posing in a black underwear set, but was quickly attacked by body shamers for her thin frame.

'@victoriassecret fittings today. I can’t wait for you to see all of the beautiful outfits …i’m so grateful to be a part of the show again, feeling happier and healthier than ever,' she wrote in the caption.. 


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'Need to give up that cotton ball diet for a real meal,' wrote one commentator. 'Sad. Eat some ribs, and then maybe we won’t have to see so many,' said another.

'Yeah, I literally feel like I have to look like this to be pretty…and that’s messed up,' another follower wrote. 

Bella responded to the negativity in a pretty simple and dignified manner. 


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The model later amended her caption to address the comments being made about her body.

'All body types are different and react differently to a great workout routine and a healthy diet,' she added. 

Bella's weight has been a topic of conversation since 2016. The star was perviously accused of "glamorising anorexia" on social media, particularly in one a black and white photo from Decemeber 2016, in which her thigh gap and prominent ribs are clearly visible.


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"Your ribs. Eat. Dangerous role model for young girls looking at you as an idol," said one commenter.

"Is she anorexic? Stop glamorising eating disorders!" said another. Another wrote 'your body is goals.' 

Bella has previously been diagnosed with Lyme disease, a disorder which causes both weight loss and weight gain in sufferers as it effects the metabolism. 

However two years ago, Bella told Business Insider: 'I’ve been eating hard protein every day, and working out for three hours every day.'

'It’s crazy but I think that if you set your mind to something, I think you can succeed.' 


You never know what someone is going through.

Poor Megan McKenna was targeted by trolls as they attacked her appearance.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Megan was battling with a secret medical condition.


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The former TOWIE star was now clapped back at the haters and revealed her struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

IBS can bring a lot of complications, which includes severe bloating and weightloss. 

Megan has opened up about how IBS has been wrecking havoc on her own body and how 'vile' trolls are.


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In an interview with MailOnline, Megan spoke about the body shaming.

The 25-year-old explained: "I didn’t know what it was and people were really criticising me, saying you look anorexic, you look skeletal, it’s disgusting’.

"It annoys me that people think they have the right to say it to me or have the right to call someone fat. The trolls online are vile".


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Megan detailed that her condition was only recently diagnosed last year, and she has been "dealing with it in private."

The TV personality went onto explain the reality of living with IBS.

"When I get really bloated my belly can swell up to the point where I literally look two months pregnant."

"I can go from that extreme, to having a really bad belly and losing weight – because if you can’t keep [food] down, how are you going to keep it on?", she added. 


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common condition and it affects the digestive system.

It can be a lifelong problem which can cause bloating and stomach cramps.

Diet changes and medicines can often offer some relief to symptoms.

If you're concern that you may have IBS, talk to your doctor. 

Ignore the haters, we think Megan is FAB. 



Zoiey Smale, the winner of Miss UK 2017, has handed over her crown after pageant officials told her to “lose as much weight as she could” before competing at an international level.

After winning the title in June of this year, the 28-year-old was gearing up to represent her country at Miss United Continents in Ecuador next month.

However, the size 10 model has removed herself from the competition after international directors suggested she was too heavy to be a serious contender.

Speaking to The Independent, Zoiey revealed how the experience has prompted her to take a break form pageants, and instead use her voice to promote body-confidence.

“She [the UK director of Miss United Continents] told me every pageant has their own criteria but did tell me she wasn't happy with the international directors' decision,” she said. 

“I can't represent a company that thinks it's OK to body shame women because they don't have the right measurements," she went on. "I was asked to submit every measurement on my body, which I didn't do. My measurements should be irrelevant.”

She added: “I thought I'd entered a competition supported the empowerment of women. But it went against everything that I stand for and it wasn't the pageant for me.”

Having first competed at the tender age of 18, this is the first time Zoiey has witnessed this kind of body-shaming in the pageant industry.

She ever revealed how winning three national titles helped her to battle an eating disorder she developed as a teenager.

“I used to hunch and make myself smaller to not stand out. I put pressure on myself to be as small as possible and developed a unhealthy view of myself and food.”

“Pageants were a place where they embraced my height so it helped me develop a love for myself. I didn't take them very seriously but I saw a side that was alien to me: empowerment.”

Following her revelations, Zoiey says she has received numerous emails praisng her descion to drop the title.

She may not get the chance to be crowned Miss United Continents, but she's still a Queen to us. 


So, at this stage we have all seen that picture of Rihanna looking sexy AF in her festival outfit, posing up a storm and working her angles. 

Wearing a teal wig, diamond bra, and a plethora of feathers, Queen Ri has frankly never looked better.

After she broke the internet by slaying in that picture, and other image surfaced on the web, and haters took the opportunity to diss Riri for it. 


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The image shows Rihanna looking unposed and comfortable, adjusting her outfit. 

The picture could be deemed by some to be unflattering, but this is Rihanna we're talking about, she always slays. 

The snap was uploaded in a side-by-side with the image Rihanna shared to her own Instagram, with a tweet reading 'Rihanna played us.'

Okay, so we all know our best poses, and not everyone looks fab when caught off guard and poorly angled (the unexpected opening of the selfie cam anyone?), but Rihanna was being body shamed by this Twitter user, as he insinuated that Rihanna was attempting to trick people into thinking she was hot by uploading a flattering picture of herself. 

Twitter was having absolutely none of his body shaming nonsense, and took to the response section in their droves to defend the singer.

Here are a few of our favourite responses: 



Body shaming is still alive and well in society, whether it's in the Instagram comment section or among a peer group.

For many people, body shaming is something they deal with everyday, and the very first time anyone made a comment about their bodies was memorable.

The founder and CEO of sportswear company Oiselle Sally Bergesen took to Twitter to ask women to share that first comment on Twitter to shed light on the issue.

Hundreds of women took to the hashtag #TheySaid after Sally shared her own experience of being called a 'butterball' as a child. 

Women from all walks of life and of all shapes and sizes shared their experiences, proving not only that body shaming is a regular occurrence, but that it effects women of all sizes. 

Many of the experiences were completely heartbreaking: 

The comments were made by family, co-workers and even college professors. 

The hashtag aimed to create a narrative around body shaming, and women from around the world are still contributing.  


Things like cellulite, stretch marks and so-called imperfections aren't often the first thing we see when we open a magazine.

However, that doesn't mean that models don't have these socially constructed flaws, it just means that they haven't chosen to showcase them in the pages of a fashion spread or in that perfectly lit Instagram bikini photo.

One model who is proud to show off her figure, cellulite be damned, is Charli Howard, who has shown off her dimples in a new post to promote her #AllWomanProject, which encourages women to embrace themselves.  


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"They, say do something each day that scares you, so re-posting this is mine for the day. Despite the fact I speed walk everywhere, squat, run and occasionally do @pure_barre, I'm still left with cellulite," she captioned the intimate image. 

"I went to an all-girls' boarding school and really used to envy the girls in my class who seemingly had none, and whose bodies looked, to me, nothing less than perfect." 

"Whenever I opened magazines, the models and celebrities I saw didn't have cellulite either – and if they did, they were shamed in the tabloids because of it, or knocked off their perch by nasty journalists who probably have it themselves. (Note: fuck you.)"


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"As a result, I felt like my cellulite was shameful, or an oddity. It wasn't until I got older and saw other women's bodies that I realised HOW BLOODY NATURAL IT IS.  It's nothing to be ashamed of. "

"Your boyfriend isn't gonna care if you have it, and if he does, dump him for his mate. Just kidding (or am I?)."

"Don't get me wrong – my cellulite isn't my favourite part of my body, nor is it something I shout from the rooftops about. But I know it doesn't make me any less ugly, or is something I need to feel embarrassed about."


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"So don't let it make you feel that way, either! In the words of my old pal Kendrick Lamar, 'Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks."

Charli has previously spoken out about the intense body constraints applied to women in the fashion industry, after she penned an open letter to the industry in 2015 after being told to lose an inch off her hips despite already being slim. 

“My mental and physical health is of more importance than a number on a scale, however much you wish to emphasise this,” she wrote.

Hear, hear!




Lena Dunham has fought the battle with body shamers since she first arrived in the spotlight thanks to the huge success of her HBO series Girls.

The controversial writer and actress has always spoken out against the wave of body hate, and has done it again in her latest Instagram post. 

Taking to the social media site, the 30-year-old has once again written a poignant statement against shame, opening up about her health and body struggles.


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"I feel I've made it pretty clear over the years that I don't give even the tiniest of shits what anyone else feels about my body," she said, captioning an Instagram post.  

"I've gone on red carpets in couture as a size 14. I've done sex scenes days after surgery, mottled with scars. I've accepted that my body is an ever changing organism, not a fixed entity- what goes up must come down and vice versa."

"I smile just as wide no matter my current size because I'm proud of what this body has seen and done and represented. Chronic illness sufferer. Body-shaming vigilante. Sexual assault survivor. Raging hottie. Just like all of YOU."


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"Right now I'm struggling to control my endometriosis through a healthy diet and exercise."

"So my weight loss isn't a triumph and it also isn't some sign I've finally given in to the voices of trolls. Because my body belongs to ME–at every phase, in every iteration, and whatever I'm doing with it, I'm not handing in my feminist card to anyone."

"I refuse to celebrate these bullshit before-and-after pictures, " she continued.


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"Don't we have infinitely more pressing news to attend to? So much love to all my web friends who demand that life be more than a daily weigh in, who know their merit has nothing to do with their size, who fight to be seen and heard and accepted."

Preach girl, preach. 


The Super Bowl half time show is a massive gig, and this year Lady Gaga took the reigns and entertained a crowd of 111.3 million people watching online, at home and in the stadium.

The singer put on a spectacular 12 minute performance, with pyrotechnics, synchronised dance troops and, of course, costume changes. 

Since the Super Bowl aired, Twitter and Instagram has been buzzing with comments about one of Lady G's outfits in particular.

The singer rocked a pair of sparkly hot pants and a white structured crop top during an epic rendition of Bad Romance, which showcased her athletic physique.

Rather than focusing on her killer performance, online body shamers were focusing on something entirely different.

Twitter users took to the social media platform to slander and ridicule the star for having a tiny layer of fat on her stomach. 

Users slated the star for daring to show a stomach which they felt was less than perfect, and ever suggested that the star should have done more crunches to tackle her "flabby belly" ahead of the performance.

Thankfully the avalanche of hate was drowned out by the out cry of Gaga fans and body positive people. 


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"Yall are talking about Lady Gaga's 'gut' & that is the reason women have eating disorders & never f****** feel like they're good enough," commented one user.

Lady Gaga jumped off the ROOF of the Super Bowl stadium and all people can talk about is her 'gut?' tweeted another. 

Mother Monster is being praised online for showing a normal and "real" body type, and by anyones standards Gaga has a healthy, toned and athletic body. 

Those trolls have got some major issues if they think Lady Gaga is overweight. 


Josie Gibson has constantly been on a yo-yo diet since her days in Big Brother.

The former BB winner appeared on Loose Women today and showed off her dramatic 7st weight loss – but that wasn't the only thing she had to show.

As the reality star went on to talk about her changing body, she bravely exposed her tummy on live TV to reveal her "secret body shame."

As she pulled out the skin from her stomach, she said that she wants to "get the body [that she] wants" after admitting to having her nipples done to re-shape her breasts.

"I'm going to see a surgeon on Monday. I can't do anything about it. I've been to see so many consultants and the only thing they can do is cut it away," she said.

Josie dropped down to an average weight in 2015, after weighing 17 stone previously.

"You only live once, you may as well get the body you want," she said.



We all remember when Giuliana Rancic found herself in extremely hot water last year for saying Zendaya's hair looked like it "smells like patchouli and weed."

But now, another celeb has found the time to criticise Zendaya even more – and we just don't know what she was even thinking.

Julie Klausner, an author and comedy writer, voiced her views on Twitter, saying that Zendaya is under-weight and a bad influence:

And as Zendaya's fans started the backlash, Julie tried to say that she doesn't care about Zendaya and only wants younger generations to be healthy:

But Zendaya had a super sassy comeback, and wasn't even bothered to lecture Julie on her views. She just played it cool and chill, but with a little threat to not mess with her again:

Go Zendaya, you slaaaay.


X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini believes that body-shaming should be made illegal so it probably wasn’t very wise for ANYONE to comment on the singers weight – but Vicky Pattison went ahead and remarked on Ms FV's weight anyway.

After suggesting that Cheryl should head down to highstreet baker, Greggs, and get herself a pie, the former Geordie Shore was viciously trolled by the star’s loyal fans.

27-year-old Vicky – who has had her own weight struggles – defended her comments after she said: "Get yourself down to Greggs for a pie or a stottie cake. Get yourself to Newcastle pet, chill, have a night in with a Chinese."

But Vicky didn't realise how much criticism she would get from Cheryl's fans.

“I got shamelessly trolled by all of Cheryl’s soldiers. I understand that opinion about the nation’s sweetheart was going to be controversial but I didn’t mean it to be horrible,” Vicky told the Daily Star Sunday.

“The abuse I got was ridiculous. It was like I was a national hate figure.”

She added: "Cheryl is one of my favourite celebrities. All I said was she was a little bit thin and should go to Greggs."

“I wasn’t trying to body-shame her but all her fans jumped down my throat.”