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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland have recalled four Miss Fit Skinny tea and coffee products over 'misleading labelling'.

Miss Fit Skinny Tea 14 Day Skinny Tea, Miss Fit Skinny Tea Max, Miss Fit Slimming Coffee 14 Day Fat Burning Instant Coffee and Miss Fit Skinny Coffee Max are the products which will be recalled.

The FSAI released a statement on the matter, saying; "All batches of the above four Miss Fit products are being recalled due to incorrect, misleading and ambiguous labelling."

"Amongst the labelling breaches are health claims which are not authorised and are therefore misleading to the consumer."


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Products from the brand have been asked to be removed from the market. Shops have been ordered to remove the detox products from the shelves and display point-of-sale notices to correctly inform customers.

There has been a huge amount of backlash in recent months to 'quick fix' weight loss brands such as these, with the head doctor of the NHS condemning weight-loss advertisements and Jameela Jamil fronting a campaign against them.

After rapper Cardi B endorsed the teas, which contain ingredients akin to laxatives, Jamil wrote on Twitter: "If you want to “curb your appetite” eat some damn green vegetables or have some nutritious natural vegetable soup."

"Don’t drink these “detox” teas. You need fibre! Not something that honestly just makes you have diarrhoea the day you take it and constipates you in the long run…"

They were recalled due to the misinformed labelling, and it can't be a negative thing for young women and their mental health that action is finally being taken against them.

Hazel Wallace, better known as The Food Medic, claims that;

"Some of these detoxes are really dangerous and not healthy at all, especially some of the skinny teas," said Hazel, who is a junior doctor and a certified personal trainer. and therefore has healthcare and nutrition experience.

"Although they claim they are natural many drugs are actually from nature but it doesn’t make them naturally good for you. Your liver does the detoxing for your body you don’t need a green tea to detox,’ she said.


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Wallace also commented on senna leaves, a laxative which leads to dehydration;

"Some of these skinny teas have laxatives which we actually use as doctors to prescribe to people who are severely constipated, so clearly you are going to lose weight if you not absorbing any of the nutrients and its just passing through your system."

"This can cause so much damage to your digestive system, you lose water, you lose nutrients and you can damage the gut lining."

A petition from Jamil has been signed 138,000 times already, asking for celebrities to be banned from endorsing weight loss products.


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The Kardashians especially have endorsed numerous weight-loss products, gaining huge criticism from Jameela Jamil especially as well as healthcare professionals. Many have even claimed that they encourage body dysmorphia.

Detox teas have previously faced backlash after a string of unplanned pregnancies happened when the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill was reduced due to the laxative effects in the detox teas.

Be extremely wary of what you're consuming in terms of nutrition, weight-loss is about health, exercise and a balanced diet, not running to the loo every ten minutes.

Keep an eye out for valid healthcare professionals' advice on the matter, and make sure your emotional and mental health is also prioritised.


One of the UK's most senior doctors, Professor Stephen Powis, has written in The Telegraph that weight loss advertisements which are celebrity-endorsed should be banned.

Professor Powis is currently the NHS' medical director, and has criticised well-known celebrities such as the Kardashians for promoting weight-loss products and aids such as teas, shakes and pills on social media, and has even called for Instagram to oppose them.

The doctor referenced the troubling statistic that more than one in 10 young people are affected by mental health issues in the UK, and are heavily influenced by body insecurity and famous faces encouraging them to lose weight.

He emphasised that mental health issues are one of the "most pressing issues facing out country".

SHEmazing recently wrote about the level of profit which people like the Kardashians can gain from the insecurity of their fans. 

Poor messaging can lead to dangerous consequences, and numerous organisations such as the National Eating Disorder Association have branded the Kardashian family’s representation of weight loss products as ‘triggering’ for those who struggle with eating disorders.

Professor Powis made sure to emphasise that impressionable young people look to these people for lifestyle guidance; "At what is already a sensitive and important time in their development, this group is especially vulnerable to pressures which trigger or exacerbate mental ill health," he writes.


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A shocking HALF of young girls say that they feel under pressure to lose weight, the doctor says that social media's ascension has escalated this pressure and both celebrities and the platforms themselves must take responsibility for their posts.

"Our young people are bombarded with ideas, images and advertising which set such a high bar for what they should feel and look like," he writes. "And yet there is little accountability for the impact this has.

"Where celebrities and the platforms which promote them exploit this vulnerability by pushing products like laxative teas, diet pills and other get-thin-quick solutions, they are taking the health of our young people in their hands and should act with far greater responsibility."

Activist and actress Jameela Jamil tweeted her support for Professor Powis:

Prof. Powis also suggested that practical measures should be taken to stamp out the 'exploitation' of youth, such as online platforms "banning adverts for products with a known health risk". YAS KING.

He argued that the NHS is working on understanding and treating mental health conditions in young people;

"Everyone, especially those engaging with young people like social media firms, and celebrities who profit from them, have a duty of care to do more for our health and wellbeing".

"The NHS can't keep putting out fires if some parts of society keep lighting matches," he concluded, using a pretty effective allegory. 

Kim Kardashian West has an especially long history of promoting weight loss products on social media, as well as her sisters, Kylie and Kourtney. Kim faced backlash in May for promoting appetite suppressant lollipops on her Instagram.

One of the world's most powerful women was literally telling other women and young girls NOT TO EAT.  The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil founded the i Weigh body positivity social media movement and Kardashian West "a terrible and toxic influence on young girls".

Jamil has consistently called out celebrities including Cardi B and Iggy Azalea for promoting 'detox' teas, claiming they're just selling digestion problems instead.

She also called Kardashian 'an agent of the patriarchy', for her incessant need to 'recycle self-hatred.'

Jamil herself experienced an eating disorder as a teenager, and skipped meals for years at a time. She spent money on "miracle cures and laxatives and tips from celebrities" which later left her with "digestion and metabolism problems for life".

The Competition and Markets Authority has announced a clampdown on celebrities who don't label their posts as promotional advertisements, but solid rules aren't in place.

NHS England's national mental health director Claire Murdoch expressed concern over the influence which these celebrities have young people at an "impressionable" stage in their lives.

"Both the celebrities themselves and these social media companies themselves should be more responsible," she told BBC Breakfast.

We're so glad the NSH are finally using their influential platform to steer people in the right direction. Time will tell what type of future diet fads will hold, but they're looking highly unpopular right now.



The helpline which was set up by the HSE to offer information on unplanned pregnancies to women was reportedly "busy but not overwhelmed" on it's first day yesterday.

The HSE set up the MyOptions helpline in order to act as the main referral path for women seeking abortion services.

On the first day of operation services available nationwide, 20 women sought an abortion according to GPs who have agreed to carry out the services.

The exact level of demand will not be known yet for another number of weeks.

The Irish Times reports that it will be next week at least until the first terminations can be carried out, as a result of the three-day 'cooling-off' period.

The first cases which were referred to doctors ranged from upwards of four weeks' gestation.

In terms of cases which are close to the 12-week limit, they will be facilitated with same-day appointments at the nearest maternity unit.

The flow of Irish women who are travelling to the UK for abortion services is expected to continue, though at a reduced level, as abortions over 12 weeks are not permitted under Irish law except under highly limited circumstances.

The Minister for Health will be notified of the amount of terminations performed within 28 days. 

A number of minor teething issues have arisen involving blood testing procedures and ultrasound provision.

Simon Harris has said;

“The level of preparedness varies, but the initial experience with the HSE’s helpline has been very positive."


Lazy people, rejoice.

You can now see your doctor and get that refill prescription all from the comfort of your own bed.

McCabes Pharmacy has announced their agreement with VideoDoc, a company who deliver diagnosis and a prescription to patients at home and we're pretty excited about it. 

VideoDoc is an online doctor service and each one is registered with the Irish Medical Council and has received remote services training so it's all legit. 

They are available for consultations online via the videodoc.ie website or through the videoDoc app.

So, where does McCabes come in all of this?

Basically, if you can't get to the pharmacy to collect your medicine,  videoDoc can send the prescription to McCabes Pharmacy who in turn will deliver the medication to the individual’s location of choice.

They offer the same day delivery in Dublin and a next day delivery service for anywhere else in Ireland.

Amazing, right?

“Our delivery service ensures that  patients never run out of much needed medication. videoDoc who provide online doctor consultations extend healthcare even further to those who might have mobility or scheduling issues,” said Cormac Loughnane, Superintendent Pharmacist of McCabes Pharmacy.

Mary O’Brien, Co-Founder and CEO of videoDoc, has said, ''I believe this is an example of how developments in technology can give people precious time back in their day.''

Social media is all here for it, with users tweeting, ''When video doc saves your life when you get tonsillitis at USI Congress'' and ''Great example of how tech can be leveraged to help the healthcare sector and specifically mental health.''

videoDoc is available seven days a week from 8am to 10am, to patients anywhere in Europe.

Plus, it's just 20 quid a visit. 

Right, we're off to download that app STAT.



Dogs are cute. Kids are cute. Put them together and we're absolutely melting

But one little girl decided she wanted to be a doctor for a day and gave her pooch a very thorough examination.

She checked everything from blood pressure, to her paws and her ears – and we have to say, that is one very patient animal.

The pet just sat there and let the little girl work away. But judging from the end of the video, there's another pooch in the background looking for her 'doctor' skills too.

We just feel like giving them both hugs right now. 


Madonna thinks she can get away with just about anything and this just proves she can. The singer was due to take part in jury duty in New York recently but she decided to skip it because she had other plans. Watch the video for the full story.


While your eyes may be the window to your soul, some health experts reckon your feet can say a lot about what’s going on on the inside.

Cold feet
Cold feet could be one of many signs of an underactive thyroid or poor circulation. A simple daily medication can ease symptoms, with a blood test determining if you suffer from the condition.

Frequent foot cramping
Foot cramping can mean dehydration and nutritional deficiencies. If you’re exercising make sure you’re taking in enough water, as dehydration can lead to cramping. Also upping your intake of calcium, potassium and magnesium may help.

A sore that won’t heal
A cut, sore or blister that won’t heal can be warning signs for diabetes or skin cancer.  Go to your doctor if you’re worried and be extra careful when checking your body, paying attention to every inch of skin –  including between toes.

Flaky or itchy skin
This could be a fungal infection, most likely to be athlete’s foot. There are plenty of over the counter remedies to treat the irritable symptoms, and keeping your feet as cool and dry as possible will also help. It could be caused by eczema or psoriasis.

Enlarged big toe
If your big toe becomes suddenly enlarged, it could be your body showing signs of an inflammatory issue, like gout.

Far from only being caused by tight footwear, bunions could actually be an inherited faulty foot structure. Speak to your doctor as surgery is often an option.

Heel pain
This could be a sign of strain on the ligament.  Ease up on intense workouts, and where sensible footwear while the pain eases.



Watch as this hilarious doctor raps to his patient about taking care of her new (pink!) cast.

We bet that kid will remember every single word!


Our busy and hectic schedules mean it can sometimes be hard to look after our health properly.

Here are some important health related issues we shouldn’t ignore.

1. Get 30mins of exercise daily
You don’t have to pound the pavements with the marathon runners (unless you want to!) but do try and get that heart rate up.

2. Don’t smoke
It’s one of the worst things you can do for your health with high risks of heart disease and lung cancer – is it worth it?

3. Know your body
Be aware of your breasts so you will notice any changes. Keep an eye on your moles and get any you may be concerned about checked out by your GP.

4. Look after your teeth
Oral hygiene is very important for our health. There have even been possible links between heart disease and periodontal disease. Brush properly, floss and use a mouthwash.

5. Get your beauty sleep
Sleep is so important for our health, both physically and mentally. So get to bed early and wake up refreshed and content.