Tea, tan and tailor-made: What Irish holiday-makers want abroad


Us Irish can be quite picky when it comes to travelling.

According to the latest national survey by Red C for Travel Counsellors Ireland, there's a few things that we just can't live without on holiday.

There's also a few things we wish we could have…

1. The Celeb

When it comes to a travel companion, Irish comedian Graham Norton won the top spot, with the majority of participants choosing him as a holiday BFF.

However, the funnyman proved to be more popular with women, with 50 per cent of them choosing him as a holiday companion compared to only one in three men.

Kim Kardashian was also a popular choice, but more so with males as 18 per cent chose her as their sun buddy, compared to only four per cent of females.

The SHEmazing gals however would love Kimmy K as a holiday BFF (imagine all the secrets she'd tell us!).

Next in line was chart-topper Adele, with 27 per cent of the vote over all, while one in five people chose Michael Fassbender to head away with them.

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2. The Beverage

When we head away on holiday, it's safe to say they only thing on our minds is relaxing with a tasty cocktail.

But it looks like the rest of the population can't live without one certain beverage, and it's far from boozy.

You can probably guess what the beverage of choice is, right? *Drumroll* it's tea!

One in ten people surveyed said that they need some Irish tea on holiday, and many pack it along with their sun lotion!

Tea Poured in White Ceramic Cup

3. The Essentials

So, one of the essentials we need on holiday is our smartphones (because we all need that perfect Instagram picture, right?).

One in three said having their phones with them is a priority when travelling, however, they're more important to single people, with 40 per cent of singletons saying they could not part with their phones, compared to only 25 per cent of married people.

The survey also revealed 31 per cent of Irish people prefer having a tailor-made holiday, while 21 per cent said it was more important to have a holiday financially protected.

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How do you like your holiday?