We all know a sick individual who likes their tea as white and milky as the Irish complexion, along with a mad b****** who doesn't take milk in their tea at all.

As a land of tea drinkers, there is a wide array of preferences when it comes to assessing what makes the perfect cuppa. 

From great debates over the right amount of sugar and whether a saucer is necessary, tea can divide a nation.

One thing that really gets people riled up is the correct colour of tea. 

This delicate decision, whether you want it the colour of a nicely varnished floor or the shade of a Digestive biscuit, is all down to the amount of milk used.

Twitter user @Yorkshireprobs uploaded a key chart to identify the most popular tea shade.

Personally, 2C looks about right, but the comments section is wild with disagreement.

Some have even admitted to enjoying 4D, which, as was pointed out in responses, must be like drinking a cup of tepid milk. 

Others have suggested printing out the chart to hand in offices worldwide, so that the tea debate can rage on while also educating the masses about one anothers tea choices. 

Now we're gasping for a cuppa…