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Ariana Grande has some SERIOUSLY dedicated fans, who will back her up no matter what the circumstances are. Even if it means destroying a new song of hers to replace it with a slightly newer banger.

The Sweetener singer has proven herself to be a good sport, and now she's supporting a campaign against her own single (and pure BOP) 7 Rings.

The pop star's fans have randomly launched a movement called #Boycott7Rings in order to dethrone the song from the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, but not for the reason you think…

Basically, the 25-year-old singer has dropped track after track for her loving fans, and they want her latest single Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored to take the number one spot.

The song features on her new album (the second in six months) called Thank U, Next, and has some pretty controversial lyrics.

Some call it toxic femininity to encourage a man to break up with his girlfriend to get with her, others say it's just another incredibly catchy banger from our gal. Oh, and the video features the SEXINESS of Charles Melton.

If you're unfamiliar with Melton's work, he's basically one of the hottest lad on the Riverdale planet. And there are many of those, as we know.

Ari's fans are either sneaky or pure genius, we can't decide. It seems the singer herself is very open to the chart swap, throwing her support behind the campaign.

She wrote to Twitter; "Y'all are so insane and funny and I love you. Nothing's funnier than “boycott seven rings”….. I can’t. Whatever’s meant to be will be, babies. I ain’t going nowhere."

They really are insane. To be fair, the campaign is a total win-win for pop's reigning princess.


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Fans begged her to tweet the hashtag, which she did but later deleted, writing, "Are you happy now?" We're guessing they were ecstatic.

An especially devoted fan is having a streaming party to block the song, to which Ariana replied:

"This is a wild time for us, do ur thing but also like how is this our problem right now …… what the f*ck." Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored is 100 percent a stand-out hit from her new album, and the saucy music video is helping.

The gal can't escape the huge chart success, so we wish her our congrats. She deserves it with all those tunes she's dropping, and even got a Grammy out of it.


We all know a sick individual who likes their tea as white and milky as the Irish complexion, along with a mad b****** who doesn't take milk in their tea at all.

As a land of tea drinkers, there is a wide array of preferences when it comes to assessing what makes the perfect cuppa. 

From great debates over the right amount of sugar and whether a saucer is necessary, tea can divide a nation.

One thing that really gets people riled up is the correct colour of tea. 

This delicate decision, whether you want it the colour of a nicely varnished floor or the shade of a Digestive biscuit, is all down to the amount of milk used.

Twitter user @Yorkshireprobs uploaded a key chart to identify the most popular tea shade.

Personally, 2C looks about right, but the comments section is wild with disagreement.

Some have even admitted to enjoying 4D, which, as was pointed out in responses, must be like drinking a cup of tepid milk. 

Others have suggested printing out the chart to hand in offices worldwide, so that the tea debate can rage on while also educating the masses about one anothers tea choices. 

Now we're gasping for a cuppa…


If you can't live without your daily cup of coffee, we feel you. But sometimes you might get bored of your usual milky latte or espresso fix, right?

So, if you want to change up your regular coffee, feast your eyes on this new (and ah-mazing) infographic. 

The chart illustrates just about every coffee you can think of, and many more. We're sure you probably haven't even heard of some of these either. 

The handy graphic, created by Follygraph, maps out the exact measurement of ingredients and style and size of cup/glass needed for all 38 drinks. 

It's also interesting to see the subtle differences between each coffee, which allows you to figure out just what kind of coffee kick you need. There's also some pretty cool styles, like the Spanish cortado or the Vitenamese ca phe sua da.

Click on the image to launch a larger view of the chart and enjoy all of your new coffee experiences: