Girls are asking guys what a beauty blender is and the results are GAS

Not to generalise, but most boyfriends are pretty clueless when it comes to the contents of our makeup bags.  

From baking to spoolie tools, even we struggle with cosmetic terminology sometimes.

Vlogger Selena Faye tried to find out how much the men in our lives know about makeup by sending them a photo of a plain pink blender and seeing what they thought it was.

And thus, a Twitter challenge was born.

The challenge quickly went viral in the last 48 hours, with hilarious responses pouring in from amused women whose clueless boyfriends (or friends, or even dads) had the best replies to the question.

From tampons to butt plugs to dinosaur eggs, most of the lads had some pretty gas ideas about the beloved beauty blender.

 A few unsuspecting fellows even thought it was the hair of a troll doll or a pink raindrop.

However, some guys clearly pay more attention than others to their girlfriends makeup routines, as "make up sponge" and "that thing you hit your face with to smear foundation" were also among the replies.

Either way, a scroll through the beauty blender challenge hashtag is pretty damn hilarious.